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Baby Sundresses!

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I am really loving this new Oliver + S Tea Party Sundress Pattern! I do have to admit, I've made 3 in total and I started out with the real pattern and then slowly made each subsequent dress less and less complex, but still, it's so fun! The colors don't show very well in the pictures…the pink is more pink and the lavender is more lavender but you get the idea. I still have to hem dress number 3 but I actually extended the lining of that one and made it reversible with buttons on both sides. Yay! Of the two that are finished, the pink went to my new niece Faith and the lavender went to the aforementioned “Baby Hicks,” who we now know as Katelin. 😀 I had the pleasure of meeting them both in the span of one week and what beautiful babies they both are! Well it sure has been fun sewing for all these babies! I hope to do more soon! Here are some more pictures. Supposedly you can click the pic for a larger view but I was having some trouble with the links when I posted it. Clearly they are not perfect but if they were they wouldn't have been made by me! 😀 They were made with love nonetheless!

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  1. Oh my goodness Laura, you are SEW talented! Those baby dresses are beyond precious. Do you sell them? I would be very interested in one for Lucy 🙂 Your work is beautiful!


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