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Fairy Wands and Toadstools

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 Cute Fairy Wands and Toadstools Craft for Kids by Lalymom

I'm back with yet another way to use pouch caps…this time it is Fairy Wands and Toadstools! I told you I was obsessed. When we did our guest post for Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails we made this fun Pouch Cap prince and princess wand set. They have really turned into so much more around our house.

When I first made them, my daughter breathlessly exclaimed, “Wow….my very own princess and prince, I love them sooo much!” So I took that as a very high compliment…but also as a sign that we could use these in educational- but fun- ways.

Fine Motor Practice

Fine Motor Skills with Princess Wands by Lalymom

We started by giving the princess a haircut, which Ladybug loved doing and asked to do multiple times again. Then we got out glitter glue and decorated their crowns and bodies. The glitter glue comes right off afterwards, without even trying. Twirling the princesses to make their hair flutter is a lot of fun- and it gives Ladybug a good little hand workout!

Fairy Wand Time!

Fairy Wand Craft for Kids from Lalymom

Recently a blog that I enjoy called Nurture Store had a whole week dedicated to fairies. There were so many fun ideas and it inspired me to make some Fairy Wands using the same technique. I used a foam butterfly for the wings. Otherwise it used the same materials: a Milkshake straw, a Baby food pouch cap, construction paper for the hair, sharpies to draw on the face. Here is how to make it into a fairy!

Start by marking the length of the butterfly's body on the straw. Lay the straw on a stable surface, perhaps a cutting board to be safe. With a sharp pointed knife or exacto knife CAREFULLY cut a slit only in the side where you want the wings, from one mark to the other, with maybe a little extra wiggle room. Don't let the knife poke through the other side. Fold the butterfly in half down the body. Use one hand to open the slit in the straw and insert the tail of the butterfly. Slide it down to the bottom of the slit. Do the same thing with the butterfly's head, sliding it to the top. It should stay pretty well but feel free to hot glue if you want to be sure.

Next cut or shred the construction paper into long thin strands. Stand them on top of each other and fan them out, with the strands crossing each other about an inch from one end (this will make the long hair and the bangs). Fold the hair over the end of the milkshake straw where they are crossed together, then use the straw to push the paper into the hole in the cap. Again, the paper held pretty well but hot glue will make sure it stays well. If you think you will be doing lots of haircuts…maybe you want to avoid the hot glue so you can replace the hair.

Next draw on the face and decorate if you like. Yay, Fairy wand!

Toadstools Too!

DIY Pouch Cap Toadstools from Lalymom

What fairy garden would be complete without toadstools? Simply trim some milkshake straws to the length you want the stems. Pump hot glue into the hole of the pouch cap and insert the straw. I used puffy paint for the white spots. Done! Now go find a spot to make your fairy garden!

I hope you enjoyed this Fairy Wand and Toadstools Craft and be sure to check out the other ways we've used these caps! Why not pin it for later or share on your favorite site? Do you have any fun ways to use these colorful pieces of plastic? I'd love to hear about it!

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