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2020 Update! 10+ AWESOME Weight Loss Apps That Offer a Free Trial

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Whether you are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle or just looking for quick weight loss, nowadays there's always an app for that! Let's take a look at some popular fitness and weight loss apps that offer a free trial. I love trying new fitness and nutrition apps, and these are some of my favorites. So much so that I am sharing them with my recommended referral and affiliate links.

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There are so many weight loss programs out there, and more and more of them are taking a technological turn to utilize smart phone apps. Fitness apps, diet apps, weight loss apps. There is something for everyone out there.

It makes complete sense- most of us are on our phone many times throughout the day, or we at least have it handy when we need it.

Studies show that the most successful weight loss programs are the ones that are convenient, so what better way to meld with daily life than to show up right there on your home screen?!

Tips for Choosing and Using a Weight Loss App

10+ Awesome Weight Loss Apps That you can try with free trials #weightloss #fitness #diet #exercise #app

Top tips for getting the most from your weight loss and fitness apps:

  1. Like any app offering a free trial, each one has specific terms and requirements. Make sure to pay attention to the terms of the free trial.
  2. Regardless which of the apps below you decide to try, my best advice is to treat it like you're not going to quit. Do not give yourself an easy out. It's great to have a free trial, but don't use it as an excuse to give up when the trial is over. Commit to yourself, right here, right now!
  3. Start by thinking about what changes you want to make. Want to focus on eating better? Then choose a diet app. Want to start with working out? Grab an exercise app. Ready for a full lifestyle change? Pick an app that addresses both all in one app.

Okay now check out the apps in the categories below to find out one that will get you motivated!

The Best Weight Loss Apps That Offer a Free Trial

I've broken down the apps below into three categories:

  • Apps that focus on Diet
  • Apps that focus on Exercise
  • Apps that Offer Both Food and Exercise Guidance

Diet Apps With a Trial Period

The Best Diet Apps with Free Trials

These apps focus more on nutrition than exercise.

Noom Weight Loss App – (Pictured Above) This app pairs a lot of the standard weight loss app features (food logging, barcode scanner, daily calorie tracking, weight logging, etc) with unique features like a trained one-on-one coach, a bad-habit-busting daily mini course and a personalized calorie plan. You pick what you eat, but the app helps you make better choices and develop better lifelong habits. It basically is the answer to “I lost weight on X Diet and then went back to my old ways and gained it all back.”  (Read my full Noom Review to see why it is so different.) I found the premium version to be worth every cent.

PlateJoy(Free trial has since expired with no follow up offer) Perfect for anyone trying to eat healthy, PlateJoy is a highly customizable meal planning app gives you meal plans with your goals and dietary needs in mind. The cool thing is that is can also include other people, like maybe a spouse who is not trying to lose weight, as well as children. For example, it can be customized for specialty diets like Low carb, Paleo, IBS, Vegan, pregnant, Kosher and many others. I was amazed at all the info included in the Get to Know You quiz. You can even tell it that you don't like certain ingredients, like cilantro. Because. Ew. They also just started a partnership with Instacart, which means they could deliver your groceries straight off the shopping list generated by PlateJoy.

Nutriversity – (Not pictured) This is another nifty program. Basically, you choose the type of diet you want to follow, how many people you're cooking for, and the app scales and recommends recipes based on your exact stats and goals. It will also generate grocery lists and allow you to add a family member to manage meal planning together.


Fitness Apps with a Free Trial

These apps focus on exercise and workouts more than diet. Each one will get you heart rate pumping with tons of physical activity to help you with your weight loss goal.

BRAND NEW! FYT DuoPerfect for customized, one-on-one workouts from an actual trainer.  The Find Your Trainer company actually made an app that let's you connect directly with a personal trainer virtually. You have a video chat with your trainer and then he or she will customize a workout program for you based on your current fitness level, life and goals. She tracks your workouts through the app as well. I just got started with this app, and I am loving it. I found a trainer who can help me avoid that bulging disc and should issue and set a workout routine that works within my busy family life. To check out the trainers, take the Find Your Trainer Quiz. You enter your zip code to get started but if you want to use the app you will select that option in the quiz.

