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An Honest Fresh N Lean Review: Are Healthy, Pre-cooked Meals Any Good?

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I've tried healthy, pre-cooked meal delivery services before. Is Fresh N Lean actually any good? Find out in my Honest Fresh N Lean Review. Also see if they even match up with your specific dietary needs.

Photo of a hand holding a Fresh N Lean meal in front of an open refrigerator

We have been lucky enough to sample a few “precooked, healthy meal delivery services” over the years, as a preview for my blog. Honestly, I was not pleased with the food of the ones I tried in the past. So. I declined to write about them. I was happy to pay for it rather than trash talk anyone.

A sample box of Fresh N Lean meals was provided for this review, with the understanding that I don't like to write about products that I wouldn't recommend to a friend.

I am not out to bash any brands, nor am I just out to get free food. I am simply looking for products and services that help me and my readers lead healthier lives.

With that said, we did try it, and we did like a lot about what they offered. EVEN MY KIDS!

I'll show you some photos of what we got below.

I decided to join their referral partner program and share my Lean N Fresh Referral link for anyone else who would like to try it too. If this review helps you make your decision, I would be honored if you sign up through my link (PRO TIP: My Link also unlock's the best deal available on Fresh N Lean!)

Then stick around and we can tackle this healthy lifestyle thing together!

What is Fresh N Lean?

Before I preview the meals we had, let's go over what Fresh N Lean is all about.

Fresh N Lean is a meal delivery company located in Anaheim, CA. You can order meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner from a variety of meal plans, which I'll describe below.

Fresh N Lean offers all their meals to meet these criteria:

  • Organic
  • Single Serving
  • Gluten Free
  • Pre-cooked
  • Heat and eat
  • Never frozen (unless you decide to put them in your freezer when you get them!)
  • Available in all 50 US states

What Type of Menus Are Available on Fresh N Lean?

When deciding on meals for any type of health lifestyle, it is important to know if the meals you are ordering fit with the requirements of the type of food you need to eat.

When I ordered Fresh N Lean, the following 8 menu options were available (although it is always possible that they may change up the options!). We had a box of meals from the Keto Menu.

You can see the average meal stats for some of the menu types below as well. Every individual meal will be different, this is just an average.

Scan through and see which one would fit best for you.

Paleo Plan

A great menu to help you eat Nature's Whole Foods and balance your macros.

  • 33g Protein
  • 30g Carbs
  • 19g Fat
  • 400 Cal
  • 550mg Sodium

Check out This Week's Paleo Menu.

Keto Plan

Perfect for anyone counting carbs, the keto meals help you stick to your goals.

Standard Vegan Plan

Organic, seasonal foods and plant based proteins are the star of the Vegan plan.

  • 19g Protein
  • 49g Carbs
  • 14g Fat
  • 430 Cal
  • 550mg Sodium
  • Check Out This Week's Vegan Menu Here.

Low Carb Vegan Plan

Vegan meals that are higher protein without all the carbs.

Protein+ Plan

Billed as the menu to help you optimize your performance, these high protein meal kits have premium protein for active lifestyles.

Whole 30 Plan

Reset your health with this Whole 30 Approved menu.

No specific macros are listed for this menu because the Whole 30 isn't about how much food you eat, but which foods.


Check Out This Week's Whole 30 Approved Delivery Menu Here. 

Mediterranean Diet Plan

Organic whole foods, healthy fats, and sustainably sourced protein. Everything you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Bulk (a la carte meal options)

Stock up. The Plan for You to Bulk up on Proteins, Veggies, Oats and Everything Else.

Rather than a prepared meal, the a la carte option sends individual ingredients so you pair the veggies, grains and proteins that you like.

Examples include packages of precooked individual meal items like Cod, Bison, Sweet Potato, Quinoa so you can mix and match as much as you like.

See This Week's Bulk, A La Carte Menu Here.

Will Fresh N Lean Meals Help Me Lose Weight?

Fresh N Lean makes no promise of weight loss, and only sticks to the meal plan criteria you select.

If you build fresh n lean meals into an existing weight loss plan, they would be helpful in meeting your goals.

For example, I have followed this Weight Loss App Principles for years, and I still log meals in the app. The Fresh N Lean Meals that I logged were all in the database, and rated well with the dietary guidelines. SCORE!

Are Fresh N Lean Meals Any Good?

I had to call in reinforcements to eat the Fresh N Lean meals. You see, around this time, I came down with a case of the “big thing” that is going around, and I had to wait to be able to taste and smell.

Luckily the Fresh n Lean meals arrived packaged very well, with ice packs. I looked at the date on the packaging. They were good for 10 days in the refrigerator or longer if we froze them.

I did recoup thankfully in time to eat the meals without freezing them, but I wanted to be sure my taste and smell weren't ruining the experience. So rather than sample the meals by myself each day, my family ate them with me.

We made it into a little competition actually. Whoever picked the BEST tasting one, as voted on by the whole family, was the winner.

We heated several and divided them onto each plate.

SO, a little background on the tasting crew. My husband is a foodie type of guy, who often eats high protein, lower carb but loves to cook HUGE labor of love meals for us. My kids are… ALSO foodies but will eat almost anything. I am pretty open as well and, when I am cooking for myself or weeknight meals, tend towards simple, easy to prepare foods.

Photo of a plate with small portions of Fresh N Lean meals with text that reads Fresh N Lean Meals An Honest Review
Taste off, bro! Which meal will reign supreme?

When we had our taste off, my 9 year old son was quoted as saying, “Wow mom, these are even better than our normal school night meals!” Which was his way of being encouraging. But when my daughter smirked, he added, “Well…you know… slightly better…..”

After having tried pre-cooked delivery meals before, our expectations were very low.

But we all agreed these meals were somehow really good! I think the fact that they were never frozen really made a huge difference.

Photo of Buffalo Turkey Meatballs Meal with text that reads Fresh N Lean Meals an honest review
Winner, winner, turkey meatball dinner!

The winners were the Buffalo Turkey Meatballs Meal and the Roasted Turkey Patty meal. Now this could be due to the fact that we have often chicken more than once a week, so the kids may be a little over chicken. But the flavors of the turkey came through in a nice way.

The one con I would say is that, having microwaved all the meals according to the instructions, there was no crunch or crisp to any parts of the meal. So we were all excited for the bacon ranch chicken but the bacon was not crispy. Had I heated it using one of the other methods I think that would have been one of the winners.

So the verdict is, YES Fresh N Lean meals are… I have to admit… very tasty!

If you are on a healthy lifestyle journey, and you do not have time to cook, or are looking for meals solutions for quick and easy meals to hit your goals, these are an awesome option.


Which Fresh N Lean menu plan are you going to try?

Photo of a Fresh N Lean packaged meal in front of an open fridge. Text reads Fresh N Lean Meals an Honest Review.

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