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Writing Activities for Kids: Outdoor Writing Center

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We are back for Fine Motor Fridays! This week we did some fun writing activities for kids on our super easy outdoor writing center! (This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.)

Summer Writing Activities for Kids Using an Outdoor Writing Center - Great for Preschoolers to get ready for preschool on Lalymom

The other night LalyDad and I were talking about how Miss Three (almost four!) has been showing interest in reading and writing more lately. I wanted to come up with some fun ways to work on that with her this summer and I remembered something I saw in the book Ready for Kindergarten by Deborah Stewart (Teach Preschool). She talked about setting up a writing center to encourage your child to explore different aspects of writing and reading.

We don't have a designated space for this inside yet because Mister One likes to eat writing tools right now. We use crayons and markers, paint and chalk a lot but I don't have it all sitting out for use at any time.

Instead I thought it would be fun to make an outdoor writing center for the kids since Mister One is only out in the back yard when I am there to watch him anyhow!

Easy Outdoor Writing Center

Preschooler Writing Activities for Kindergarten Readiness - Outdoor Writing Center and Activities from Lalymom

Here are some basic materials to put together to make your own outdoor writing center:


We have a basic, inexpensice double sided Ikea easel, so that is what we used but I bet this super cool Inflatable Crayola Easel would really get the kids' attention! Another nice option is this foldable Step 2 Easel for Two, which has a magnetic surface and a white board as well as foam letters included!

Writing Tools

Chalk is the first thing that probably comes to mind but you can mix up the chalk sizes and shapes so your child has a variety of options. Alex has a fun set of multicolored sidewalk chalk, these fun egg shaped chalk shapes give a whole different writing experience. Or try your hand at making your own sidewalk chalk! These heart shaped sidewalk chalks are sooo pretty! Reading Confetti has lots of ways to make Ice Chalk, how cool!

Chalk isn't the only thing to use though, set out a cup of water and paintbrushes. Also if your easel has a white board, dry erase markers would be great too.

Fun Accessories

In her book, Deborah talked about adding stickers and other fun things to add variety. I didn't want to use actual stickers on our chalk board but I found that just like in the bath tub, we could use our foam bath letters, numbers and learning cards pack to stick on the chalkboard! These make perfect accessories for your outdoor writing center!

Squirt guns, water pump squirters or even a firefighter water pack pack might be a fun addition to play letter or site word squirt games!

Outdoor Writing Activities for Kids

Summer Writing Activities for Kids - Make an Easy Outdoor Writing Center for Preschoolers.  Great for Kindergarten Readiness from Lalymom

Once your writing center is set up, obviously your child can explore, write, color and draw freely. If you'd like some ideas for writing activities and site words activities, try these:

-Writing letters and words with chalk

-Using a wet paintbrush to draw letters and words on the chalkboard

-Using a wet paintbrush to trace and erase letters that you have written on the chalkboard

-Write words on the chalkboard in chalk and have your child match them with the foam letters

-Stick a foam flash card to the chalkboard and invite your child to copy the word using chalk, wet paintbrush or foam letters

-Ask your child to make up a story using the foam flash cards

-Stick foam letters on the chalk board (alone or in words) and have your child blast them off using a squirt gun, water pump squirter or the firefighter back pack!

I'd love to hear your ideas! What would you add?

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