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SUPER FUN Halloween Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Ideas

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Today I'm sharing a Halloween sidewalk chalk obstacle course that you can use to make this year's Halloween extra fun! It is a great outdoor Halloween activity for kids, that would be perfect for trick-or-treating, a Halloween party, the sidewalk that leads to your school or just for fun! This post contains affiliate links to products we love.

Super Fun Halloween Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Idea 1 Zombies Run

Well we made it to Halloween! If any year needs a lot of fun at Halloween- it's this year!!

Whether your kids will be trick-or-treating or not, this Chalk The Walk Obstacle Course will make the day super fun and memorable.

We normally love to set up our Indoor Halloween Obstacle Course BUT I know this year a lot of towns and neighborhoods are just looking for something fun for the kids to do where the kids can get outside, run around and retain some semblance of a normal holiday.

How to Make a Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course for Halloween

This Halloween obstacle course uses nothing but sidewalk chalk and your imagination. You do not need to be an amazing artist, the kids will have a blast no matter your abilities. In fact, get the whole family involved in drawing your obstacle course! The more, the merrier.

TIME NEEDED: Just so you know this obstacle course with 7-8 sections took quite a bit of time to draw, even with our basic drawing capabilities. More intricate designs will add time- and chalk to your needs. Either team up, or leave yourself enough time to do all the obstacles if you are doing it by yourself. I'd say we spent a few hours drawing in total. This mama was sore the next day! LOL!

MATERIALS NEEDED: We used a LOT of chalk, and chalk brands vary. You can get away with mostly and basic colors, unless you want black chalk, which is challenging to find! We LOVE crayola sidewalk chalks, we have gone through a few sets over the years (and set we get has Black!). They're very vibrant and they stay on the sidewalk a long time, but they are also soft and they get used up quickly while drawing. On the flip side, I found that basic sets from the dollar store, or other brands of sidewalk chalk on Amazon with a duplicate colors lasted me longer. Although you need to make sure they have all the colors you need, and some of the cheaper ones will fade away after a day.

ONE-WAY VS. TWO-WAY TRAFFIC ON OBSTACLE COURSES: In our pictures you may notice that there are arrows in both directions. We made ours obstacle courses work no matter which way you approach from on the sidewalk. So both ends have the title and a beginning hint. If people only go one way on your sidewalk, feel free to omit the second set of words, or add a finish line.

Halloween Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Ideas

You can draw these in any order, on your sidewalk, the driveway or even the street if you are allowed to block it off for safety. It would be a super fun idea for a Halloween Block Party, or in a cul-de-sac!

Take your pick and get creative!

Do you want to play? Chalk your own walk with a Halloween sidewalk chalk obstacle course and share the photos on this Facebook post!

Zombies Obstacle Course

To start with we went with a ZOMBIES RUN section that was actually pretty long and fun.

Chalk Your Walk with fun Halloween Obstacle Course Ideas like this Zombies Run idea

To do this we wrote the words ZOMBIES! RUN! Then we drew opposing zombie arms on each side of the sidewalk as if they were coming out of the grass. This kind of makes a little bit of a maze to run through. You can add zombie faces by the arms, yelling BRAINS! And it is helpful to draw an arrow to give the kids an idea of how to do the obstacle.

We drew tons of arms, all down our side sidewalk and my son was sure out of breath when he ran through it! You can check out the video too.



Broomstick Balance Beams

Next up was the witch's broomstick balance beams:

Broomstick Balance Beams Sidewalk Chalk Drawing from our Halloween Obstacle Course

We drew brownish orange broom handles with yellow broom heads in a zigzag pattern for the kids to balance.

These couldn't have been easier, and it was a nice way to SLOW down and catch our breath after running through the zombies.

Frankenstein's Monster Mash Obstacle

This is a common hopping, direction-changing obstacle that you see in a lot of hallway sensory walk decal sets. These are popping up in school hallways these days, and they are great for getting the wiggles out or having a brain break.

The Monster Mash obstacle has a path of footprints going in both directions on ours. You can adapt it to suit your needs.

It is the bottom left in this collage:

Lots of Ideas for a Halloween Sidewalk CHalk Obstacle Course - Spiders, Monsters, Pumpkins and more

The idea is to follow the footsteps like a dance. Drawing footsteps is not my strong suit but my son was able to figure out which direction each set went anyway. Feel free to add a Frankenstein if you like!

Watch Our for Monsters! Take the Bravery Bridge Obstacle

Going across our driveway I drew a bunch of big, serpentine sea monsters as if they were jumping out of the sea, and added a bridge crossing above them. I called it the Bravery Bridge. It is the top right in the collage above.

Jack-O-Lantern Jump Halloween Obstacle

In the bottom right of the collage, we have the jack-o'-lantern jump sidewalk chalk obstacle course. All you do is draw as many pumkpins as you want, and add a face, stem and leaf to each one. All the kids have to do is jump from one to the next.

It's a simple set-up and if you have several kids, they can all decorate their own pumpkins!

Spiderweb Walk Halloween Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle

The last obstacle in our full course was the spiderweb walk. We drew a large spider web and drew a few spiders strategically placed on the web.

The ideas is that you have to stay on the web but avoid the spiders.

Contact Free Trick-Or-Treat Obstacle Course Option

I know not everyone is going to do trick-or-treating this year, but if you are looking for a contact-free trick-or-treating option, this could work for you.

If the neighborhood kids have to walk up your driveway to trick-or-treat, you can draw a bean stock for them to climb, then a cloud hop over to your front door. Add a giant's face by your doorstep with a note saying to take one treat from the Giant's pot. We are using an unused shallow oil pan but you could also use a Large Plastic Cauldron as his candy container.

Your Turn! Let's see YOUR Halloween Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course!

We'd love to see your version of a sidewalk chalk Halloween obstacle course. Share your pictures or videos on my Facebook page, or if you own the rights to the photo and you'd like me to add it to my post, you can send it to info @ lalymom .com


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