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2019 Update – LadyBoss Review – Is Kaelin Tuell’s Weight Loss Program Worth It?

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Inside: In this LadyBoss Review, get the scoop on Kaelin Tuell’s Ladyboss Lifestyle Weight Loss Program and find out if the Ladyboss Lifestyle delivers results. I do not work for Ladyboss but I do share my partner referral affiliate links in this post. If my review helps you decide to take action, I'd love to have you do so through my links.

2018 LadyBoss Review - Can you lose weight

The weight loss roller coaster seems to take us on constant twists and turns, ups and downs.

And no wonder. There is so much information out there, it’s really hard to cut through the noise, find what really works and then stick to it.

I tackled some tough eating habits over the past year and was ready to find something to help me dive in and take things to the next level.

I knew I wanted something that I could use on my smart phone so I started researching. (See the results: 10+ Awesome Weight Loss Apps That Offer Free Trials)

I'll be honest, Ladyboss wasn’t on my radar at all. I actually had Kaelin Tuell’s book on my Motivational Fitness Books Wishlist but didn’t realize she had a whole weight loss program and weight loss app

But as I researched, I was wondering, “What is LadyBoss Weight Loss?” and “What is the Ladyboss Challenge?”

Well I learned that LadyBoss weight loss is a weight loss program created by Kaelin Tuell. It features an handy app, full of workouts, meal plans and tons of other helpful resources. But it is actually SO much more. It is an uplifting community and a program to help get your mindset in a positive state.

Let's dive into a review of LadyBoss.

Ladyboss Review: What Does LadyBoss Lifestyle Include?

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When I saw everything included in LadyBoss I jumped right in. It had everything I was looking for:

  • LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer web app
  • Tons of workouts I could access on my phone (for home and the gym) that include videos demonstrating each move (these are updated regularly)
  • Daily meal plans with recipe videos on each meal page (also updated every week)
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • A quick daily checklist to review your goals and progress
  • Eating out order recommendation for tons of restaurants
  • An incredibly supportive Facebook community
  • Motivational video and email messages to help you determine YOUR motivation if factors and use them to push yourself to get results
  • I also added her audiobook with the add on deal at the end when I went to check out. I listen to it regularly just to give my motivation an extra boost. It's one of the most honest, and pump-you-up motivational books I've ever read or listened too. (It's on my list of Top 15 Motivational Books and Podcasts to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle!)


Honestly…writing out the features of this program sound so standard- so similar to what's already out there. But I can’t even begin to describe what this community and program is all about. It was just way more motivating than I expected.

It's starts with guidance that cuts through all the noise and tells you exactly what to do. Every day. Write out your goals, eat this, do this workout. Check, check, check.

But a lot of programs offer that.

LadyBoss is like if you take the best, standard aspects of some of the other best apps out there, put them all in one app, and add a whole element of learning that you're doing this because you love yourself and you deserve it.

If you've ever read any books about goal setting, gratitude or maybe even manifesting, that is the kind of focused, motivational aspect this program has. Not just jumping jacks, but digging deep down to uncover the reasons why you owe yourself the time and effort to DO the jumping jacks.

And once you find THAT. Oh my. It is like ROCKET FUEL.

THEN you see other members’ posts and transformation pictures each day, and the support of every member of the Facebook group.

There is something about seeing results of real people, who are just like me, and what they have accomplished. It shows me what I’m capable of if I just follow the daily program.

And there is something about reading all the “sparkle,” or supportive comments in the Facebook community that just gets louder and louder in my brain, shutting out my own doubt, talking over those inner voices that used to tell me I couldn't.

Anyone else giving too much attention to those negative inner voices?! Imagine how you would feel if you were constantly seeing messages of support instead of hearing, “you can't, you tried before, just give up.”

For me, it makes me excited to get up and workout. It makes me okay with being uncomfortable in my workouts, because I know that that is how I'll see results. It makes me want to pick those healthier foods.

That is REAL motivation.

Now, one note: LadyBoss does also offer their own line of LadyBoss Labs weight loss supplements. I have not tried them yet so I cannot cover them in this review. If you join the LadyBoss Facebook Community, which is included with any of the LB plans and products (even the free 7 day trial, I think!) you can certainly search through previous comments for thoughts from people who have tried them.

The last thing to know is that this program provides tons and tons of free resources on top of the paid programs. I am in awe of the immense value that they provide. Here is a sneak peak of the free resources available:

Always Adding New Challenges and Programs to Keep You Motivated

I have been following Kaelin now for a while and what is most impressive is that she is always sharing new Challenges, Events, and Resources to help keep everyone in her community motivated.

For example, one of the most popular ways people get started with Ladyboss is to try the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day $1 Weight Loss Challenge. It is a great introduction to the program and to the incredibly supportive community. T

he other new program that I am super excited about is the Ladyboss Booty Bootcamp. 


A lot of people ask, “Can You really lose weight on LadyBoss?”

Kaelin Tuell's LadyBoss Weight Loss App - Is the super popular diet and fitness app worth it?

Yes!!! And you gain self confidence as well as friendships. Here is just a tiny snapshot of the incredibly inspiring community that pushes me to keep at it every day: (Shared with permission by these amazing LadyBosses)

Ladyboss Weight Loss Transformation

:O EPIC! I'm loving this!

Can you lose weight on Ladyboss?

SO awesome!!

Needless to say, I've been in love with what this program offers. The LadyBoss program is easy to follow and SO motivational for every aspect of my life. That is NOT to say the workouts are easy. But then again, taking the easy way out was what contributed to gaining weight in the first place. Change nothing, and nothing changes!

Let's hear your LadyBoss Review in the comments, perhaps your story will inspire others!

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  1. My name is Debra & I’ve been with LadyBoss since March of 2017. I am so happy that LB has changed my life by giving me back my confidence and self love that I didn’t even know I had lost. I am 52 years old & I have lost & kept off 25 pounds & an overall of 20 inches, which is exactly what I was looking to accomplish when I became a lifetime member. I feel very proud to be a part of the LB community & cannot wait to see what the future holds for me as I continue on my journey living the LadyBoss lifestyle. I highly recommend this program for any type of self help every single woman out there needs at some time & point in their life.

  2. What an interesting review! I have lost 100 pounds and kept it off for years, so I try to stay in-the-know about weight loss programs, but this one is new to me. I will certainly be checking it out more.

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