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30 Back to School Crafts to Start the School Year Right

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Once again a busy summer is heading quickly to a close. The beginning of August has always been signal that the summer will end soon and it's back to the books. One of the first day of school traditions that we like to do is make some back to School Crafts! Affiliate links appear in this post for products I recommend.

The three school season topics that come to mind- for ME- when school themed crafts are mentioned are Apples, School Buses and Pencils, so those are the categories I focused on!

Some of these are fun to make WITH your kids in preparation for school or once school has started, while others are great to make FOR your kids, or maybe even for their teachers!

SO after you get all those school supplies, and the school books are in place, plan some of these fun activities to start the tear off right.

These would be perfect for a back to school party, a back to school classroom theme or for crafts to do at home. There are crafts for toddlers, crafts for preschoolers, crafts for kindergartners and even back to school crafts for bigger kids. Each idea can be adapted to your needs.

Apple Back to School Crafts

Giving your teacher an apple is one of those things we associate with being a good student so it is no wonder that it has become synonymous with back to school. Not to mention it goes hand in hand with all kinds of Fall Themed Crafts for Kids.

Here are some super fun apple themed crafts for back to school.

Click through the colored links for the full tutorial:

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School Bus Back to School Crafts for Kids

My daughter took the school bus for the first time last year and she was SO excited to get onto the bus. But kids don't always know what to expect on the school bus.

Before your child takes the bus to school for the first time, be sure to go over simple questions that a young child might have, having never taken the bus before:

  • How will I know when to get off?
  • What bus do I take home?
  • Where do I sit?
  • Can I talk and get up while the bus is in motion?

These cute school bus crafts are perfect to make before the first day of school. They'd be a great starting point for discussions on how to take the school bus, expected behavior on the school bus, and so on.

Click through the colored links for the full tutorial:

Pencil Back to School Crafts

Who knew there were so many super cool pencil themed crafts out there?!

Click through the colored links for the full tutorial:

Well that is it for our fun back to school crafts. I hope they help make your back to school season one to remember!

More Back to School Crafts & Ideas:

For loads of more back to school crafts, activities, recipes and ideas, check out my Back to School Pinterest board!

What back to school crafts do you have planned to start your school year off right? Let's hear it in the comments below!

back to school crafts for kids - 30 back to school themed crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and big kids too!

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