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20 Cool LEGO Gifts to Build

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Today I have for you a super fun collection of LEGO Gifts to Build and Make. Any of these would be great LEGO Gifts for Father's Day, Mother's Day – or an awesome way to make any LEGO Lover's day. There are some DIY LEGO Gift ideas as well as some store bought sets for cool gifts to make with LEGO. SOO much fun, and there are some affiliate links to help you with any shopping.
20 LEGO Gift Ideas
We love handmade gifts in our house and since we are SO into LEGO right now, I thought it would be fun to gather up a collection of handmade LEGO gifts to give to mom, dad, sister, brother, friend- any LEGO lover on your gift list! My son is newly obsessed with LEGO so I can see that we will be making a lot of these in the years to come. Or maybe just monster trucks. He's an expert at them at this point. Which I love.
Okay onto the collection of gifts! Some of these are made from a store bought kit, some are made from your normal home collection of random bricks and some will tell you the exact set they used. There is just something about LEGO that makes a gift extra fun, don't you think?!

LEGO Gifts to Make and Build

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Here are the LEGO Gifts in this collage. Please make sure to click through the link for each one for a full tutorial.
LEGO Bricks Calendar – Cool kit to make your own changeable calendar! (They added a new block style LEGO Calendar Kit too)
DIY LEGO Magnets – These look so cool. They are easy to customize, but the trick is getting the right kind of glue.
Pen Holder – Personalize this sweet gift with your favorite photo.
LEGO Candy Box – This page was unavailable when I tried it the other day, but it was basically a box made of lego, filled with dry candy.
Fall LEGO Shadow Box – Make a beautiful scene for any room in the house.
LEGO Cake Plate – This will make any cake special.
LEGO Brick Soaps – Encourage hand washing! Oh! Check out this LEGO Minifigure Rescue Soap too!!!
LEGO Jewelry Box – Fun for a first jewelry box or a gift for Mom. (There is a Jewelry Stand available too!)
LEGO Minifigure Crayons – Cool addition to any artist's desk.
LEGO Word Picture Frames – Spell out MOM, DAD another name or no name at all.
 LEGO WEEK! 20 Cool LEGO Gifts to Make and Build - Great ideas for LEGO Birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day and more! #LEGO #birthday #kids #mothersday #fathersday #gift #giftidea #DIY #craft #craftsforkids

LEGO Camping Lantern – Perfect for any camping enthusiast.
Working LEGO Candy Dispenser – Work or home, satisfy the sweet tooth in a super cool way.
LEGO Business Card Holder – Every serious business person needs one.
Pen Holder – Perfect for Dad's desk, or…anyone who uses pens…?!
Key Holder – How cool is THAT?!
Kid- Made DUPLO or LEGO Stamped T-shirt – Make it say whatever you want.
Photo Wall Calendar – See a new LEGO scene each month of the year.
DIY Removable LEGO Wall – Take your brick play vertical.
Portable LEGO Kits – Take your LEGO on the go!
Desk Organizer – Space for a phone charger, working drawers and more.
New LEGO Gift Ideas since the original list was created:
There are a ton of new Lego Flowers set available – I have a set of these on my desk and love them.
LEGO Chess Set – What an incredibly cool gift for any chess lover!
Lego DOTS Jewelry Box Set – I'd totally use one of these.
2 Flowers made of LEGO - perfect LEGO gifts!
Which LEGO Gifts are you going to make? I'd love to hear it in the comments! Here is some more inspiration:


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LEGO Week! 20 Cool LEGO Ideas - Great Gifts to make fore Mom, Dad, Kids- Anyone! #LEGO #birthday #kids #mothersday #fathersday #gift #giftidea #DIY #craft #craftsforkids
This list was originally shared in 2015, updated 2021.
Lego Gift Ideas

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