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[2019 UPDATE] Earn Money With Fitbit Rewards Programs

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Today I am talking all about how to use your fitbit or other step tracker to earn cash and prizes. That's right get paid to walk with your fitbit! It's all about a Fitbit Hack called Fitbit Rewards programs! Affiliate links are included in this post.

How to Earn cash and prizes with Fitbit Rewards Programs.

Everyone who's everyone seems to have a step tracker these days, whether it is a Fitbit, an Apple Watch or another brand.

If you read Fitbit Hack #7 then you know your Fitbit can actually earn you cash or prizes. Yep you can get paid for walking with a fitbit.

If you need more than just a daily challenge to keep getting those steps, I've got you covered.

But back up for just a second. If you are rocking your Fitbit, I want to get something straight.

I’m here to show you how to earn cash and prizes using your fitness tracker, but before I share it, you absolutely MUST know a few things…

A lot of people are making a huge mistake! I want to make sure you aren’t one of them!

You're here looking for fitness motivation and I’m bound and determined to help you succeed.

As part of my ongoing desire to maintain a healthy weight I jumped into using my Fitbit Flex. I was using it for about a year when I was invited to my first Workweek Hustle Challenge. That is when I finally started using it consistently.

Even then, though, I was hitting my step goal but NOT my weight loss goal. I was totally doing it WRONG! Don’t be like me! Let’s fix this before it starts!

Step One: Are you brand new to Fitbit? If you are, head over to Fitbit 101 to get you started.

Back already!? Awesome! Did you know all that stuff about your Fitbit?! We are not done yet, friends!

Step Two: Make sure you are NOT making the Number One Fitbit Weight Loss Mistake. You could have all the motivation in the world, but if you’re making this mistake it will do you NO good!

Okay so what is the verdict? Were you one of the thousands of people making that mistake?! Well I hope we avoided that!

Let's Get on with the Rewards!

Earn Money with FItbit Rewards

Fitbit Rewards Programs

Okay now that we got you all set up and on the right track for step tracker success, let's get to everyone's favorite Fitbit Hack, earning rewards!

There are several places out there to sign up to earn cash or prizes. Some require a wager, and some are just pure rewards. Let's go through each one.

As a note- these fitbit rewards programs are current as of February 2017. There are several out there that no longer exist or have stopped providing rewards. A couple of those are FitStudio and Nexercise. Just confirm the reward structure for any that you sign up for.

1. Jolt.ai is a newcomer on the scene. It's a super cool, motivational chat-bot that keeps you working towards your goals. If you use Facebook Messenger, then you can do this program, and get REAL rewards, like amazon gift cards, a new fitbit, and tons of cool stuff. It is actually super engaging and has a great sense of humor, employing a lot of GIFs, which I love. You can even tell it to call you by a silly name, like maybe SparklyBoo. Not that *I* did that…but one could…. (insert shifty eyes). TO start just click this handy dandy Get Started with Jolt.ai to earn fitbit rewards link.

2. Healthy Wage is a website that allows you to place a wager on increasing your step count. The way it works is you join a challenge, either as a team or an individual, everyone puts money in the pot, the pot grows and grows. Healthy Wager syncs with your Fitbit or Jawbone and compiles your average daily step count for the previous 30 days. It calculates an increase of 25% above that step count and that is your daily goal. Everyone who increases their step count by 25% splits the pot. Sweet right?! Their main challenges are weight loss related but they have Fitbit step count challenges too. 

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3. DietBet, which, like Healthy Wage is a weight loss challenge program that also offers step count challenges.

[CLOSED] 3. Pact (also known as GymPact) is a pretty slick program. It is similar in concept to the two above except that it's on a short term basis. If you want to workout or hit your step goal say, 5 days a week, you make a pact to either hit your step goal 5 days that week or pay a small amount of cash. (You decide how much.) If you log 10,000 steps on a day it counts towards your pact. Keep your promise, hit your goal and you split the pot of all the users who didn't make their goal that week. If you don't keep your promise well, your $5 goes into the pot for those who did.

So, do you see a pattern here?

These types of Fitbit rewards programs focus on Loss Aversion Motivation. Basically, super fascinating research shows that people are more motivated by the potential of losing something that by the potential of gaining it. This research is brought to you by the founder of #4:

4. Vitality is a program that only works through employers and insurance companies. But the motivation is pretty sweet. Employees at participating companies are given an Apple Watch (although I have heard they also partner with fitbit). If the employee meets certain fitness goals (workouts or step counts) it reduces the amount the employee pays for it. So if you hit all your goals, it reduces it to $0! In other words if you do exactly what the device is intended to get you to do (hit your step goal) then you get it for free. They also have a Wheel of Rewards that can be used to earn additional rewards like amazon gift cards. I was bummed to learn that I couldn't sign up for this since I am self employed but I felt it was worth mentioning in case it encourages people to talk to their HR department. Can't hurt! Their website even talks about how it benefits companies: “Companies that invest in employee health outperform their peers.” Now go tell your boss! Virgin Pulse is another employer led health rewards program. 

