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The Best ChatGPT Prompts & AI Tools to Help You Lose Weight

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Inside: Let's see how to use AI Tools and ChatGPT Prompts for weight loss. AI can help you eat right, exercise and lose weight. Real, live humans will always know best when it comes to our health, but you can still use Artificial Intelligence as a tool to help you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Note: I am not a medical professional, and the weight loss advice provided here is for informational and educational purposes only. The information shared is based on personal experiences and general knowledge. It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider or a registered dietitian before making any significant changes to your diet, exercise routine, or health-related decisions. Additionally, referral partner affiliate links are included in this post.

Photo of a computer displaying the website ChatGPT, with a prompt that says Help me Lose Weight. Text overlay that reads How to Use AI for Weight Loss

“Can I Really Use AI to Help Me Lose Weight?”

Am I the only one that finds AI kind of fascinating and kind of crazy at the same time?!

There are some really cool ways to use it though, and I am just scratching the surface.

My favorite weight loss app actually uses AI chat bots right in the app, for automated messages like, “Hey we noticed you haven't logged on for a few days!” That should have piqued my interest long ago.

But my actual fascination started because I was recently invited to try out a popular new AI Personal Assistant called Motion. (Thanks for the free invitation, Motion! You guys can also try Motion AI Personal Assistant for yourself.) It is designed to help you maximize your schedule, and get more done. It is definitely geared towards a work environment and project management.

But one day, as I was typing in some personal to-do list items and work projects, breaking them down into tasks, I realized Motion AI is also a great tool to help me with my healthy lifestyle.

Like a lot of people, I often fall into the trap of thinking:

  • I don't have enough time to cook healthy meals.
  • I don't have enough time to workout.
  • I don't have enough time to meal prep.

But what I noticed with Motion AI is that there is time to fit this stuff in. I am just not in the practice of maximizing my time.

As I saw Motion AI working to help me fit in time for a healthy lifestyle, it did make me think, “Hang On! Can I use AI in other ways to help me lose weight?” The answer is definitely yes. And I found are SO many ways to do it.

I'm so excited by this!

Ok. Let's start with the cool things I did using Motion AI, then we will talk about ChatGPT and Google Bard Prompts. Eee! Shiny, new, exciting!

How to Use an AI Personal Assistant for Weight Loss

I work from home, and I have two school aged kids so I alternate sitting at a desk, doing house chores, running around to volunteer and drive for carpool.

This may be just like you, or might be nothing like you.

I get that everyone- and every schedule- will be different, so I'll show you how it's working for me, and then talk about ideas for how I would have used this when I was working an office job and commuting on the train.

But maybe you work 24 hour on/off shifts. Maybe you work midnights and go to school at the same time. Only you will have insight on using it for your specific lifestyle or job. But check it out and see if you can be creative to find ways to make it work for you.

Setting up an AI Personal Assistant

To set up Motion AI, I literally gave it access to my existing Google calendar, selected which calendars I wanted Motion to use, and then started adding projects and tasks. Bing, bang, boom.

AI Calendar Tasks for a Healthy Lifestyle

What I love about using Motion AI with my Google calendar, is that I can add the normal events, like daily tasks or doctor appointments, which are scheduled at a specific time. Then in Motion, I can enter things I need to do which don't have a specific time. And motion pops them in there so I don't waste that time scrolling facebook

So what I did was take all those healthy lifestyle things I said I don't have time for, and added them to my tasks too!

Here are some examples.

I don't know about you but when I am feeling like a snack or in a rush for lunch, I am going to reach for whatever is quick and easy. If I leave it to chance, I need to rely on will power to make healthy choices in a pinch.

AI Assistant to the rescue!

I set a task to be completed every week, some time on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, where I spend 10 minutes chopping up veggies. (That is really all it takes, by the way!) Now, I always have veggies ready to go for lunch or a snack. No excuses.

Screenshot of Motion AI Calendar App, adding a task called Chop Up Veggies for 10 Minutes

I know I could set a regular reminder, but what happens when you get busy? There's a family event Sunday, and Monday has that doctor's appointment, and suddenly you skip it.

With an AI Assistant, it plugs it in around the hard, fast events in your life to make sure you still do it.

When could you set this task in your schedule? 

Okay, what's next? Let's add some sort of movement into my schedule!

Some days I get in the zone working on projects and barely get up from my desk. Other days I drive from errand to errand and barely see my desk… but I also am not really moving my body much in the car.

So next I set it to remind me to do 15 minutes of house laps every week day between the hours of 8am and 2pm when my kids are definitely at school.

Screenshot of Motion AI Assistant, entering a task reminder called 15 Minutes House Laps + Light Stretch after.

Is it an intense workout? No. Is it more than I do normally on a stuck-at-desk day? Usually, yes! And you could add this a few times a day, to remind you to move even more.

