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A is for Apple CUT-Punch-PASTE Craft

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Happy Fine Motor Friday! We are back with the usual suspects this week with an A is for Apple Craft using a simple CUT-punch-PASTE method.

A is for Apple Craft on Lalymom.com. Another CUT Punch Paste Craft for great fine motor skills.

This is a super simple craft that incorporates cutting practice, paper punches, gluing and drawing to encourage fine motor skills practice.

A is for Apple Craft Materials:

Materials and tutorial for a CUT Punch Paste Fine Motor Apple Themed Craft on Lalymom.com

Red and green construction paper

Kids Scissors

Glue stick

Round paper punches (Any size would work as long as your letter A was wider than the circumference of the hole produced by the punch.)

Brown and Green markers or crayons

A is for Apple Craft Directions:

CUT Punch Paste A is for Apple Craft on Lalymom.comPrep: Fold the green paper in half lengthwise and draw half of a capital A so that when cut out, you will open it to make a full letter A.

Cut: Invite your child to cut on the lines with the paper folded in half. Unfold when finished and ask what letter he or she just made.

Punch: Show your child how to punch “apples” from the letter A, as many as he or she wants.

Paste: Paste the A onto the red paper and talk about how the red apples are made by the holes in the green A. You can also paste the circles you punched from the green paper onto the red paper OR you can use them as a puzzle and invite him or her to place them back in the holes.

Draw: If you want to show your child how to draw a stem and leaf atop each of the holes in the green A to make the holes look like apples.

You're done! Easy letter A is for Apple Craft with LOTS of great fine motor skills practice built right in!

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