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Valentine’s Day Alphabet Games

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Welcome back to another Read and Play Blog hop hosted by the Pleasantest Thing! This month's Book Activities for kids are fun Valentine's Day Alphabet Games!

Valentine's Day Alphabet Games on Lalymom

Today we set up some super fun games to go along with a cute little book that we received as a gift. It started as just one game but then because we have both a toddler and a preschooler in our house, we found a few different ways to play!

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We started by reading the super cute board book, Where is Baby's Valentine? Of course we have had it for a while since it was a gift from a previous Valentine's Day, but the kids both like reading the Karen Katz Lift the Flap Books we have from time to time even though they are for younger bubs.

This book is just as fun as the others, leading baby through a little scavenger hunt to find a Valentine.

We took that idea and made it a little bit more challenging for the toddler and preschool level but you could really adapt this for younger babies or older kids too.

Valentine's Day Alphabet Games


Where is Baby's Valentine?

Heart Shaped Post-It Notes


Basic Prep & Game

You or your child writes a letter on each post-it note, all the way through the alphabet. As you go, stick the post-its all around the house. Your child can then go on an alphabet scavenger hunt! Ideally your child would look for them in order, skipping over those that come later in the alphabet. Your child would grab the letter and place it on the wall in alphabetical order and then move onto the next letter.

Game Variations

-You hide them when your child is not in the room and then he or she finds them and puts them in order in one place on the wall.
-You hide each letter on something that starts with that letter (stick the letter A heart to an apple, B to a ball, C to the couch, etc) and your child finds them.
-You write uppercase letters on one colored heart post it notes and lowercase on the other, hiding both. Your child finds them in pairs.
-With mixed age children, the older children can write and hide the letters while younger children can find them. They can use teamwork to place them in order.
-For younger children who are still working on letter recognition start by writing the same letter on several hearts and just find those. Perhaps you can use H for heart, or you can do a different letter each day.
-You can also use this idea for numbers or math. Either write numbers out and find them in numerical order or write a math problem on one heart and the answer on another. Repeat with more math problems and hide them all.

Now, when I say hide, ours were actually all around the main floor of the house, pretty much in plain sight. You can do this all in one room for younger kids, or hide them in harder hiding spots for older kids. Valentine's Day ABC Search Game

Things did get a little desperate around here when I was trying to hide ours on matching items. Grabbed the xylophone and some other conveniently named toys. QUEEN Elsa, Olaf and Zebra. Convenient indeed!

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Alphabet Games to Play on Valentines Day - Goes great with Where is Baby's Valentine

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