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DIY Valentines Day Shirts for Kids

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Welcome back to Fine Motor Friday! We are on quite a Valentine's Day kick around here, and today's DIY Valentine's Day Shirts are no exception!

DIY Doily Valentine's Day T-Shirt - what a cool kid made shirt idea!

These t-shirts would be cute to make for a class Valentine's Party or as a Valentine's Day gift for someone special. If you are ever looking for an awesome Halloween t-shirt to make, this Doily pumpkin shirt from Still Playing School would be an awesome option! It was the inspiration for our shirt and I like the method they used to paint- another terrific fine motor activity!

Now OBVIOUSLY this shirt could be made by an adult. BUT. Why not get the kids involved? It is fun, offers great fine motor work and provides the kids with something special to be super proud of!

I've got all the materials you need listed below, using affiliate links (which just means that if you happen to buy anything through those links, this website make a small commission at no extra cost to you).

I also have some helpful tips that I learned when making our Skeleton T-Shirt to help make sure you get the very best print from your doily! In case it wasn't obvious, to make this shirt you basically use a heart shaped doily as a stencil…or you could call it Valentine's Day doily-resist art! Oh that is fun too!

Valentine's Day Shirt Tutorial


Plain white t-shirt
Folkart multisurface paint (We used Fiery Red, which is a glittery pinkish red. I could not find that color on Amazon but it may be in your local craft store.)
Craft Bond
Paper heart doilies
Stencil paintbrushes or Spouncers
Pom poms and clothespins
Cardboard box
Plastic lid or other surface to hod your paint


Insert the cardboard box into your t-shirt to keep the pain from seeping through onto the back. Try to find something that is flat the keeps the shirt fairly taught without stretching it.

Take one (or more, if desired) of your paper doilies and the Craft Bond outside and set the doilies face down on a protected surface (newspaper) or one you don't care too much about (the alley behind my house). Make sure your shoes and clothes are not too close to your spray zone. Shake your Craft Bond well, then remove the cap. Hold the can about 6-8 inches above the doilies and spray evenly back and forth across the doilies (again watch your shoes) until they have an even coat. Recap the Craft Bond, lightly grab the doilies and head back inside. Allow them to dry according to directions (I think I waited 5-10 minutes). The Craft Bond makes your doilies about as sticky as a post it note. You COULD skip this step but be warned your doilies will probably not stay in place too well!

Once the Craft Bond is dry press the sticky side down onto the shirt, firmly pressing down on all edges to help it stick.

Pour some paint onto your plastic lid. You or your child can now dot dot dot some paint on, using the stencil paintbrushes, spouncers or a clothespin holding a pom pom.

Valentine's Day shirts - Kid-made, could be for anyone! Click through for the quick tips to make your own!

For the best doily print results, move your hand in a stippling motion (lift, press down, lift, press down) rather than paint strokes back and forth. Back and forth strokes could cause the doily to come off or for pain to be pressed under the edges of the doily.

Kid-Made Valentine's Day T-shirt on Lalymom - Cute idea

For best fun, on the other hand, don't be as much of a stickler and let the kids paint however they want. 😉 We set up a doily for my son on some paper and gave him our usual washable paints along with a clothespin and pom pom like big sister had. I think he was wearing the right shirt for this activity. “Mom, just roll with it!”

Doily Print Making - Just Roll with it When Painting with Toddlers!

Once done painting, you can remove the doily (save it for a Valentine!) and allow the shirt to dry. Done and done!

Doily Heart T-Shirt for Valentine's Day - Get quick tips and tricks to make your own!


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