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Noom Coach VS. Weight Watchers for Long Term Results

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Inside: We will compare Noom vs. Weight Watchers to see if this new weight loss app is a solid alternative to weight watchers.

Referral and affiliate links to products that I believe in are included in this post.

Is Noom Coach a Good Weight Watchers alternative for Long Term Weight Loss

With the sheer number of weight loss programs available today, it's hard to find one that stands out. When you finally find one with the key component missing from every other program out there…. Well. You have to take notice.

Where I live the weather is just turning to that crisp fall feeling. As we plow, full steam ahead into the holiday season, I found myself faced once again with a classic internal dilemma.

How- HOW- am I going to get through this endless season of candy, turkey, pies, candy canes and cheese plates without gaining weight!?

In fact at this point I am past that. I need to find a way to somehow navigate the candy bowls and social functions of the season and actually LOSE weight this year.

The reason for this is that if I gain one more pound, I would be the heaviest I'd ever been. Yikes. Even with all the walking and exercise I get, my eating is all out of whack.

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, knowing that it's now or never? That's where I am.

I have a few friends who have had amazing success with Weight Watchers and I know it has a long history of delivering results.

I was on the fence myself and actually went as far as looking up the closest meeting.

But I thought I'd take a look at the weight loss program playing field to see if there were any newcomers that I may have missed.

There are so many plans that focus solely on certain foods, like Whole30 and Paleo Diet. The 21 Day Fix sounded interesting because portion control would be helpful for me.

But there was something that all these other plans neglected to address that I really. really. REALLY need help with.


So I was seriously ecstatic reading about Noom Weight Loss App as a relative new-comer in the weight loss program space. I was wowed by the success stories of people like Emily and  Ariel.

I seriously shed tears of relief reading about this program. It is SO what I was looking for. I feel so grateful to have found it.

Not only does it address the food and exercise aspect of being healthy but… they KNOW. They know allllll the things I'm going through.

The constant battles in my head.

Have you ever had thoughts like these:

  • “I'll just eat a light lunch today.” #winning. Later: “I ate a light lunch today so now I can swan dive into a bag of shredded cheese while I make dinner for the kids! Calories are calories!” #losing
  • Or when we come in from a long afternoon of shuttling the kids around and all of a sudden, Mom-Hulk rages through the pantry and smashes all the food into her mouth.
  • Or at the rare girls night out when every ELSE is letting loose so I unleash my inner Cookie Monster and eat ALL the calories.
  • Or when I tell my kids, “Okay, two pieces of Halloween candy today, and that is all.” And then when they run off, I squirrel through their bags to store some chocolate in my cheeks for the winter.
  • Or I'll just have a light snack while I watch this movie…oops did I just eat the whole bag?!

You guys. Whatever YOUR thing is, they totally know. And it's awesome. Because they use psychology to help you learn to deal with your thing. For good.

The saying goes, “Change nothing and nothing will change.”

Are you ready to tackle your thoughts, and learn how to treat yourself better? Are you ready to make a change?

Are you ready to have control again? 

(You might be wondering if I work for Noom, but I do not. I paid for the program myself, finished the whole program, had a great experience, lost my weight and then cancelled my membership. I DO however, proudly share my Noom Affiliate Referral Link, and you'll get a refer-a-friend link of your own if you join Noom and want to refer friends and family. If my review helps you make your decision I would love it if you joined through my referral link. I even offer my Noom Cheat Sheets as a Thank You!)

Noom Versus Weight Watchers

The first time I actually clicked through and read about Noom Coach was because of a post on Facebook.

It said something like, “You're not on MySpace anymore, so why would you use Weight Watchers?” Which made me chuckle but also piqued my interest.

I reached out to the folks at Noom Coach to ask what the differences were between their program and Weight Watchers, and to learn more about the people behind it. Here's our little back and forth when I asked about Noom vs. WW, in case you are interested:

I heard about you on a Facebook ad that compared Weight Watchers to myspace, and Noom as Facebook. Can you tell me the differences between Noom and WW?

There's a few different aspects of the Noom program that we think really sets it apart from the more traditional weight loss products out there:

1. Psychological, behavior-based focus.  Weight watchers (and virtually all the other diets out there) puts food and activity front and center. Those are important elements, to be sure, but our experience has been that long-lasting behavior change comes from going much deeper, into the psychological factors driving your food and activity choices. The content that we've crafted in our program – written completely in-house – covers a huge range of psych topics – triggers, barriers, goal setting, storm eating, social and emotional settings, etc.

An example of our commitment to putting behavior and psychology front and center: a key member of our team is our Chief of Psychology, Dr. Andreas Michaelides, a PhD and published clinical psychologist with over 10 years of behavior change experience. He leads our coaching team and is deeply involved in setting the direction for our programs.

