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8 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Step Count by 25%

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Today I'm sharing some surefire ways to increase your step count by 25%. Because let's face it. It's almost the new year and we all need to bump up our Fitbit step count! Just FYI- Affiliate links are used in this post.

Increase Your Step Count with These 8 Tips

If you are reading this in December or January then chances are you are at your heaviest weight of the year. The lastest weight loss research shows that around the world, people weigh the least right before the holidays, and the most they will weigh right after the holidays.

What that means is that we gain weight during the holiday season and then spend most of the year trying to lose it.

But guess what? You are not alone. I'm right there with you, my friend! It starts with those tiny “fun size” candy bars at Halloween and speeds right through Thanksgiving dinner, to the seemingly endless chain of food-filled holiday parties. Phew! Damage done! But now what?!

As the holidays wind down, we start thinking about our goals for the coming year, setting resolutions, wondering if we will accomplish them.

If you're thinking what I'm thinking- that we need to get this under control- then it is time for a plan.

Let's start the year off right so it doesn't take us all year to lose that weight. (Then we will be all ready for an October Weight Resolution!)

First thing's first. Let's get active. NOW.

I know it might be cold where you live, I know it feels great to snuggle in and be cozy, but there are ways you can be active in the winter. I'm not even going to tell you to snow shoe. Although I really want to try snow shoeing…

Let's get down to business. You've got your Fitbit or other tracker. (Or if you don't you can check out the Ultimate Fitbit Buyer's Guide.) You're all set to rock out, right? Not quite? Need some more motivation? Okay let's go!

Got a fitbit get this book to help you reach your goals!  

Surefire Ways to Increase Your Step Count

1.Know Your Starting Point. If you just pop on a Fitbit and think you're good to go, you're making a crucial weight loss mistake. Taking a good look at your current stats is a MUST.


2. Set a Specific Goal. Much like driving, you won't get anywhere if you don't know exactly where you're going. Check out some tips for weight related goal setting. It can't just be “lose weight” or “walk more.” Since I am using my Fitbit to help with my fitness goals I'm choosing to aim to increase my average daily step count by 25%.


3. Set a Deadline. One of the tips from the MAYO Clinic, and one you hear any time you talk about goal setting, is that you have to know WHEN you want to achieve your goal. I'm aiming for Valentine's Day.


4. Make a Plan. Research shows that the more you plan for your goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. If you are a paper planner sort or person, you should check out these awesome fitness planners. Either way- if you change nothing, nothing will change!


5. Know Your Distances. I'm not saying learn to judge how far a mile is, what I mean is, if you know how many steps it takes to get to your most frequent destinations, then you'll always have the tools you need to reach your step goal. If you are leaving work and you are 1500 steps below where you normally are at that time, it would help to know that you could make up the gap by taking a couple laps around your office, perhaps. Here is a handy Free Step Count Printable where you can record your step count for your most frequent walks.


6. Put Some Money On It. Wait, what? While it makes complete sense that wagering on weight loss goals is great motivation, there is actually research to support it. If that sounds like your kind of motivations, I'm starting a Step Count Challenge on January 9th, come join me! January 2017 Healthy Wager Step Goal Challenge.


7. Find a Friend or Community. Strength in numbers, they always say, and it's really no different with exercise goals. Whether you are part of the Healthy Wager Challenge Group, a Facebook Fitbit User's Group, a local Meetup.com group or a small group of friends from work, research shows that you are more likely to meet your goals when you share them with friends.


8. Ask People Who Have Already Done it. Do you know someone who recently accomplished a goal similar to yours? Give them a call, ask them to go for a walk, chat them up to learn their secrets. I wondered what my Fitbit audience could teach me about hitting my step goal, so I asked. Hundreds of Fitbit Fanatics took my Fitbit User's Survey and I compiled their most common tips. If your goal is to take more steps this year, check out 15+ Tips to Hit Your Step Goal From Fitbit Fanatics.

8 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Step Count - Get that Fitbit Count Up Starting Today!

There you have it- 8 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Step Count. What am I missing? What is your best advice? Let's hear it in the comments below!

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  1. I start a virtual challenge within Fitbit. I have also joined Walladoo which will calculate your steps over a week and give you a daily steps goal for cards for points. You can enter points derbies or step derbies. Winners of derby place first second and third however up to 6 in a derby. Points value of cards vary, also can get all or nothing card (meet goal or no points) or unlimited card get 1 point per however many designated steps and points unlimited for day. Derby is for 8 days. Even without entering derby will use points to level up. Can earn badges for many things such as meeting step goal for 7, 14 21 days meeting goal on day you usually walk less get a Rebel badge finish steps before 9 am noon or 3 pm there is a badge. I had 5800 steps before 9 am because I had 3 pm badge but wanted early morning one. Steps goal increase over weeks. However have a bad week and steps goal will adjust over prior 7 days. Also can get bade the for walking double or triple or just 1.5 steps goal for day. Get points for competing card days together called streak bonus. I can’t say enough about how motivated I have become with it even with a current knee injury I have went from lucky to get 2000 a day to 6000 a day last week to aiming for 8-1000 this week and wanting to be competitive with those who walk up to 25000 some days. Also look up Fitbit badges available to earn (daily and lifetime are motivation) I got one other day was lifetime walking badge I wasn’t expecting so I was inspired again. Walladoo also tells you what your personal best is… I’m seeking to beat it today and need additional 5000 above that to win new Fitbit daily walking boot so I gotta get stepping hope this helps someone.

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