How could you add flexible movement tasks into your day?

Another challenge we have, with our busy after school schedule, is making sure we eat a healthy dinner rather than order out or stop for fast food.

I wanted to make sure I was in the mindset to cook every day. We often use a Healthy Meal Delivery service where my “particular” husband can choose the meals, and then I do the cooking, several nights a week. But on a rushed night we might push off the meal and just grab grub somewhere easy.

If I can get my brain around cooking before the kids get out of school, I can do a few steps to prep, and make sure we are eating a square meal before the after school activities begin.

I set a recurring task to occur on the days I usually cook, to take a few minutes to look over the recipe and get prepped.

Screenshot of Motion AI Calendar App, entering a task titled Look over dinner recipe and prep for 5 mins before kids get home.

Okay so now that I added those healthy habits to my Motion AI, how does it actually help me? Why can't I just enter them on my regular calendar?

Here is why. Sure I can add a daily reminder to walk house laps at 2pm. But then I have a doctor's appointment or I have to go pick up my sick kid, so there goes my 2pm reminder.

Motion AI plugs these items in when I have time, and it will adjust if my schedule adjusts.

Screenshot of a week long calendar on Motion AI, showing various appointments and tasks.

How Motion AI Can Help You Stay Healthy at Work

I have been a stay at home, and work from home parent for over a decade. But before that I had various different jobs.

During my “commute to a cubicle” days, I remember how hard it was to stick to my goals. There were lunches out, candy dishes, break room donuts.

If you are looking to use Motion AI to stay healthy in an office scenario, here are some tasks I would set to help keep me on track.

  • Have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon healthy snack. This helps curb those frantic, fast food trips, when you are just so hangry you cannot make a healthy choice.
  • Take a walking break. Set a task to remind you to walk around for ten minutes.
  • Set hydration reminders a few times a day. Refill that water bottle.
  • Do posture stretches to help avoid tech neck.
  • Set a nightly reminder to prep healthy lunch and snack food to bring with from home.
  • Commuters can make a task to leave 10-15 minutes early in the morning. Get off the bus or train one stop early and walk the extra distance. (I did this when I lived in Chicago and took the CTA. I love a good walk!)

What else would you add in your daily routine?

Want to give Motion AI a try, for your work, personal and healthy lifestyle needs? My link gets you a free trial to take it for a spin.

AI Prompts for Weight Loss, Exercise or Healthy Diet

Wondering what other ways there are to use AI to help you exercise and eat right? Well I found a bunch of awesome uses for these new artificial intelligence websites that everyone is talking about.

FYI, I tried ChatGPT 3.5 and Google Bard.

Both ChatGPT and Google Bard are currently free to use. However, ChatGPT has a monthly subscription option of $20, which give you access to a much more powerful version, ChatGPT 4. Google Bard, on the other hand, is free and currently doesn't have any premium tier.

With both websites, you type in a little information about yourself, and then tell it what you need. Then it types out the response for you, like a conversation.

As a note, I tried putting the same prompts into both platforms and found it interesting to see that they return different results, helpful in their own way.

Reminder! AI is NOT a doctor. Always check with your doctor before you begin new diets or exercise routines.

Ok here we go!

Meal Planning ChatGPT Prompts

  1. This one was inspired by a friend who shared how he uses AI to make a weekly grocery list. “Can you make me a shopping list for Jewel Osco to prepare 4 dinners that work with the Noom Diet, taking into account this week's sales and specials?” This one worked beautifully on Google Bard but ChatGPT cannot access current data, like sale papers. Meaning, ChatGPT can generate diet friendly meals and grocery lists but will not be able to cross reference sale papers.
  2. “I am traveling to Philadelphia for work for three days, staying at the Hilton. Where can I find healthy dinners while I'm there?”
  3. “I am a vegetarian and I am allergic to nuts. Can you suggest some easy and healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss?” Brainstorming is one of the best uses for AI assistants, and you can customize it to your needs, so ask away!
  4. “What should I order at Wendy's if I am using the Noom Weight Loss app?” You can obviously type in whatever restaurant you are going to, and whatever diet or food sensitivities you want.
  5. “Give me a list of 10 store bought, packaged foods that I can eat for a healthy breakfast on the go.” ChatGPT was way better at this one. Google Bard came up with things that you still needed to prepare.
  6. “How much broccoli should I buy to serve 6 people a serving?”

Fitness AI Prompts

  1. “I am a 45 year old woman. I am a beginner and want to start exercising. I have no equipment, and I have to be careful with my lower back. What strength exercises can I do at home for 15 minutes a day?” Be really specific about your needs, limitations and what you have available to you. AI can help you hone in on exercise than works with your specific needs. Always check with your doctor to make sure it is approved but it's a great tool when you are having a hard time finding something that works with your specific challenges.
  2. “I will be taking a vacation to San Francisco staying near Coit Tower. What is a safe route for a 2 mile walk that minimizes steep hills?”
  3. “What are some effective exercises I can do in between work tasks?” You can tell it if you work from home, or in a cubicle, or are a stay at home parent, etc.
  4. “Provide a 15-minute home workout routine that I can do during nap time.” OR “Provide a 15-minute office workout that I can do during my breaktime.”
  5. “Give me ideas for staying active and engaging with my kids while exercising.”

