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25 Crazy Awesome Instant Pot Soup Recipes

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Looking for the best Instant Pot soup recipes? Then search no more! The Instant Pot craze is here to stay and today I am sharing with you 25 of the easiest Instant Pot Soups! Affiliate links are used in this post.


Instant Pot Soups

I am absolutely in love with my Instant Pot. I love how easy it is to throw together a quick and easy meal using it. Lately I have been trying out some different instant pot lunches. There is nothing better for a low maintenance lunch than a healthy Instant Pot soup!

Most of these recipes will easily feed 4-6 people or last the week if you're using them for lunches. If you're not feeding that many, or you like to mix up your lunches, all of these Instant Pot soups are perfect to freeze!

I love to portion them out for the week in glass storage bowls, in portions that fit with my Noom Weight Loss Coach calorie goal.

All right, on with the recipes! Fire up your pressure cooker!

Instant Pot Soups with Chicken

For lean protein in the pressure cooker, you cannot go wrong with chicken based soups.

Instant Pot Soup Recipes with Beef and/or Pork

For more hearty, stick to your bones soups and stews, I go with beef or pork.

Other Instant Pot Soup Recipes

I love a good veggie based soup, and since I can just toss the ingredients in I consider these soups a great way to get my daily vegetables!

Are you loving these Instant Pot Soup Recipes and ready for more Instant Pot Recipes?

Then make sure to swing by and pick up our favorite Instant Pot Recipe Book! You won’t regret it!

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