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Yarn Wrap Mummies – Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Happy Friday! Thank you for joining us for another Fine Motor Friday! Today's playful fine motor skills idea comes in the form of easy Halloween Crafts for Kids!

2 Halloween Mummy Yarn Wrap Crafts for Fine Motor Skills on Lalymom - what a cute mummy!

These yarn mummy crafts are perfect for my preschooler because it works on scissor skills, bilateral coordination and….patience!

We tried the  mummy head one first and that one came out cute so I cut out the mummy body one after it, hehe I think he came out cuter!

We started with a normal medium weight white yarn and then I remember this super thick, soft nubby yarn that I had stashed away. Either kind works but it took less of the thick nubby yarn to cover it than the thin yarn.

For the paper plate, a thin plate, we found, will buckle a bit while you wrap the yarn around it so a thicker paper plate is better.

Two Super Cute Yarn Wrap Mummy Halloween Crafts for kids on Lalymom - Great for fine motor skills!

It may seem funny to have various kinds of yard given that I don't even knit! Ha! My daughter really loves to use yarn though so we always have some around the house. We have used it as doll's hair for trimming, we have crafted with it in our contact paper dresses and we love any opportunity to cut a spider's web! Heck, when we are done crafting with it, she usually spends just as much time pretending to be a cat, batting the ball of yarn around on the floor! But enough about that, on to the mummy crafts!!

Yarn Wrap Mummies - Halloween Themed Fine Motor Skills Activities on Lalymom.com - so cute!

Today's activity is just super simple and cute…and fun! Here is how to make each one. I have to apologize for so few pics this time around. We were leaving on vacation and I needed to stop taking and editing photos to go pack!! It's not brain surgery though…if *I* can do it, you can too!

Yarn Wrap Mummy Crafts

Mummy Head

We took a paper plate and started by snipping little cuts all around the plate, where there were creases in the rim. Next I folded the plate about a third of the way up which is where it stands up. We worked on scissors skills some more by cutting out some black circles for eyes and using our glue stick to glue them to the plate. Next we tucked the end of the yarn in one of the slots we had cut, and wrapped! And wrapped! And wrapped and wrapped!

Yarn Mummy Materials on Lalymom

Once we were happy with our yarn we folded the edges towards the back of the plate and stood up the plate. That's it really. Just yarn-wrapping, fine motor Halloween FUN!

Yarn Wrap Mummies from lalymom

Mummy Body

2 Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids - Yarn Wrap Mummies on Lalymom - cute and so easy!

The mummy body was even easier! I used thick cardboard for the body and freehanded the mummy body. I made a cut for the legs and handed it over! My daughter handled the googlie eyes and I showed her how to put the yarn in the legs to get it started and then she wrapped and wrapped some more! She liked snipping the yarn at then end, as usual. Easy peasy!

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