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Not So Proud Mama Moments

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I am jumping on with another regular feature over at EmmyMom called Proud Mommy Moments where you are asked to share a proud or not so proud moment in life as a mother. Mine consists of two not so proud things:

First, as you might remember, at the beginning of the month I committed to a challenge where I would do spring cleaning every day with my toddler. I started off great and then it just stopped. Ladybug previously had a lot of interest in helping clean but when it became a regular thing that was MY idea instead of hers…not so much. Couple this with one stomach bug followed by another and well…I stopped with the cleaning thing pretty quickly. I am trying to keep up with the fun activities but she is not too interested in those right now either. I'm not so proud about stopping the spring cleaning but I'm really not proud about asking her to clean when she was not feeling well. Yeesh.

Speaking of her stomach bug. We have not had to deal too much with the ugly subject of vomit. Whenever it has “come up” my husband has been with us and he sprang to action like the Super Dad that he is. Me, though? Not so much. I stayed back until it was absolutely necessary or until it was all over and I could offer her comfort. I've changed a thousand dirty diapers but I'm not proud to say that even when it is my daughter I have a very hard time with vomit.

I have had lots of proud mama moments in the past few years but they have not been as plentiful these past couple weeks. Hopefully once Ladybug is back to 100% things will be better but for now, I'm taking it one day at a time.

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