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20+ Perfect Beginner Workout Videos – Low Impact, Easy to Follow

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Today I am sharing some awesome beginner workout videos for anyone getting started with exercise. I've got options for low impact walking, dancing, strength, seated workout routines and more. This post also includes affiliate links to referral partners that I love.

Watching a Beginner Workout Video, 20+ Options

Whether it has been a while since you exercised, you are recovering from injury or this is your first venture into fitness, preview any that look interesting to you. You can always hit stop and try a different one.

The first time I started working out, I had no idea where to start.

I felt clumsy, uncomfortable and insecure. The clothes were different, the equipment was new and I didn't know how to DO anything.

Can you relate?

That is why I LOVE exercising at home.

  • It is private.
  • I can go at my own pace.
  • I can wear whatever I feel comfortable in.
  • I can google if I need to learn how to use equipment or do an exercise.

These days workout apps and online workout videos make it easier than ever before to workout at home.

The beauty of beginner workouts is that they usually involve gentle movement.

I've been learning more about the stress that intense workouts can have on your body. (I learned a lot from this video all about the stress hormone called Cortisol.)

It turns out that gentle movement is the way to go for health, happiness and longevity.

Speaking of health- these videos are for educational purposes only, to let you know some great resources for beginner workouts. This is not medical advice, and you should definitely check with your doctor, physical therapist or other professional to make sure these workouts are appropriate for you.

Types of Workouts

In this article you will find exercise videos and links to workout programs in the following categories:

  • Walking Workouts
  • Seated Workouts & Limited Mobility Workouts
  • Beginner Dance Workouts
  • Beginner Strength Training and Bodyweight Workout Videos
  • Beginner Level Strength Workouts
  • Beginner Yoga & Gentle Movement Videos

Tips for Starting a New Exercise Routine

Keep in mind these quick tips before starting a new video series, or workout routine:

  • Go at your own pace. If the instructor changes movements, it is ok if you just walk, or move in your own way if that movement isn't right for you today.
  • Preview the video. If you workout along with the video the first time, give yourself permission to pause to watch, and know that next time you will be more familiar with the movements.
  • Check your space. Workout in a space with enough room so you don't bump into furniture, lamps, etc.
  • Use the pause button. If you need to pause, take a pause. Technology is wonderful!
  • Fill up your water. Keep it close by so you can grab a sip any time you need it.
  • Plan for rest days. Once you begin exercising, it is important to plan days where you do not workout. These days are important for your body, and should not be viewed as failing or slacking.
  • Set reasonable fitness goals. Many of us are conditioned to think a certain exercise program or certain list of foods will fix us, and we will achieve weight loss. But the truth is, you are learning to give your body healthy movement. It should not end when you hit your goal weight, this is for life and longevity! Your fitness goals should be to show up for yourself each week, not to see a certain number on the scale. This week, set a goal to show up for yourself more than you did last week. And when you are ready, build on that habit.

Okay! Let's check out some workout videos below!

Basic Cardio and Walking Workouts for Beginners

Walking is a gentle, easy, free- and you can do it whenever you have spare time. If you are mobility impaired, you can still move along with these videos. Or there are other options, such as floor pedals and arm bikes.

You can do walking workouts inside, on a treadmill or outdoors. If you have never considered doing a walking workout- or going for a walk- inside your house, it can seem strange at first.

But, again, you are in the privacy of your own home. So isn't it worth feeling a little strange at first, if it means you can add some more movement to your day?! You can do this!

If you are new to walking for exercise, check out this quick video with Walking Tips from Two Physical Therapists. I watch their videos any time I have weird pains and they really help.

If you like any of these videos, check out their YouTube Channel for more similar videos.

Leslie Sansone is one of many fitness professionals who offer a wide range of walking workouts. While Leslie keeps her feet moving at a quick pace most of the time, these are great because everyone can take it at his or her own pace.

Check out this 5 Minute Walk. She gives a short talk about the benefits of walking, and does add in some extra movements like gentle side steps. If these don't feel good to you, stick to walking at your own pace.


You could start with once a day, or fit it in a couple times when you have a chance. Studies show that you don't need to do your exercise all at once to see the health benefits.

More awesome walking workouts check out:

  • Get Healthy U 10 Minute Beginner Walking Workout – Chris Freytag has a really pleasant, approachable attitude. She encourages you to go at your own pace. If you want to make it a little more active she gives you ways to do it, but always reminds you to stay with your capabilities.
  • Yes2Next 10 Minute Walking Exercise for Beginners and Seniors – I love that this instructor does exercises with her 80 year old mother. The description under the video has links to warm up and cool down videos too.
  • Get Fit With Rick 10 Minute Workout – Rick has an amazing energy and attitude. I love that his videos have a little preview if he is going to switch to a side to side step, or something other than a basic walking step. It makes me feel like I can keep up without being confused. He has different music themes too, like rock, disco, 80's. Sure makes it fun!
  • Up To the BEat Fitness Beginner 5 minute Dance & Walk Workout is a great 5 minute video that is kind of a bit more dancing than walking. If you ever see dance cardio classes and think they look fun, this is a great beginner step to work towards those dance workout videos. As always, you can walk during any movements that don't feel right today.

Note: Like anyone who does any job, these folks deserve to be compensated. YouTube fitness instructors support themselves with ad money. So yes, most YouTube fitness videos have ads. For an ad-free experience you will be better off with a fitness app, DVD or maybe OnDemand videos from your cable TV provider.

