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This Fitbit Wine Calculator Tells You How Much Wine You’ve Earned

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You guys know how much of a Fitbit fanatic I am, right? Well I have to tell you about this hilarious twist of fate that I found out about just in time. This Fitbit Wine Calculator actually tells you how much wine you've earned based on your activity each day! LOL! I KNOW (Turns out there is a fitbit beer calculator too!) You might be reading this on April first but it is NO JOKE. It really exists. Tell your fitbit friends. If you need to know which fitbits this works on, I've added my partner shopping links in this post for easy shopping.

See how to get this Fitbit wine calculator that tells you how much wine you earned. Find out if it works on your fitbit and how to set it up.

I was scrolling through the internet and saw someone mention their fitbit wine calculator app, and I thought, that has to be an April Fool's Day joke (like my post on 21 Epic Ways to Cheat Your Fitbit).

Sure enough I went into my fitbit app and found there are actually several wine themed fitbit watch faces. And beer ones too!

Full color, interactive clock faces like these usually are designed for the higher end fitbit models. The wine clock face in the picture that actually calculated how much wine you have earned will work MY FAVORITE FITBIT, as well as the best fitbit for athletes, the Ionic, as well as this more affordable fitbit model, the Versa Lite and the older model, the original fitbit Versa which is a great all around lifestyle fitbit.

There are Several Fitbit Wine Watch Faces – Which One is the fitbit wine calculator?

So there are several wine themed watch faces available in the Clocks section of your fitbit app. Most of them have pictures of wine, or a drawing of a wine glass. They are mostly static and unchanging.

The one with the funny twist of calculating how much wine you've earned is called Vino by Jason Olsen. You can choose white, red or rosé for your preferred wine, and I read a tidbit on Jason's support website that his wife challenged him to create it. Cheers to you both!

OMG. You Guys. I just checked out his other fitbit clocks. He also has a fitbit beer calculating watch face! It's called Hops! Turns out he has some really cool ones, being a former triathlete, I love the triathlon clock he has too. Man. Clock face jackpot!

Right now this watch face is free, wheras many developers charge for clock faces these days. Jason has an optional, pay how much you'd like link at the bottom. I def pitched in. It's probably the most clever use of a fitbit I've ever seen. And I know a bit about Fitbit Hacks!

Jason does state that this is for entertainment purposes only, and he encourages you to drink responsibly. So do I! 

I have to tell you, right now, I really need some fun ways to encourage me to get more movement in my day, and this is just the thing.

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See how to get this Fitbit beer calculator that tells you how much beer you earned. Find out if it works on your fitbit and how to set it up.

Other Fitbit Clock Options

If wine or beer is not your thing, there are also fitbit faces that turn your steps into games (check out “Goal & Watch” or “summit”), motivational pictures and sayings- and you should check out “Clean Cues” for hand washing reminders!

How to Install the Fitbit Wine Clock Face or beer watch face

Here is how to install the fitbit wine clock face, or any fitbit clock face:

  • With your fitbit nearby and charged, open up the fitbit app on your phone.
  • Tap your accoutn icon in the top left corner
  • Tap the device you want to install it on (Versa 2, Ionic, etc)
  • Tap Clock Faces
  • Tap All Clocks at the top
  • Scroll through the clock faces, or tap the magnifying glass at the top to search for the one you want (e.g. Vino for the wine one, Hops for the beer on or general terms like Game, etc)
  • Find the one you want, tap on it
  • Tap the Select button
  • Keep your fitbit near your phone until the status bar shows it has finished.
  • Remember to contribute to the designer. I get nothing for telling you about this, I just think it's genius and paying the person who designed it is a good thing to do. 🙂

Voila, you are are set! Share this with your favorite fitbit friends!

Fitbit wine calculator, find out if it works on your fitbit and how to set it up.

What is your favorite fitbit clock face? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

Fitbit wine calculator, find out if it works on your fitbit and how to set it up. (1)

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