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50+ AI ChatGPT Prompts for Fitness & Exercise (Beginner to Advanced)

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Inside: Today we are supercharging our healthy lifestyle with AI! These ChatGPT Prompts for Workouts & Exercise are perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You can use AI to start a new workout or improve on your current exercise routine.

Please note that the information below, and any information that you get from using AI, ChatGPT and Google Bard are for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor, and AI cannot replace the advice of a doctor or certified personal trainer. Brainstorm with AI and check with your doctor before beginning anything new. Additionally, partner referral links are shared in this article. These are for products and services that I use throughout my own healthy lifestyle.

Photo of a desktop computer with a mockup of the ChatGPT website asking it to Help Me Exercise!! Text overlay says How to Use AI for Fitness.

What Is AI?

AI refers to any type of machine or computer simulated computation, information processing or information creation, versus that of actual humans. You may use it already in your life. Alexa, Siri, customer service chat bots, facial recognition and other frequently used services all use AI.

AI has been around for a long time, but in recent years technology and user interfaces have advanced far enough to let anyone with a computer put AI to use is many different ways.

The most common AI websites you will hear about are ChatGPT and Google Bard. ChatGPT has a version that is free to use, and a more advanced- you might say smarter- version that you pay for. Google Bard is obviously part of google, and it is currently free to use.

There are so many other AI tools on the market though. In fact AI is infused in a lot of every day services these days.

My favorite weight loss app uses AI chat bots as an additional layer of support, paired with live coaches, food logging and education.

The coolest AI tool that I found recently is this awesome AI Calendar App. Imagine this incredible app, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, supercharging your productivity by a whopping 25%! And the best part? It's yours for just 62 cents a day – less than the cost of a cup of coffee! This nifty tool doesn't just manage your tasks and meetings; it crafts a personalized, efficiency-boosting schedule. I even told it to help me fit more fitness and activity into my daily life. AI for the WIN!

But I digress.

Recently I wrote and article all about using AI for Weight Loss. But we hardly scratched the surface of ways to use is specifically for exercise!

Let's check out ways to use Chat GPT, Google Bard and other AI tools for your fitness routine.

How Can I Use AI For Exercise & Working Out?

The most basic way you can use AI to help in your exercise routine is to create really specific prompts to allow the AI to give you exactly what you need.

Essentially, you can use ChatGPT to make custom workouts for your exact needs! 

As I said above, though, AI is NOT a doctor or a trainer. Always check with your doctor or trainer before starting a new exercise routine.

Okay so here is what you do.

I'll give you the “Wacky Mad Libs” version of a very general AI prompt that you can use, then we will go through examples for each fitness level, to get you started.

Open up a new chat on ChatGPT or Google Bard (or try the same prompt on both!).

In the prompt window type in the following prompt, selecting or adding your own details. Whether you are a true beginner and have no equipment or have been exercising your whole life, AI can recommend something for you.

You are the best personal trainer (or instructor in your specific field of exercise). I am a (number) years old (man or woman) who is at a (beginner, intermediate, advanced) level of fitness. I have done (name types of exercises, if any) for exercise over the past (duration of weeks, months or years). (If you have a current exercise routine, describe it here, listing the number of days and how long each workout is) is what I have been doing recently. I have (no equipment, or a gym membership, track, pool, bike and bike path, other specific equipment) available to me. I have (list any injuries, limitations or health conditions). Give me a (weekly, daily, monthly) workout routine to help me (current goal). I would like to exercise (number) days and have (number) minutes each day. 

Hit enter and see what it says. Feel free to tweak it, give it feedback or resubmit to see a different answer.

ChatGPT Prompts for Fitness at Every Level

Here are several different prompt ideas at each level to help get you started or inspire different ways of using AI for working out.

You will always want to tell ChatGPT “who to be,” like you are a world renowned yoga instructor. You will always want to tell the chatbot about yourself as well. List your relevant facts, abilities, limitations, etc. Then you can change up what you are asking.

I would encourage you to read through them all despite your level, in case anything else inspires you.

