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Giant Guitar DIY Fidget Ring for Kids

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Welcome back to Fine Motor Fridays! This week I've been interested in the idea of DIY Fidget Rings!

Guitar DIY Fidget Ring for Fine Motor Development from Lalymom

“What is a fidget ring,” you ask? Well to start with a “fidget” is anything used to keep hands busy, so a fidget ring is something worn on the finger with moving parts that allows you to keep your hands busy. I first came across this idea on Pinterest, where else? I follow a lot of Occupational Therapists because they like to pin Fine Motor activities, so I tend to love their pins!

I feel like the idea of a fidget ring offers a lot of careful fine motor practice and I started looking into them. I found a terrific article on special-ism all about Fidgets, which offered loads of ideas to keep busy fingers moving.

My daughter is a thumb sucker, but she is not just a thumb sucker…she is a thumb sucker & belly button rubber. So her fingers ARE always fidgeting. I thought a fidget ring might be cool for her.

I saw this fidget ring and the movement of it reminded me of a trumpet, which I thought would be fun for pretend play- using it in a marching parade. I tried making a fidget ring that mimicked a trumpet using pouch caps and a pipe cleaner, thinking the caps on the top of your hand would be the valves that you press, and the one on the side of your hand would be the mouth piece.

It came out as shown in the picture below and my daughter totally didn't smell what I was cooking. She had no interest. It did not LOOK like a trumpet. Fine. I get it. Not literal enough. In fact, when I finished it, it didn't even look like a trumpet to me. Okay.

Trumpet DIY Fidget Ring for Fine Motor Skills from Lalymom

But I still thought it was a fun idea and given that we have upped our weekly family dance party to almost daily now that we have discovered the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (affiliate link). I still liked the musical idea.

I thought of a quick and easy way to make a little guitar to wear on your finger or hand so we went with that.

Materials for Guitar DIY Fidget Ring

Kids Guitar DIY Fidget Ring from lalymom

9 X 12 inch sheet of Craft Foam (could also try sturdy cardboard) (affiliate link)

2 to 3 inch square of sturdy cardboard or sturdy square plastic lid

3-4 hair elastics


Tutorial for Guitar DIY Fidget Ring

Tutorial for Guitar DIY FIdget Ring for Fine Motor Development from Lalymom

1. Cut a guitar shape out of the craft foam, I just googled images of guitars and cut it free hand, nothing fancy! Next cut out a 1 inch square in the middle of the guitar body.

DIY Fidget Ring for Kids Play Guitar from Lalymom

2. Wrap the hair bands around the cardboard square. Place the cardboard under the hole in the guitar. Pull the hair bands through and loop them around your finger(s). You may wish to trim the cardboard to allow more slack if it is too tight. If it is too loose, loop them around more fingers.

That's it, pretty easy. Now just turn on some sweet tunes and rock out!!

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