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8 Research-Backed Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

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So you have started on your healthy journey. Maybe you have started eating better, exercising and drinking more water, but you aren’t seeing any results on the scale. Why is that? What are you doing wrong? Check out these 8 research-backed reasons you are not losing weight. Affiliate links are used in this post.

8 research based reasons you are not losing weight.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is not something that comes naturally to everyone and sometimes it takes a learning curve, so relax and take a step back to refocus.

Brush up on the latest research and classic studies about weight loss to become your own detective.

8 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Read through these and see where you can make adjustments to help get you closer to your goal. Click the links to read about recent research on each topic. Pick one of these reasons for not losing weight and get started one step at a time.

  1. You aren’t sleeping enough. Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and our health in general. If you don’t sleep enough, your body does not have time to recover from exercise or have enough energy for exercising the next day. Additionally, lack of sleep has been shown to slow your body’s appetite control abilities. 
  2. You are skipping meals. You may think that skipping a meal is an ideal way to lose weight because you are cutting calories, but this is not correct. When you skip meals you are depriving your body of food it actually needs and you will end up overindulging later. There have been some really fascinating studies done on this subject recently, check out some interesting findings on the risks and rewards of meal skipping in the New York Times Well column. 
  3. You dine out. I know you are busy and cooking at home every night doesn’t seem possible, but the truth is, it is hard to eat healthy when you are dining out. Take the time to meal prep so that you have healthy meals ready to prepare throughout the week, it will help curb the desire to hit the drive through.
  4. You skip weight training. Doing cardio is really great for your body, but you really need to add weight training to the mix. Weight training increases your metabolism so that you are burning calories long after you leave the gym. Plus, it helps to strengthen your joints and muscles.
  5. Skipping veggies. If you are the type to skip on your veggies, that needs to change. Eating plenty of vegetables gives you lots of fiber and nutrients which help you to feel full longer. Skipping those def leads to not losing weight.
  6. You eat too much healthy foods. When you make the switch to healthy foods, it is easy to forget that you need to put a cap on those as well. Keeping healthy foods such as almonds on hand all the time is a great habit to get into, but if you eat the entire bag in one sitting you may not feel so good about the calories and fat you just consumed.
  7. You are drinking too many calories.  People often forget to add in the calories that they drink to their daily intake. Whether coffee drinks, cocktails or sodas, they all are calorie filled and need to be factored in.
  8. You are too sedentary. While you may be putting aside time to work out, many of us get stuck on being too sedentary. Our desk jobs keep us sitting down far more than we need to. Make it a habit to get up and take a walk hourly and wear a pedometer to keep track of the number of steps that you take throughout the day.

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Which one of these reasons for not losing weight are you going to tackle first? Let's hear it in the comments below!

8 research-based reasons you are not losing weight. See what the latest studies say about what is holding you back!

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