ChatGPT Fitness Prompt Ideas for Beginners:

  1. Write a cardio and strength workout routine for a beginner to do in the living room.
  2. Suggest a simple stretching routine to do before bedtime to improve flexibility.
  3. Create a 10-minute full-body workout that can be done at home with no equipment.
  4. What are some low-impact exercises for beginners with joint pain?
  5. Suggest some fun and easy ways to get more exercise into my daily routine.
  6. What are some quiet cardio options that won't bother my downstairs neighbor?
  7. Help me come up with a realistic fitness goal for the next month.
  8. Write a motivational quote to help me stay on track with my fitness goals.
  9. Give me seated exercises that I can do on a chair.
  10. Create a gentle morning exercise routine to help me wake up and start my day.
  11. I love (list two songs that make you move), can you create a workout playlist with similar songs?
  12. I live (or am traveling to) (town or city). Suggest a (number) mile walking or jogging route that avoids major intersections.
  13. I want to start (type of exercise). What gear do I really need to get started?
  14. How can I fit in exercise when I work (number) of hours every day? (Pro tip: If this is you, definitely try using an AI Calendar App to fit in exercise between meetings or appointments!)

AI Prompts for Intermediate Fitness Level:

  1. Create a 30-minute strength training workout that I can do at the gym that will help me increase muscle strength.
  2. Design a HIIT workout that will challenge me and help me burn calories quickly.
  3. Suggest a yoga routine that goes beyond the basics, to help me improve my flexibility and balance.
  4. Give me a list of healthy snacks to refuel after a cardio workout.
  5. I am training for a 5K, I am at a (minutes) pace. Give me some strength training exercises and cardio drills to help me improve my speed.
  6. I am traveling to (place) and staying at (hotel). Help me find a (gym where I can train, bike path, 5 mile running route, etc) while I'm there.
  7. What are some tips for my upcoming (race, competition, game) to improve my (speed, transition time, specific sports ability).
  8. I currently lift weights (number) days a week, and I want to start adding flexibility exercises at the end of my workouts. Give me stretches to do on chest day, back day, and leg day.
  9. Create a warm-up routine for someone who plays (sport).
  10. How can I avoid (injury) while (playing or training for this sport)?
  11. I have no time to exercise. How can I still fit in physical activity?

ChatGPT Prompts for Advanced Exercise Level:

  1. Create a personalized training plan for me to prepare for a marathon. My last half marathon was at a (minutes) pace and I am looking to improve on that.
  2. I am a (runner, specific sport athlete) and I keep having (injury). Give me some daily exercises to to to help me avoid it.
  3. I am training for my first bodybuilding competition. What are some advanced chest exercises to really target each muscle?
  4. Suggest a diet plan to help me cut weight and prepare for a bodybuilding competition.
  5. I play (sport) and want to find a new type of exercise to cross train on my off days. Give me some suggestions.
  6. How can I use the science of muscle recovery to make even more strength gains?
  7. Give me some examples of active recovery activities to help me make the most of my rest day.
  8. Create a weekly routine of drills to improve my explosive speed.
  9. How can improve my (specific move, like dead lift, box jumps, pedaling efficiency, stride)?
  10. What are some tips and exercises for better hand eye coordination?
  11. Give me a playlist of running songs to keep me at a (minutes) pace.

Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT for Your Workouts:

  1. My favorite song or type of music is (music). Create a playlist to motivate me to work out.
  2. Design a workout routine that is inspired by my favorite video game or movie.
  3. Suggest a fun and challenging fitness activity that I can do with my friends or family.
  4. Tell me about the benefits of exercise for mental health.
  5. Give me a partner workout that I can do with my teenage son.
  6. What can I do to make working out more fun?
  7. How can I practice mindfulness while I exercise?
  8. It's going to rain all week. Give me some fun indoor exercises to help me keep up my cardio level until I can run outside.
  9. Give me an outdoor workout to take advantage of all this snow.
  10. Create three 20 minute beach workouts that I can do on my vacation.
  11. Where is a beautiful outdoor place to exercise near my town?
  12. Give me some workout ideas for people who hate working out.

Get Very Specific with AI Prompts:

  1. Create a workout routine to help me strengthen my core.
  2. Design a workout to help me improve my running speed and endurance.
  3. Suggest a workout to help me tone my arms and legs.
  4. I work in a cubicle, how can I stretch at my desk?
  5. Help me come up with a workout to help me relieve back pain.
  6. What are the best exercises for recovery after giving birth?
  7. What should I do at the driving range to improve my long game?
  8. How can I incorporate yoga to make me a better runner?
  9. How can I exercise while my kids play at the playground?

Looking to Lose Weight, Specifically? Check out: How to Use AI Tools and ChatGPT for Weight Loss

The sky is the limit. You can use AI to help you brainstorm ideas too, just like I did to start this article. AI will never be as long-winded as me though! LOL.

Okay that should be plenty to get your started using AI for your Workouts. Go try it out!

What ChatGPT Prompt for Exercise are you going to try first? Let's hear it in the comments.

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