RELATED: Ready to walk? Come join me over on 99Walks, it is a community & easy to use app, where you can get started walking and be rewarded when you hit the walking goal you set! (Pro tip, using My 99Walks link with the code LM245 for the best deal available.)


Seated Workouts and Limited Mobility Exercise Videos

Seated workouts seem like they would be easy but you can get quite a great workout without standing! Note that some seated workouts are for upper body only, while others can involve leg movements as well.

Donovan Green Fitness has TONS of chair workouts on his channel with a bonus dose of a really positive, motivational personality. Many of his videos incorporate leg movements while you are seated. His awesome Chair Workouts Website has a great filter feature where you can sort the workouts by time, level, etc.


More Options for Limited Mobility Chair Workouts

  • Lucy Windham-Read's 10 Minute Seated Cardio Workout – Lucy does 10 exercises, each for one minute. She has a countdown clock and a preview of each exercise so you know what is coming. It does have some knee lifts, but do what works for you.
  • Bob and Brad's 7 Minute Good Morning Seated Exercises – I mentioned these two physical therapists above, they have a lot of really helpful videos about common pains and injuries, but they also have some chair exercise routines. These are more for mobility and stretching than cardiovascular exercise. As a bonus, they crack me up.
  • Bodylastics 10 Minute Seated Workout is part of a series of workouts for people with limited mobility or who are obese. I love the positive attitude of the guest in the video, as well as the super inspiring comments of people who have been using the series.
  • Powered to Move is another channel to watch for limited mobility options. If you doubt your abilities, or think you can't work out, make sure you check out the Powered to Move Mission Video.

Beginner Dance & Cardio Workouts

You don't have to be a broadway dancer to work up a sweat to good music. Honestly I love to put on my favorite music and just move however I feel like moving. But I also enjoy a nice, easy-to-follow routine. Give these short dance videos a try.

I usually try the same one, once a week for a few weeks and I can always feel my improvement as I get more familiar. If you are hard on yourself when you make mistakes, try watching the video once or twice first before joining in so you know what to expect. Go easy on yourself and have fun with the music.

I dare anyone to watch a Marina Fitness video without a smile on your face and pep in your step. These no jumping, apartment-friendly dance videos are so fun to follow along with.


More Fun Dance Exercise Videos:

Beginner Level Strength Workout Videos

I have to tell you, of all the beginner workouts I've watched, the hardest type to find is beginner strength training videos.

Most of the ones marked beginner had complex moves, or extreme ranges of motion, which just seemed beyond beginner level. And that is just plain ANNOYING. I did my best to share ones that are either aimed at true beginners, or can be modified for various ability levels.

Holly Honjo is on a weight loss journey herself, and when she couldn't find workouts that fit her starting point, she started making her own. Check out her Easy on the Knees Workout Playlist, amongst others. They are low-impact and apartment friendly if you have downstairs neighbors.

This 6 minute HIIT workout will be a cardio workout as well as muscle building, with punches and sumo squats. You can modify the movements to your level.


Other Beginner Strength Building Workouts

  • The Body Coach TV's Ultimate Beginner Workout. Read the comments, this one is the real deal. I loved seeing the people say this is the first workout they could complete.
  • BoyFit By Amy's 10 Minute Seated Resistance Band Workout is a great option for upper body strength. I love using resistance bands because you can adjust how hard you work by changing where you hold the band, as she shows in the video.
  • Funk Roberts Beginner Workouts for 40+ is a short workout, with no equipment. You will be doing each movement for 30 seconds, with a 30 second break in between. He provides options for very beginner movements (push ups on knees, and stepping back versus full lunges, etc) so it is nice to be able to work at your own level.
  • Bob & Brad's 10 Resistance Band Exercises for Beginners is another video from 2 helpful physical therapists. I appreciate that they show really good form and I feel good following them knowing I won't re-injure myself. This is a video showing you the exercises with good form, more than one to follow along. You can pause the video to do a set of the exercises. They talk about equipment at the beginning- the exercises start at about the 3 minute mark.

Beginner Yoga Workouts and Other Gentle Movement Videos

As I mentioned before, some of the countries with the longest lifespan are known for committing to gentle movements rather than intense, hard physical workouts. Yoga, Tai Chi and other gentle movements are great for getting your body moving without spiking your stress hormones.

I learned this from the folks behind the DOSE App, which includes all kinds of gentle movement videos as well as a playful spirit that will make you smile. I highly recommend their app, you can get started with their Happiness Blueprint Quiz. I love the way this community commits to intentional happiness, in spirit and in movement. Click here for a Free Trial of the DOSE App. If you like the types of movement in this section, I think you will love this app.

Yoga is often associated with thin, flexible bodies. For me it can be intimidating to go to a class, which is why I love being able to view videos at home.

Anyone you ask for recommendations will probably send you to Yoga with Adriene, who has a huge following on YouTube. Check out her quick talk about how to get started with yoga. I love her humble, approachable personality.


The video she discusses is 20 minutes long, but slow paced to give you time to get comfortable and not be rushed. Check it out at Yoga for Complete Beginners.

Wondering more about gentle movement types? Click here to learn the Difference between Yoga and Pilates and check out this video to learn the Difference Between Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

More Gentle Movement Videos to Try:

Okay, which of these Beginner Workout Videos are you going to try first? Am I missing your favorite? Let's hear it in the comments below!

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