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Easy Indoor Halloween Obstacle Courses for Kids

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Today I am sharing super simple, but SUPER FUN Indoor Halloween obstacle courses for kids. These easy indoor Halloween activities all use supplies often found in your own home, and you can customize them based on what you have on hand. It is a fun and easy way to get the kids moving at home, min the classroom or even at your neighborhood Halloween party.

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Halloween Obstacle Courses for Kids from Lalymom

It's that time of year where every young kid starts asking over and over, “Is it Halloween yet?” No, dear, and it won't be for a couple weeks.

The tricky thing with Halloween games and decorations is knowing your audience. How scary do you want to go?

Below is a mix of scary and non-scary Halloween ideas so you can pick the ones that suit your kids.

Our obstacles are pictured below but here are some more easy ideas:

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Simple DIY Kid-Friendly Halloween Obstacle Courses

We like to break out the Halloween decorations and kids' books early to ease into it a bit more. When the Halloween itch hits us hard, these easy Halloween obstacle courses are just the thing to keep the kids entertained. We do love a good obstacle course.

Fun! And clearly it is not rocket science. We just used what we had on hand, so you can too!

Non-scary Easy Indoor Haunted House

First up is a non-scary kids' haunted house. We used the same set up as our Fire Safety Smoke Crawl. A black blanket was hung over the dining room table.

Next it was time for the ghosts! I cut a few plastic grocery bags roughly down the seams, rounding the corners and drew on some friendly ghost faces with a Sharpie marker. Easy, peasy! I just taped them up on the under side of the table and we had our toddler and preschooler-friendly haunted house! SEE BELOW FOR TIPS ABOUT NOT BONKING THEIR HEADS.

The kids could help make the ghosts too, after our first go, we started using this idea every year for our Halloween decorations.

Non-scary Haunted House for kids for Halloween Obstacle Courses from Lalymom
Ladybug and I must have crawled through the haunted house a hundred times that first afternoon! Sometimes she crawled around them and sometimes she would crawl under them, like she did with the smoke.

Of course I made our haunted house ghosts pretty non-scary but if you wanted to make it scarier, the ghost faces could easily be spooky.

For other scarier options under the table, you could dangle spiders and bats from the table, add spider webs, or you could make it much darker of course.

Easy Spiderweb Obstacles

The first time Ladybug went through the Haunted House she almost stood up too early and conked her head on the table. Hmm. We had to come up with something to serve as a reminder not to stand up too soon. Sure I could just tell her, but if we are running an obstacle course, I don't expect her to always remember.

Our simple solution was to make an easy spiderweb by placing our giant store-bought spider on baby brother's high chair.

Easy spiderweb obstacle course for kids from Lalymom

Obviously if you do not have a giant spider, a small spider, or even 4 pipe cleaners or twist ties tied together would make a spider in a pinch. So. After the Haunted house we HAD to crawl PAST the giant spider.

DIY Spiderweb Hurdles for Indoor Halloween Obstacle Courses for Preschoolers from Lalymom

We also had some of that meshy stretchy dollar store spiderweb stuff left from our Halloween cutting practice activities.

I made a quick little hurdle by cutting holes in two toilet paper tubes, inserting the ends of a paper towel tube into the holes and wrapping the spiderwebs around it.

You could obviously make many of these, and you could make them taller by using paper towel tubes or cereal boxes for the sides. We kept it short.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Run Gross Motor Activity for Halloween from Lalymom

The next non-scary, kid friendly indoor Halloween activity we did was to make a pumpkin patch in the kitchen. SO simple!

We started it off by placing Ladybug's black plastic pet cat on the floor. Scary Black Cat! Look out! Jump over!! (In my head I like to call this obstacle the cat hurdle…heehee.) You can just see the cat's tail in that first picture.

We set the four pumpkins we had in a zigzag configuration. We did all different patterns while running through our pumpkin patch – sometimes straight through, sometimes slalom around, and sometimes hopping over them! You could easily use your kids' trick or treat buckets, or really any other Halloween decoration for this one.

Catch the Ghost

We had a ghost balloon left from our Halloween cutting practice activities. I tied a new, longer string on it and floated it to the ceiling at the end of the pumpkin patch. All we had to do was jump to catch the ghost to finish off the obstacle course.

If you don't have a balloon, you could create another grocery bag ghost and tape it or dangle it from a string over a door. Rather than grab it, you could have the kids swat it like a high five.

Ta-da! Easy, non-scary Halloween obstacle courses for the kids!

Our little one even got in on the action after he woke up from his nap!

More Halloween Obstacle Course Ideas:

Here's a sneak peak of our EPIC Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Halloween Obstacle Course but be sure to click through to the full article to see the optional No-Contact Trick-Or-Treat Idea. That little baby in the last photo above has grown a little since we did our first Halloween obstacle course!


Got more Halloween obstacle course ideas? Let's hear them in the comments below!

For more Halloween ideas from Lalymom, check out these Halloween Cutting activities, some Fall Art Projects and a fun Cutting Practice Spider! For still more inspiration, come follow my Halloween Pinterest Board. And while you're here, if you're not already following me on Facebook, I'll make it easy with the like button right up there at the top of the page! Thanks for coming by, Happy Halloween!

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