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Why Most New Years Resolution Weight Loss Plans FAIL

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If you are on the hunt for a New Years Resolution Weight Loss Plan, read this first! Be SURE the weight loss plan is not missing the biggest success factor! Strangely almost every diet and exercise plan out there overlooks this key aspect of weight loss, which is why we all gain weight back when we are done! Referral affiliate links to products I love are used in this post.

Why New Year Resolutions to Lose Weight often fail

We do it every year…well *I* used to do it.

I would plow through all the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving meals and Christmas treats, full speed ahead- right into the next size jeans.

Whether you celebrate these or other holidays, the cycle is the same. Research shows that, around the world, whatever holidays we celebrate, people weigh their lowest RIGHT before the holidays. We gain weight every year around the holidays, and then spend the rest of the year trying to lose it.

With New Year's Resolutions once again looming right around the corner, it is time to shine a light on all the ways we try to lose weight.

Doing a little bit of research, the following ways are common solutions people are looking for to lose weight:

  • Weight loss pills
  • Weight loss shakes
  • Weight loss teas
  • Weight loss detoxes
  • Weight loss diets

But here is the thing about all those “solutions.” They DON'T fix your bad habits longterm.

As I've said before in my Noom review, if you binge eat, you can binge eat low carb foods.

If you stress eat, you can stress eat no-point foods.

And if you stop your bad habits for a while to use shakes, pills, teas or a detox, those habits will be waiting for you when you are done.

What Is Missing From Most New Years Resolution Weight Loss Plans?

Why Most New Years Resolution Weight Loss Plans Fail (and the one thing you need to break the cycle!)

The missing piece of all these new years resolutions is fixing your bad habits. 

Think about it- rather than go through the same cycle year after year, wouldn't it be better to just FIX those bad habits and bust OUT of the cycle?!

That is where Noom comes in.

(You might be wondering if I work for Noom, but I do not. I paid for the program myself, finished the whole program, had a great experience, lost my weight and then cancelled my membership. I DO however, proudly share my Noom Affiliate Referral Link, and you'll get a refer-a-friend link of your own if you join Noom and want to refer friends and family. If my review helps you make your decision I would love it if you joined through my referral link. I even offer my Noom Cheat Sheets as a Thank You!)

Noom Weight Loss Coach is a perfect choice for your New Years Resolution Weight Loss Plan.

It's a handy app that takes a few minutes a day to log your food, check in with your coach and read a few blurbs, as part of their behavior modification program. “Behavior Modification” is code for “Fixing Bad Habits.”

  • If you can send a text, you can easily check in with your coach.
  • If you can scroll through facebook, you can read the bits of behavior modification info each day.
  • If you've ever logged your food before, it's just as easy here. (If you haven't it's a pretty quick and easy thing to do.)

Noom Coach App is Perfect for your New Years Resolutions #loseweight


The beauty of the program is that you take a look at each bad habit over the course of several weeks. You read about it, think about your own life and then make a plan to fix that habit. One by one, you break bad habits and make new ones.

Then you cancel. It's not meant to be a lifetime membership.

Noom makes it easy to arm yourself for every situation. It gives you the mental tools to make better decisions no matter where you are, or what food is available.

If you're ready to start the last New Years Resolution you'll ever need, join Noom today. It all starts with their free 30 second quiz to select your custom program:

New Years Resolutions with Noom Weight Loss Coach Quiz

Are You Starting a New Years Resolution Weight Loss Program? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

Why Most New years Resolution Weight Loss Plans ultimately fail, and how to break the endless cycle. #weightloss #loseweight


Why do most New Years resolutions about weight loss fail?

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