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Guided Meditation on Love – Perfect for kids, adults, alone or together!

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Inside: Read or listen to a free guided meditation on love. This meditation is about feeling loved, so it is perfect for kids, adults, and even couples to do together.

A guided meditation on Love

Today I am sharing something that I have never thought of, shared or written before.

It is an important message, and makes me feel at peace and happier when I go through it myself.

I thought up one day when I was thinking about a loved one of mine. This person is very dear to me and I worry often that he doesn't realize how loved he is.

So you will notice that this is not necessarily a message of romantic love, but it could be used a a point of connection if you and your partner meditate together. But it could also be used alone, with a group or even with your kids.

This meditation came to me when thinking up a message that could help my loved one feel that there is love all around him.

I ended up sharing the same message with my son and daughter that night, when my son was having anxious thoughts at bedtime. We laid down, holding hands and I asked them to close their eyes while I spoke.

Laying down was nice and calming but I pictured doing this with each of my kids, and sitting facing each other holding hands in the shape of a heart to deepen the connection. Do you see the heart in the arms in the photo, or is it just me?

It really could be a powerful moment of connection, used in a time of love and bonding, or a time or sadness or anxiety.

A Guided Meditation About Love - for kids, adults, couples or alone.

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Free Guided Meditation on Love

First I have included the text of the meditation, written out if you would like to read it, or say it yourself aloud. Below that there is an audio file as well if you would like to sit and listen to the guided meditation.

There is a call and repeat section that you can use throughout the day as a short hand takeaway. It's the perfect mantra to maintain the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are loved.

Once I went through the whole thing with my kids, we started saying just the call and repeat part, “The love in me flows to you.” It's a quick reminder that they are loved all day long.

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Guided Meditation of Love - Can be done alone, with a partner or even with kids! #meditation #happiness #love

A Guided Meditation on Love

Close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths.

As you sit there, think about the room around you and the air that fills it.

Now picture each little molecule of air. Imagine that each one is wrapped in love.

The love of everyone who loves you.

This room is filled with love for you.

Every time you inhale, you are filled deeply with love.

And every time you exhale, you send your love back to your loved ones.

No matter if they are here or elsewhere.

Your love reaches them. Their love reaches you.

As you breathe it in, let the love fill you with warmth.

As you breathe it out, send your love with it.

As you send and receive love, you can repeat after me:

“The love in me flows to you.”


“The love in me flows to you.”


“The love in me flows to you.”



Any time you feel the wind against your face, that is love reminding you that it's there.

Next time you feel the sun on your face and shoulders, that is love wrapping you in warmth.

Any time you have a troubling thought, you can remind yourself of this feeling by saying:

“The love in me flows to you.”

Continue repeating this to yourself as long as you wish and enjoy your love filled day.


What do you think? Will you try this guided meditation on love with someone you love?

Guided Meditation of Love - Can be done alone, with a partner or even with kids! #meditation #happiness #love

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  1. I got here via Pinterest, from your “How to Make a Crappy, Hand-Drawn Chart…” post.
    But I really needed this post instead. Thank you. I found it at just the right time for me and my kids.

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