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LEGO Christmas Mini Tree with LEGO Garland

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Today I'm sharing an easy tutorial for a fun little project we did at home to add a little fun to our holiday season. We made a LEGO Christmas Mini Tree with some awesome LEGO garland! Affiliate links are used in this post.

LEGO Christmas Batman Themed Mini Christmas Tree with LEGO Garland Tutorial

Our kids are super crazy into LEGO, especially LEGO BATMAN.

We whipped this project up pretty easily and you can too. It's the perfect Christmas tree for any playroom.

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lego book christmas bonusNow onto today's fun LEGO Activity.

If you have seen the LEGO Batman Movie, perhaps you might remember the Batman song, it's really hard rock music and it's all these bragging points about Batman.

My kids love listening to this song with Alexa, and they love singing it, so it gets stuck in my head quite a bit.

“Who has the coolest gadgets? (Batman!)
Who has the tricked out ride? (Batman!)
Who does the sickest backflips? (Batman!)”

We also love making up new words to songs and this one is no exception.

When I was thinking about LEGO Christmas ideas for our Learning with LEGO Christmas Bonus pack, I got to thinking about LEGO Batman's Christmas tree. We wondered what it would look like and, thinking about the song, we knew it would be “dope!”

New words to his song popped into my head:

“Who has the coolest Christmas tree? (Batman!)
Who gives the dopest gifts? (Batman!)
Who's the original Silent Knight? (Batman!)”


So we had to make our version of Batman's LEGO Christmas tree!

I think this would make an awesome project for winter break, or the perfect LEGO Christmas Decor for any kid's playroom!

LEGO Christmas Mini Tree with LEGO Garland

LEGO Batman Themed Mini Christmas Tree with LEGO Garland Tutorial what a fun ideas


Matched pairs of 2X1 bricks (as many as you wish) (They are Design ID 3004 in LEGO's Pick a Brick Shop)
Minifigure of your choice (we used Batman)
When looking for a specific minifigure I like to search for a book that comes with a minifigure because often times when you buy just a minifigure it's a mystery pack and you don't know which one you will get. These LEGO Batman books show you which Batman Minifigure comes with it, in case that matters to you.

Buildr PLATES Reusable Baseplates

Drape the red string around your mini tree as the base for the garland.
Taking two matching 2X1 bricks at a time, click them together with the string in between them. Repeat as necessary around your tree.
If you like to add minifigure you can push both of their arms behind their body, insert the string, then push their arms down along side their body.
If you want to make Batman ornaments, take your Batman symbol pieces and attach them to three 4X1 flat pieces that are all connected in a U shape. You can also use a square frame piece if you have one.
Enjoy your LEGO Christmas mini tree!
Lego Batman Mini Christmas Tree with LEGO Garland


How are you making it a very LEGO Christmas this year?

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