2. Change your behavior, move on.  That leads to the second big difference – participants in our program learn how to outsmart their own impulses, which means they're learning skills that will stick with them after they stop using Noom. That's reflected in our product and pricing – our most popular plans are set courses that last a certain number of months, with the idea that you'll incorporate these improvements into your life in a sustainable way and won't need Noom for life.

Compare this to the WW approach – their weight loss philosophy is grounded in their point system, so many users lose the weight and then either gain it back, or have to be on WW for the rest of their lives. (We know, because this is what many of our users who used to do WW told us!).

3. Coaching approach.  WW has recently added coaching to their offering, but their coaches are ex-WW users who have had success. That can definitely be helpful, but often the challenges you face in your weight loss journey are your own. Just hearing how someone else tackled their problems may not help you understand your own. That's why we make sure our coaches can meet users where they are, by understanding their long-term dreams, their particular situation, and what goals work best for them. Our coaching team includes but are not limited to RDs, Exercise Physiologists, Social Workers, Certified Personal Trainers. 

4. Calorie Density.  Finally, we have a different food philosophy than many other companies. Ours is based on the science of calorie density – the idea that certain foods, while the same number of calories, can actually fill you up more effectively due to their makeup, fiber content, water density, and so on. This takes both the quantity (calories) and quality of food into account. That's the cornerstone of our color system, too – even “red” foods are expected to make up a significant (25%) of your daily caloric intake. Based on this philosophy, we tell participants that no food is ever truly off limits, which makes it possible for them to make incremental changes that lasts for life.

When I first joined I was paired with a Coach Concierge. What does that mean?

A Coach Concierge is there to welcome you to the program, answer any very basic questions you might have and get you assigned to the right group, group coach, and goal specialist (see the next question).

Since our coaches are actual real people, they can't be around 24/7 – but at the same time, people sign up for our program around the clock. We often see a lot of signups on Sunday evenings, for instance, as people get excited to try something new as the week starts. To make sure we can welcome them immediately, we have Coach Concierges available at all times.

What are the other kinds of coaches that help in Noom Weight Loss Coach?

The two other main types of coaches are:

1. Group Coach – as part of the program, you get introduced to some likeminded group-mates that are also starting the program. The group serves as a place to bounce around ideas and provide emotional support. The groups are managed by a Group Coach, who guides the conversation, answer questions, and provide feedback on the decisions and discussions that come up.

2. Goal Specialist – a big part of the Noom program is setting specific, actionable, personal goals and achieving them, week after week. The goal specialist is the coach you work with to set these goals, review how they're going, and check in on progress.

Together all these elements – Group Coach, Goal Specialist, group mates, and concierge coach – form a sort of “Noom Team” that each participant gets at the start of the course.

What kinds of requirements or backgrounds do your coaches have? I saw in the customized course quiz that your team of experts are trained professionals, but what does that mean?

The coaching philosophy at Noom is focused on long-term behavior change related to a variety of modifiable lifestyle habits. Therefore our coaching team is comprised of a variety of degreed professionals positioned to guide individuals along their journey to improved and sustainable well-being. These professionals include but are not limited to RDs, Exercise Physiologists, Social Workers, Certified Personal Trainers.

All Noom coaches complete an ICHWC-approved internal training program to ensure their alignment with our coaching philosophy. In addition, coaches participate in a series of ongoing trainings to enhance their application of knowledge and keep them up-to-date on current standards.

Finally, what would you say to the person who has tried everything out there to lose weight. Why is Noom Coach different?

Psychology!  Our behavior-based focus is really the single biggest differentiating factor. We know that a lot of people feel like they've tried everything before and it hasn't worked. We actually built the theme of the first week of the program around “Why this time is different”, and highlighted some of the psychological drivers of food decision making and thinking.

Here's one example: on day 3, we talk about “thought distortions” – ways that our minds make it harder to think rationally about food – and ways to combat them. And there are many, many more topics like that throughout the course.

Thank you to the team at Noom Weight Loss Coach for taking the time to answer my questions!

Noom Results

For me, I didn't have time to second guess myself. I considered the 14 day free trial but if I didn't go all in, pay for it and get started, I knew I'd flake out on the trial and go back to my bad habits. And. Gulp. I'd gain that one pound. 

I jumped in. I didn't look back. I knew I needed this to work- and so I made it work.

I've been using Noom Weight Loss Coach for a almost 2 weeks and have lost 2 pounds. UPDATE: I've finished my first 16 weeks session of Noom and successfully lost one pound per week, and some of my groupmates have lost 2-3 pounds per week. I known my results are not as impressive as Ariel but 16 pounds was my goal, so I'm thrilled to have reached it.

AND. You guys I even reached my goal DURING the holidays.

The annual bonanza of my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all came and went. I didn't starve myself. I celebrated. But…rather than celebrating with food EVERY day from September to January, I learned to control myself day to day, and plan to have holiday foods on those special days. Having my favorite dessert on Christmas wasn't failure, as it felt every year before. It was planned for, expected, enjoyed- and totally fine.

