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Paint Swatch Pointillism Art Project for Kids

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 Pointillism for Kids Art Project Using Paint Swatches from Lalymom

We are joining up with Red Ted Art once again for their Kids Get Arty Series. This series encourages you to view works of art with your children and then find an age-appropriate way to extend the exploration of the artwork. This Pointillism Art Project for Kids uses old paint swatches, paper punches, glue and paper. Nothing too crazy!

We have been using paper punches a lot to make crafts and art projects in ways to develop my three year old's fine motor skills. The squeezing and pressing is great for her little hands and she loves moving the paper punch to see if she really made a hole. Seeing the small confetti-like dots that were left from a previous project I thought it would be fun to use them to do some pointillism in the style of Georges Seurat.

As I have in the past (and is now a part of the activity that my daughter enjoys) we looked up the artist online to see his various works. Although we live close enough to the Art Institute of Chicago that we should go visit this artist's works in person, baby brother's nap schedule makes it difficult to plan a trip like that. So Google will have to suffice for now!

I zoomed in on the pictures, starting with the well known A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, which is really easy to do using Google's Cultural Institute with a simple double click. We talked about how the trees looked green but if you look close they are really made of lots of small green, yellow and blue dots.

Next I printed out an apple coloring sheet from Coloring Crew and we looked at an actual apple that we had. If we looked close we could see different colors in our somewhat reddish apple. So we got to cutting the swatches and punching out dots of colors from the paint swatches. (I got those from our friendly local Benjamin Moore paint store, where they let me take not only some of the current color swatches but also gave me a whole Color Key book from a line that they no longer carry! Score!)

Cutting the white lines between the rectangles was perfect for my daughter because until now she had not done much cutting that required her to “keep going” after one cut. It is hard for her to do long lines but these are the perfect size, requiring 2-3 cuts in a row. She was really pleased with herself when she cut the first rectangle free! The paper punch is just a little one we picked up from the sale rack at Michael's, but any single hole punch will do. I like to turn it upside down so you can see better where you are placing it. We used glue stick to apply the dots, I figured white glue would get too messy with the small dots.

Use Paint Swatches and Paper Punches for Fine Motor Skills and Fine Art for Kids from Lalymom

This was a project to do together for us. My daughter really does like using paper punches and gluing but this was a lot for her to do alone and it's more fun to do together anyhow! In fact you will notice we started out with two apples printed out but well…one was plenty! First we started out laying the dots down spaced apart and as we did more we talked about how we could overlap them too. I like the way it came out and she said “it really looks like our real apple,” so that is a bonus!

If you like this pointillism art project for kids and are looking for other ways to explore great artists with kids, below are my two previous Kids Get Arty posts. Red Ted Art has been doing this series for quite some time though and there is a lot of inspiration in her archives! Please do click the follow button at the top right side there to follow along on my facebook page! Hope to see you again soon!


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