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4 Workout Programs for Injury Prevention & Recovery

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It’s always tough to get back to your routine after an injury, but these workouts for injury prevention or injury prone people make it easier to back into the swing of things. Affiliate links are used in this article.

Injury Prone? Try one of these Workouts

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I’ve had my share of minor injuries over the years- a slipped disc in my back, strained rotator cuff in my shoulder, an over-training injury in my foot…and the list goes on.

If you're currently suffering form an injury, it might be hard to imagine getting into an exercise routine without getting hurt again.

Thankfully there are good people out there who are looking out for us!

These three workout programs are not only great for injury prevention but- so long as you talk to your doctor- they can also be great workouts after an injury (when you have healed of course).

The programs below are all geared towards functional fitness, and each one has a unique approach, different from all the mass market workout programs.

Obviously I am not a doctor, I'm like you- injury prone! So I went searching for solutions to get stronger and stay stronger. Read through the descriptions below for yourself, click through the links to learn more and sign up, and be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new workout programs.

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Workouts for Injury Prone people

Fluid Running

I first heard of Fluid Running when I was a member at the YMCA near Chicago. The flyer at the YMCA said Fluid Running is a deep-water running workout that was great for running conditioning or training after an injury. It sounded really cool so I signed up right away.

The way this pool workout works is you wear a float belt to keep you at the right level in the water, and your belt also tethers onto the lane divider to keep you in place. You run at different tempos to the music, giving you an awesome low impact cardio workout.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your muscles are neglected- the resistance of the water gives them as much of a workout as your heart.

I moved to a new town shortly after starting Fluid Running classes so I thought I’d have to give it up but they recently released a DIY version of Fluid Running called H2O To Go, which includes all the gear you need to do a Fluid Running workout on your own. It is perfect for those of us without a licensed teacher nearby.

You can Find a Fluid Running Class or Buy a H2O To Go Kit Here.


Having gone through physical therapy before, I always left wishing that I could have one of the therapists as a personal trainer to make sure I'm getting stronger the right way.

The idea behind Pvolve makes SO much sense to me. Their program incorporates physical therapy and rehabilitation movements into exercise to help clients develop long, lean muscle tone and eliminate bulk. The focus is on activating and toning small unused muscles.

They offer live workouts in their New York Studio but the rest of us can sign up for streaming workouts. I just signed up for their streaming program and can't wait for my first workout.

I love the easy-to-use interface that allows you to filter the workouts to find just what you are looking for, and I love that you can choose individual workouts or set programs. You can even select certain criteria to customize a plan for you.

PVOLVE Workouts based on physical therapy and rehabilitation #exercise #workout #workoutapp #fitness #affiliate
PVolve Screenshot

Previewing the videos available, here is my first reaction to this program: The workouts are really unique and focus on a lot of the things I learned in physical therapy.

I like the tone and instructional cues by the trainer in the videos (he is the creator of this program) as well as the feedback from the women doing the workout.

I can easily understand what I'm supposed to be doing and the videos and audio are great quality. Reading the reviews of each workout is helpful to give me more info on what to expect. That is a nice feature that you don't see in many fitness apps.

Pvolve app screen shot
Pvolve app screen shot

My one beef is their focus on being crazy thin. Their marketing focuses a lot on the fact that Victoria's Secret models use this workout, so their ads focus on perfect booties with huge thigh gap, and the women featured in the workouts are incredibly thin. I know most workout videos feature people who are already fit, but this is pretty extreme.

There is nothing wrong with these women and they are beautiful, but it just doesn't seem necessary when the idea is to use functional fitness moves, rooted in rehabilitation and physical therapy techniques, you know? Maybe it is because I am a mom, and a bit older than the primary market, but I really think it would be a great workout for us moms, recouping from having kids and maybe having neglected our bodies and posture a bit.

Bottom line: I have been looking for a workout where I know the trainer is focused on activating the smaller muscles that most traditional exercises ignore, and this really gives me that feeling.

I see a lot of moves that look like physical therapy- even the equipment they use mirrors what my therapists had me using. But if watching super fit women exercise is off-putting for you, this may not be the workout for you.

I do really like what it offers, and I'm going to use it at home. I especially love the features that you can either pick individual classes or enter in your criteria to customize a plan for yourself. It even adds your workouts to a calendar. Despite the marketing, I see a lot of potential for stabilizing and strengthening here!

Join Pvolve Here for a Free Trial

Healthy Moving

Jen Hoffman is the warm, kind soul behind this restorative movement website. As a Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and Registered Yoga Teacher, Jen offers a whole range of a la carte video bundles, as well as an all inclusive Coaching Package.

I first heard of Jen when I was having hip and back pain, and then found her again when I was dealing with tech neck! She has a la carte video bundles for both of those issues, and many more.

I love how she also incorporates mindset work and helps put you in a positive frame of mind about your body. This can really make a difference when you are battling with back pain, shoulder pain or any injury.

Check out the Healthy Moving Coaching Program and A La Carte Video Bundles Here

Find Your Trainer

Find Your Trainer is a website that matches certified personal trainers with clients looking for trainers. The cool thing about it is that you can specify you want a trainer who specializes in injury prevention. Then you book sessions online and meet the trainer at home, the office, outdoors or where ever you'd like to workout.

Try their Find Your Trainer Match Tool Here Use the promo code GETFYT for $50 off your first package.

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4 Perfect Workout Programs for Injury Prevention and Recovery #exercise #workout #fitness #physicaltherapy #injury


Are you Injury Prone? What have you done for workouts after injuries? Or have you found exercises for injury prevention? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

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