5. My Achievement literally rewards you for being active. “We pay you $10 for every 10,000 points you earn. Earn up to 80 points per day for each type of tracked activity (biking, walking, running, swimming and other forms of exercise) you do. Earn up to 6 points per day for the social activities you do, like posting healthy activities on your favorite social media sites or logging your meals.” This one is pretty automatic. Just sync your fitness tracker or health app, and it runs in the background.

[CLOSED] 6. Runister seems to be the only other fitbit rewards program besides Achievement that literally converts activity to cash but this one seems to be geared towards running specifically. I just started using this app and well, I'm writing rather than running at the moment, so I will have to report back on how it pays out but there is no pay in required.

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7. Use IFTT to link Fitbit With Qapital. This one is a little different from the rest, so stay with me:

Okay so, IFTT is a service that helps you to link one app to another. You can take almost any well known app really, linking them in a cause-and-effect mode. So for example when you set up this IFTT recipe linking facebook and dropbox, IF someone tags you in a photo on facebook THEN Dropbox will save the photo for you. There are a million ways to use IFTT, and there are tons of recipes for Fitbit.

Now. About Qapital. So, Qapital is a savings tool that allows you to trigger small money transfers from your checking to your savings account to save up money over time. So with this Fitbit Qapital recipe, every time you hit your fitbit goal, it transfers a set amount to savings or something like that. You can tinker with the settings but it would be a great way to aim for a big goal that you are having trouble reaching.

[CLOSED] 8. Leap4Life is program that syncs to many step tracker brands and as your earn points you can redeem them for gift cards. You can earn points for your daily activity as well as attending events and other activities.

9. Walgreens Rewards allows you to sync your fitbit device to earn rewards on your account. (you can use other trackers as well or connect your MyFitnessPal account). You need a Balance Rewards account first, if you don't already have one. Then login and head to their Apps & Devices page. I kept looking for fitbit on the Apps tab but they are under Devices. The charge 2 wasn't listed, so i just picked one of the other fitbits and clicked Get it, then there is a button to Connect. It works the same for other devices and apps.

10. Bounts is a UK Based Rewards company. You can use it anywhere but the rewards are mainly usable in the UK. You can sync just about any of the major step trackers to your account and earn points for hitting 7000 steps or more in a day, as well as checking in at your gym. Points are used to earn discounts in their partner store. They also have a really cool feature called Sugar Rush for UK users who do their grocery shopping at Tesco. You can upload your receipt and get a nutritional analysis of what you bought. NEAT. If you sign up for this one, use the code lauramarschel47596 and we both get a bonus 100 points.

11. Dick's Sporting Goods offers Scorecard Bonus points for reaching your step goal if you sync your Fitbit, Move, or MyFitnessPal app. You can earn ScoreCard points through your fitness activity level reported using the MOVE fitness tracker function on the DICK’S Sporting Goods Mobile App. If you reach at least 10,000 steps or 3 miles in any calendar day on your tracker, you will earn 3 points. Earn a $10 Reward every time you earn 300 points. To sign up, install the app, then register in the app. Once you're signed in on the app, Select MOVE from the pulldown menu and sync your device from there.

12. Employer human resources departments and health insurance companies are adding in rewards for syncing your devices too. Humana's GO365 and UnitedHealthcare Motion are two notable big name programs to look into. Call a representative to see if yours is one of them, and if your device is supported.

13. AARP Rewards you for linking your fitness tracker with travel rewards and other bonuses.

14. Higi is a free service that tracks your progress and rewards you for activities. You can get points for fitbit and other tracker steps, as well as checking in at Higi health monitoring stations, located at select grocery stores and other locations. These can be used to earn discounts on partner products.

[CLOSED] 15. Wellcoin, the world’s first health currency. Earn Wellcoins for all your healthy choices, big and small. You earn currency for all sorts of stuff and redeem it on things like Amazon gift cards and other fun prizes. It's a pretty cool set up!

16. Goodcoin is currently an invite only system and was having website issues when I went to grab links. I'll update as soon as I can get on.

17. Everymove no longer includes an award marketplace but you can link it to your insurance provider who may provide incentives.

SHEESH! Fitbit rewards programs come and go quickly these days. I just updated some that closed and I'm going to add any new ones I find below. 

18. Sweatcoin – Convert your steps into cryptocurrency! Woah, cool concept!

19. Gigwalk – Walkers sign up with gigwalk and can pick gigs to walk to. It's usually something like “make sure the brawny paper towel display was set up at walgreens” or something like that. You can see how much you'd get paid to make the walk. Neat concept.

Earn money using Fitbit Reward Programs - Huge list of ways to use fitbit and other step trackers to earn money!

Am I missing your favorite Fitbit Rewards Programs? Let's hear about it in the comments!

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