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Want to Lose Weight Fast- or Lose Weight for Good?

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Today I am talking about the difference between wanting to lose weight fast versus losing weight for good. Do you know the difference? I finally do. This article is on a topic that is important to my own heart and I am grateful that my Noom Weight Loss App Review caught Noom's attention because they are partnering with me to bring you this post. All opinions are mine. I am also sharing my affiliate links in this post.

Lose weight quick or lose weight smart Which is better

Lately I have been sharing about my roller-coaster journey of weight gains and weight loss with my readers. (If you are not a member of my Free Motivational & Accountability Newsletter, that is where I share the whole story.)

The most amazing thing has happened with that newsletter: People are actually writing BACK to me. Telling me their stories. Sharing about their own ups, downs, peaks, valleys, plateaus- and about all the life events that have been tied to them.

I see several similarities running through all of our stories but one in particular really stands out.

Everyone is trying to lose weight fast.

What stands out is that we are ALL trying to lose weight quickly. Everyone is trying diet after diet. Product after product. Exercise after exercise.

And everyone who reported success at losing weight quickly saw their weight creep back on when they quit the short term solution they were trying.

If this sounds familiar, please hear me: You are NOT alone.

I know how frustrating it can be to have success on a diet plan or exercise routine, and then life catches up with you, you get out of the habit, and then you see the results of your efforts slipping away.

After reading through so many of my reader's emails, and after having the same experiences in my own life I can finally see why none of us are having long term success.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight for Good?

It's because, by following one set of rules on a diet, none of us are fixing our daily eating habits.

Think about it:

  • You can still stress eat on low carb diets or while logging zero point foods.
  • You can come home and binge on lots of calories after daily cardio or resistance training.
  • Social plans can derail your plans to eat a meal replacement bar or smoothie.
  • You can log your calories for that low calorie intake for months but then what?

What happens AFTER!?

After you stop. What do you do then?

What if that plan never taught you how to cope with stress without using food. Or you never learned how to go out on the town and stick to your healthy eating choices. Or you go back to ordering take out all the time. Or the holidays come and you never made a plan for all those holiday parties?

If you are looking for easy ways to lose weight, then you are not going to find something that provides long term results and real health benefits. You are not going to find something that helps you when the diet ends.

It's time to look at our daily habits that have contributed to the weight gain in the first place!

What if you could? What if you could really learn how to live a healthy life on a daily basis instead of jumping from fad diet to fad diet? I think you can.

You may have seen ads for Noom lately, and I know that it was the top most searched weight loss plan on Google last year. So that may make it sound like a fad. But people are not looking up Noom reviews because it is a fad. It's because it's there's finally a program that targets our long term behavior.

Learning to Lose Weight For Good

Want to Lose Weight Fast- or Lose Weight for Good_

Even after I took my quiz to get my customized program, and after getting started on Noom, I was skeptical. I tried so many things before. The first few pounds I lost on Noom, I still remember thinking “oh it's just water weight, we will see.”

But then I really committed to the program. And to myself, more importantly.

The app provides you with little lessons each day (about the size of a social media post on facebook or instagram, nothing long). The lessons target one aspect of life each week. You learn about why something is an obstacle, then think about it in your own like, then you make a plan to deal with it in your own life.

  • Stress Eating
  • Boredom Eating
  • Social Eating
  • Eating to Feel Full
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure and Unsupportive Loved Ones
  • Making Goals and Sticking to Them

There were a lot more topics, but those are the lessons that reallllly stuck with me and helped me to create better lifelong habits.

These were the topics that, when reading through them, a huge light bulb went on each time I read the little lesson tidbit.

I couldn't believe how much these things were contributing to all that body fat!

I thought I needed to burn more calories, so I'd just get more fitbit steps.

I thought I needed to eat certain foods so my body was burning fat.

I thought I needed to eat at certain times of the day to even out my blood sugar.

Turns out what I really needed was to turn my attention inside. To examine the things I was eating every single day, to look at the way I made my choices.

Because THAT never ends. Right?

Better Eating Choices for Life

No matter the diet or exercise plan we choose to follow, we will be faced with millions of choices over the course of our life. The choice between a healthier food or a less healthy food. The choice to be sedentary or move our body. The choice to order an extra drink or just stick with water.

Our need to make choices will never end. So we might as well learn to make choices in a way that helps us rather than hurts us.

That really is what it comes down to when you compare the countless “lose weight fast” programs with Noom.

Noom gives you control over every single choice you make. And that is what leads to losing weight for good.

Ready to check it out? Take their 30 second quiz to get your customized plan.

Have you tried every Lose Weight Fast Program out there? Let's hear about it in the comments.



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