Now it's the new year and I'm continuing with these habits in order to keep losing weight.

I also realized that I'm regaining something that I'd lost for a while. Something that is imminently important, and which will help me in my hardest times: self confidence.

Reading though the short bits of info about why certain pitfalls happen, or hearing similar experiences from my group members reminds me that I'm not alone, and is giving me the tools to change my bad habits.

Because I realized something in talking to others about weight loss. Everyone knows “technically” what you need to do to lose weight. Eat less and exercise more.

But if it was as simple as just knowing the technical side of things, we'd all be thin.

Those of us that have tried other diets and eating programs or want to make a total lifestyle change…we need the mental tools to deal with the emotional side of eating.

That is what I'm getting with Noom Coach.

I you are serious about losing weight, committing to yourself and creating a healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend checking it out.

Ready to check it out? Take their quick quiz, it's the first step.

Also if you're going to join, feel free to grab a copy of the 7 page Noom Prinables pack that I made for myself!

Lose Weight for Good with Noom, try it free!

Weight Watchers Vs. Noom Weight Loss Coach - Is Noom Coach a Good Alternative What's the difference between these two lifestyle programs

What do you think? Is Noom Coach the Weight Loss Program for you?

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  1. Hello! I am wondering how Noom was for you since you were only 2 weeks in when this article was published and also, were you paid to write this by Noom or affiliates? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for this. I just signed up, ironically on Sunday night, just like your post said a lot of people do. After 2 full days I thought I’d look for reviews online and found yours. I hope I have the success like you did. I can tell already how they customize it to each person, rather than assume we’re all motivated the same way. I’m not a fan of counting calories but I’m going to give it a go. Just like you, changing habits is what I need!

  3. What made you sign up to the app? Just wondering as I’m struggling to choose a programme that I think will benefit me, I don’t really feel like any of them will work for me long term. What are the ages of the people on the groups?

    1. Got your questions. I think at the time I just stumbled on it and knew I needed to commit to SOMEthing right away. It really was luck to have found it in my case.

      I can’t say if it’s right for everyone, but having gone through it, the focus on changing bad habits was where it is different from other programs. Like if you binge eat, and decide to go low carb, you could binge eat on low carb foods too. If you stress eat, you can stress eat on any diet. So I guess I like that Noom helped me with my bad habits in any scenario. Not just when I had specific food at home. It taught me how to make better decisions at the grocery store, restaurants, holiday parties and on lazy weekend days with my family. In fact I don’t think I explained that very well in my Noom review because i was still working through it when I wrote it. I should go back and talk more about that aspect.

      Anyhow, I hope that helped you make a decision. I mean Noom isn’t for someone who needs strict meal plans to follow, you choose your own foods, but if you’re open to making your own choices i think it is a great plan.

      I don’t recall learning the exact ages of my group mates. A lot of the women who have left comments on my 2018 Noom review post (well the ones who mention their ages) are 40 and older but not everyone mentioned their age. Sorry I don’t have more info on that aspect.

      Either way have a good weekend!

  4. Thanks for this excellent review. I joined up two days ago (crazy I know 2 days before the New Year)! I had just read a negative review so needed to hear something positive. I will give it a go …. wish me luck!

  5. I just signed up for the free trial. I am so inspired about all I have heard. Looking forward to the journey.

  6. User of Noom,3 weeks.
    I like the variety of foods one can pick and nothing off limits while you need to focus on portions. There are positives and negatives to the coaching. My 1:1 is okay,just okay. Doesn’t fully understand my whole picture. While one can take input as excuses, then there is reality to life. I am about to drop my 1:1 and ask for someone else. She said she would check in every Tuesday but it seems a bit lax. When explaining a difficulty out if my control (two weeks of those I work with with the flu and upper resp issues-some to the hospital Serious situation, and I was really run down but thankfully didn’t get the flu) the reaction was off. I am back on track and the focus is with more energy. The lack of not being in person has a downfall. While I explained I have been able to do Boot camp style work outs and working to get back there, trying to paint the picture of abilities vs. the sofa queen. Enough said about that. The group coach is a bit off too. You make it what you want it to be and the more feedback you provide the better. The messages can be inspiring and ask for your feedback or can be IN ALL CAPS and say things may change and the group may merge….what the #%*^! We all just got started .
    For a pro, it is quick to log the foods and it helps to get feedback on a good food choice. Different than any other program I have been on. I personally like the Susan Somers diet but realized now I was eating way too much if the “red” foods that are listed in this program. This Noom is a way to look at foods differently, probably why I am not losing as fast as I would like. With more fruits and veggies my skin is looking better. I have more energy. I am not eating red meats as much as I had been or olive oil. I am half/half at this point. It is an adjustment, sort of fun, and there are areas that could be improved.

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