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10 Ways to Hit 10,000 Fitbit Steps During the Big Game

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It's almost time for the big game! Today, just for fun I'm sharing fun ways to get those 10,000 Fitbit steps during the Super Bowl or any big football game. Consider these Fitness Football Squares to be a Game Day Fitbit Hack! Affiliate links are included in this post.

Fitbit football squares- A free printable to make sure you get your steps during the big game!

Lately I've been trying to get back on track with living a healthy lifestyle. I've been logging my food and reaching my 10000 Fitbit steps every day.

Today we are watching the big game with a bunch of friend and there will surely be lots of delish game day food to tempt me.

I was thinking back to the last time I watched a big game at a party and I pretty much grazed the entire game. I know, “it's only one” day but I wanted a plan to help me not go too crazy.

Step 1 is to avoid parking my rear right next to the chips and guac.

Step 2 is to make it fun to get up once in a while and get some steps!

And so, the Stepper Bowl Challenge was born.

Reach 10,000 Fitbit Steps During the Big Game

You can keep this idea to yourself and do the ones that work for you by yourself, or tell everyone and make it a fun part of your party.

Think of it as a way to avoid having to cheat your fitbit!

Instead of, or in addition to your regular football squares, set up a Stepper Bowl Challenge.

Record your step count at kickoff and at the end of each quarter. Only steps taken during the game count! Update the totals throughout the game to keep the competition going. Whoever banks the most steps during the game gets bragging rights…or some other prize that everyone agrees  on!

Make sure everyone knows the rules before the game starts!

Get your free fitbit football squares printable and the rules in the Step Tracker Resource Library:

All of MY rules are included in the free printable by signing up above. Feel free to get creative and add you own though.

Here are a couple sample rules for your Stepper Bowl Step Challenge:

Stepper Bowl Rule 5 on Lalymom.com

RULE 5: Do ten jumping jacks for every first down.

RULE 10: Do ten Burpees every time a ref throws a flag. (Let's hope it is a clean game!)

Stepper Bowl Challenge Rule 10 on lalymom.com

If you're one of those people who don't watch every minute of the game, go start your own game of football or play catch in the back yard. You'll hit those 10000 fitbit steps in NO time and blow everyone else away!

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Do you try to get those 10000 fitbit steps on game day or do you give yourself a pass? (HA! Get it?! A Pass!)

Fitbit footballs squares! A free printable with rule suggestions to make sure you hit your fitbit step goal during the big game.

fitbit football squares A free printable to make sure you hit 10,000 steps!

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