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20+ Truly Awesome Solar Eclipse Party Recipe Ideas

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Are you crazy freaking out about the upcoming total solar eclipse? If you are getting together to witness the wonder of the eclipse, check out these truly awesome solar eclipse party recipes for snacks, drinks, desserts and more. Affiliate links are included in this post.

20+ Epic Eclipse Recipes - Perfect ideas for a Solar Eclipse Party, school celebration or a sweet treat in the name of science. Includes snacks, drinks, desserts ideas and more



This is gonna be crazy. People are flipping out with excitement over this total solar eclipse happening on August 21, 2017.

There are city-wide events, hotels along the path have been booked up for months.

Luckily for us, my in-laws live on the edge of the path of totality. Roadtrip here we come!

People are serious about this eclipse business. Are you going to be in the Path of Totality? Let's hear about it in the comments!

Are you working on your solar eclipse viewing check-list? Got everything yet?!

Solar Eclipse Certified Viewing Glasses

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Super cool Solar Eclipse 2017 Baseball Cap

Free Printable Moon Journal

2017 Solar Eclipse Guidebook

Need to entertain the kids? Be sure to prep these:

-Bestseller: 2017 Solar Eclipse Activity Book for Kids

-Cute but simple Solar Eclipse Craft

-Amazing Galaxy Slime Recipe

Glitter Stardust Writing Tray

If you're getting geared up for this once-in-a-lifetime event, you're going to need refreshments!

Whether you'll be viewing the eclipse in the quiet of your own back yard, or joining a party, check out these eclipse, planetary and galactic ideas for solar eclipse snack goodness!

Solar Eclipse Party Snacks

Snacks and finger foods can be quick to throw together so these are an easy addition to your eclipse party. You could also use these to make an eclipse themed lunch for your school kids.

Oreos are a given BUT what flavor?!!?

Did you know there are a couple new flavors that have an unintended Eclipse twist?!

I'd go for Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos or The Jelly Donut Oreos. While you're at it, nab a Free Printable Oreo Moon Phases Activity. It could easily be adapted for the eclipse.

I love the ideas in this Solar Eclipse Bento Box Lunch, they could easily be a party snack idea as well as a great Eclipse Day School Lunch.

These Total Eclipse Tostadas are one of the few eclipse savory dishes I found. I like the creativity here!

Easy Moon Shaped Party Sandwiches would be a quick option too.

Moon & Stars Veggie Skewers would be a fun way to sneak in some veggies.

For another spin on the eclipse fruit snack, check out the snack ideas on this Solar Eclipse with Kids Guide.

Set out an Eclipse Fruit Tray to go with the veggies.

For more of a meal, the Wyoming Beef Council created the Great American Eclipse Burger.

Star and Moon Rice Crispy Treats would be cute too.

Galaxy Themed Recipes

So you know how unicorn was the theme of every viral recipe for a while? White frosting or other base, add rainbow color swirls? Well now we can take all those recipes, and change the base color to black, maybe add silver sprinkles and BOOM! You've got a galaxy recipe! They are so pretty to look at, and just as good to eat!

Galaxy Bark Recipe

Galaxy Candied Apples – Sooo pretty!

Galaxy Popcorn Recipe

Ginger Vegan's Galaxy Donuts – OMG are they gorgeous or what?!

Galaxy Sugar Cookies look fun to make and fun to eat.

20+ Epic Eclipse Recipes

Solar Eclipse Party Drink Recipes

Most of these drink recipes are for the adults only, ahem. You know, for when you need to do some Eclipse Day Drinkin', I guess?

Color Changing Galaxy Slushies

Orangey Solar Eclipse Cocktail

Perfect Vodka Solar Eclipse cocktail

Glow in the Dark Cocktail

Solar Eclipse Party Dessert Ideas

What is a party without some sweet treats? These range from semi-homemade to unique sweets made from scratch. Whatever your level of kitchen expertise, you'll surely find a cool eclipse party dessert recipe below that will wow the crowd.

Glowing Solar Eclipse Cake – This is really about the coolest, most unique tutorial I've found in my search! Even glows under a black light!!

Easy Mini Moon Pie Recipe – OMG these look adorable and delicious!

These Iced Moon Pies are awesome for a larger version.

The Moon Rock Meringues featured in this Gorgeous Moon Birthday Party are amazing looking, and as far as I can tell it uses this basic Meringue recipe with some food coloring added in? Either way. I want them!!

Sunshine Cupcakes are so happy looking!

These Brookies totally remind me of the eclipse…but mostly I just want them in my belly!

For a similar look with cookies, check out these Solar Eclipse Cookies.

Solar Eclipse Oreo Muffins would be an easy treat to make from scratch or do it semi homemade by buying store bought muffins or cupcakes.

This Crescent Moon Cake is reportedly easy to decorate but looks pretty impressive.

Full Moon Cookies would also fit the bill.

I love the way this Chocolate Moon Cake uses the texture of the cake to make the surface of the moon. Cute with the flag too, right?

The website that originally share this Sun and Moon cake seems to be gone but the idea is soooo cool that I had to share the Pin.

A simple DIY Solar Eclipse Cake would be fun to make with the kids.

20+ Epic Eclipse Recipes - Perfect for Solar Eclipse Parties, or school lunches.

Which Solar Eclipse Party Recipes are you going to try? Am I missing your favorite? Share it in the comments below!

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