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Apron Marathon!

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Well I am super proud of completing every one of the aprons I wanted to give as Christmas gifts! The day before one x-mas get together I actually completed 7 aprons in less than 7 hours! Of course I had cut and pressed all my fabric the night before, but still. Yay for aprons! (You can click on them for a bigger picture.)
I had planned to center everything around this great apple/pear fabric and had a solid fabric to go on the back side of each apron making it sort of reversible but on a whim I used this great twill floral print on the backs of all of the little girls' aprons and I'm glad I did! A couple of them wore them for the rest of the afternoon like they were dresses! You can see in the bottom picture the “Family aprons” with the reversible girls aprons in pink, the mom's in light blue and the dad's in brown. Oh yeah and there's my first potholder thingy. I quilted the fabric and everything! (Insert “Beaming with Pride” face here!) I also gave three of the little girls an assortment of cookie cutters tied together with a ribbon and then to mom and dad I gave a Family Cookbook full of recipes that everyone could help with. Having just learned to sew about a year ago, I can't believe how much fun it can be! Can't wait to make more!

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