Aaptiv – (Pictured above and Below) Aaptiv is an awesome fitness app that has tons of pre-loaded workouts right on your phone. You can select individual audio workouts like HIIT, upper body strength training, boxing or yoga. But they also have programs you can follow like a maternity plan, beginner 5K training, the SELF 28 Day Challenge and even a Marathon training program you can follow. You can follow your favorite trainers or choose workouts based on the music type and intensity.

OpenFit – This is another newcomer that I love. It includes options for a basic meal plan, but I already had my meals set when I was doing OpenFit and I was there for the workouts. The classes are live and the energy level puts a huge smile on my face.  You can follow them on any device. I started with walking workouts, which you can do outside or on a treadmill. There is a running chat for the class and you can hear the instructor and she pops on and off video. I'm sure a more involved workout would have more video. In the walking workout the instructor had little photo prompts, like find holiday decorations, or find something red. It really made the workout fun and the time flew by! I seriously had a smile on my face the whole time. Try out OpenFit today.

Auro – This app kind of feels like a Peleton or Orange Theory Workout because you can link your Apple Watch or Garmin so your heart rate and EPOC are monitored. You can use this as an audio only, or there are video examples of the exercises if you like to see how to do it. You also have the option of linking it to Spotify to use your own music, cool! Start your Auro Trial here

Les Mills On Demand – Classic fitness, in the palm of your hand. I have always loved Body Pump classes and I love the ability to access so many Les Mills classes on their on Demand app. They have over 800 workouts for all levels as well as a supportive Facebook community.

Beach Body on Demand – You see the commercials all the time, but did you know you don't need to buy the DVDs one at a time? You can join BBOD and get access to all the more popular Beach Body titles. It includes meal plans, fitness guides, workout calendars and access to top workout plans like 21 Day Fix®, PiYo®, CORE DE FORCE™, CIZE®,  22 Minute Hard Corps®, and Country Heat™.


The Best Fitness Apps to Try with a free trial - Try out these top premium apps for free to get your workout on! #exercise #fitness #weightloss #app

Total Lifestyle Weight Loss Apps

These apps offer both diet and exercise guidance.

LadyBoss Lifestyle – (Pictured Below and is the Bottom Left Picture in the Collage) An epic, one-stop-shop weight loss app & lifestyle program, Ladyboss gives you daily meal plans, daily exercise routines (for the gym or at home), a mega-supportive Facebook community and much more. One of the most motivating factors about it is hearing from the inspirational founder who was once 65 pounds overweight herself. She turned her life around and got so serious about health and fitness that she became a Bestselling Weight Loss Author, Celebrity Trainer, & IFBB Fitness Pro World Record Holder who has helped millions. (Full LadyBoss Review)

Jillian Michaels– Get tracking tools, tons of recipes and meal plans plus in-app workout videos from the Queen of Lean herself. It's no wonder this weight loss app won Best of 2017 awards on both the Apple app store and Google Play Store.

8Fit – 8Fit is a great weight loss app for beginners allowing users to start with short workouts to get your body used to working out, without jumping right into a one hour gym class or something. The workouts progress though, so even more advanced users will find great workouts here. The free trial includes habit tracking and access to tons of video workouts on your phone. The meal plan is part of the paid version. Step tracking is included but syncs with your phone's health app rather than your wearables.

10+ Awesome Weight Loss Apps that Offer a Free Trial - Try out these top premium diet and exercise apps, whether you need help meal planning or getting in a workout! #weightloss #diet #exercise #fitness #app

Have I missed your favorite weight loss apps? Let's hear your favorite diet app or workout app in the comments below to help other readers!

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