Want More? Check Out 50+ ChatGPT Prompts for Fitness & Exercise (Sorted By Fitness Level!)

General Weight Loss Prompts for ChatGPT

  1. “How can I overcome emotional eating and stay on track with my weight loss goals?” Whatever your current obstacle is, pop it into AI and see what it says.
  2. “Help me find healthy restaurants near my home.”
  3. “How can I boost my metabolism naturally to aid in weight loss?” AI can help you hone in on the specifics, but it can also provide general advice on a subject like in this example.
  4. “Share some strategies for staying motivated to exercise regularly.” It is a computer but it gave some good ideas.
  5. “How can I learn portion control to help with weight management?”
  6. “What are the benefits of mindful eating, and how can I practice it?” Any time you hear a new concept, AI can help you get familiar with it.
  7. “Share some tips for avoiding unhealthy temptations at social gatherings.”
  8. “What's the role of hydration in weight loss, and how much water should I drink?” Educate yourself, and take action.
  9. “Walk me through setting achievable and realistic weight loss goals.”
  10. “I work long hours at a stressful job. Share strategies for handling stress without turning to comfort eating.”

AI Prompts for Diet

  1. “Create a personalized meal plan for me that adheres to the Noom Diet. It should meet my calorie goals of 1400 calories per day, and keep in mind my dietary restrictions such as no cilantro and no bell peppers.” ChatGPT did a full week using basic descriptions of each meal (like Dinner: Baked salmon with steamed broccoli and quinoa), while Google Bard gave links to three recipes each, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. “What are the best Noom-friendly snacks to curb cravings and avoid unhealthy snacking?”
  3. “How can I incorporate more vegetables into my daily meals to adhere to the Mediterranean Diet?”
  4. “What are some healthy alternatives to sugary beverages and sodas?”
  5. “I have Celiac Disease. Tell me some snacks I can have that also fit with Weight Watchers.”
  6. “Give me a Noom Diet friendly swap for potato chips.”
  7. “What are some low-carb fruit options?”

Tips for Using AI To Get Better Responses

Customizing ChatGPT prompts to make them more personal for your individual weight loss needs can be a helpful strategy for getting tailored advice and guidance. What works for you doesn't work for the next person. So be sure to clarify as many of your specific needs as is helpful.

Here are 10 ways people can customize prompts:

  1. Include personal details: Add specifics about your age, weight, and dietary preferences. For example, “As a 35-year-old vegetarian mom, how can I…” It really helps get super relevant responses.
  2. Mention dietary restrictions: If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, be sure to mention them. For instance, “I'm allergic to nuts; what are some nut-free protein sources for weight loss?” If you have found it hard to thread the needle of your specific situation, AI is perfect to help.
  3. Specify your fitness level: Indicate your current fitness level and any existing exercise routines. For example, “I'm a beginner in fitness; can you suggest low-impact exercises for weight loss?”
  4. Highlight your goals: State your specific weight loss goals, such as “I want to lose 20 pounds in three months. What's the best approach?”
  5. Mention time constraints: If you have limited time due to work or family responsibilities, put that in your prompt. For instance, “I'm a working mom with little time for exercise; how can I make the most of short workouts?”
  6. Identify problem areas: Point out specific areas where you struggle, such as emotional eating or late-night snacking, fog eating, and ask for advice on addressing them.
  7. Share preferences: Mention your food preferences or dislikes to receive suggestions that align with your taste. For instance, “I dislike broccoli; what are some alternative green vegetables to include in my diet?” I always include “I hate cilantro.” LOL.
  8. Discuss past experiences: Share past weight loss experiences, including what worked and what didn't, to get personalized recommendations. I've tried low carbing, now I am thinking about Weight Watchers or Noom.
  9. Specify equipment availability: If you have access to certain exercise equipment (e.g., dumbbells, resistance bands) or kitchen equipment (e.g., Instant Pot, Air Fryer) mention it to receive suggestions tailored to your resources.
  10. Mention medical conditions: If you have any medical conditions or are taking medications that may affect weight loss, inform ChatGPT to receive advice that considers your health status.

What AI Tool or ChatGPT Prompt for Weight Loss are you going to try first? Let's hear it in the comments below!
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Photo of a desktop computer displaying the website ChatGPT with a prompt that read Help Me Lose Weight. Text Overlay that says 30+ Genius Ways to Use AI for Weight Loss.

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