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Fun Fine Motor Activities Using BIG Bubble Wrap

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Fine Motor Activities Using Big Bubble Wrap from Lalymom

Welcome back to our collaborative weekly series, Fine Motor Fridays! I'm teaming up with a group of kid bloggers to bring you another set of original, playful Fine Motor Activities! This week I have 10 ways to use BIG BUBBLE WRAP for playful fine motor skills activities!

Back when I was working on my Bubble Wrap Christmas Ornament I saw this post from Reggio Children Inspired about pushing fabric scraps into big bubble wrap. The idea of filling large bubble wrap really stuck in my head. How unique and cool! I knew it would inspire something fun for us and finally this week it did! My daughter said the word “Coooool!” more than once! (Which is freakin' adorable by the way!)

We receive this large bubble wrap in packages occasionally and I save it every time because it is so appealing. The kind we have is made of long chambers of puffed plastic rather than the bubble wrap with individual bubbles. Some of the ideas below would work best with this kind of big bubble wrap and some would work with both kinds.

Fine Motor Activities Using Bubble Wrap: Window Pockets

Green Themed Bubble Wrap Window Activity from Lalymom

This is the activity in the main picture above. To prepare I cut small slits at the top of each bubble and taped the sheet of bubble wrap to the window. Since St. Patrick's Day is coming I raided the stash of clear colored plastic items that we have for our light box and found anything green. I laid them out on our dollar store plastic platter near the window and showed Miss Three how to put the items into the pockets. “Oh…cooool!” She said. So that was that, we just had a nice time taking turns putting items into the pockets, looking at each on in the sun! It took a lot of concentration to find the opening and pop each item into the bubble wrap without dropping it! Working on a vertical surface is great to change up the muscles used in such a fidgety activity!

Fine Motor Activities Using Bubble Wrap: Magnet Maze

DIY Magnet Maze for Fine Motor Skills from Lalymom

Next I dropped some colored paper clips into the bubble wrap and grabbed our magnet wands. If you've ever seen those cool Melissa & Doug Magnet Mazes, this is an easy upcycled version! This is the activity where it would really be necessary to have the channel type of bubble wrap instead of the individual bubble kind.

Miss Three worked at this activity the longest, she loved how the paper clips zipped up and our of the bubble wrap. To make this easier, have openings in each bubble, or to make it harder, cut an opening only in the very top!

Fine Motor Activities Using Bubble Wrap: Tic Tac Toe or Connect Four

Bubble Wrap Tic Tac Toe Bubble Wrap Fine Motor Activity from Lalymom

I know from our Flower Fine Motor Activities that Miss Three really likes simple “take turns” activities so we took turns trying to get three in a row of the same colored glass stone. She learned to play tic tac toe with her Grandma over the summer so this was right up her alley.

Fine Motor Activities Using Bubble Wrap: Pom Pom Press

Fine Motor Activity Using Pom Poms and Big Bubble Wrap from Lalymom

Seeing the cool results of pressing fabric into the bubble wrap I thought it would be cool to try pom poms. (We received a whole giant box in the mail from our sponsors Craft Project Ideas!) We started by counting how many we could fit into a bubble! It was neat to see her realize she could fit more small ones than large ones. Next she decided each color needed a separate bubble, so we sorted. She played some more while I made dinner and I'm pretty sure the bubbles became homes for her pom pom “pets.”

The pom poms were fun to play with because of their texture and we giggled a bit when they bounced and fell on the floor!

We have had a lot of fun using the BIG bubble wrap for Fine Motor Activities and I hope we have enough left to try out some of these other fun ideas from around the web:

Play At Home Mom has a great Toddler and Preschooler activity using Big Bubble Wrap to make a Letter & Number Pop.

Also based on Reggio Children Inspired, I love this Bubble Wrap Yarn Stuffing on Art Projects For Kids just as much as the fabric!

This post from our FMF co-host Still Playing School has several fun ways to use different bubble wraps, including light table bingo and sight word pop!

I found this cute Recycled Bubble Wrap Travel Game on Apartment Therapy, how fun!

Creative Play Central was also inspired by the Reggio Children Inspired Idea (I told you it was awesome!) and they made some awesome Bubble Wrap Mosaics and even a Bubble Wrap Dog used for story telling! Love it!

Play At Home Mom came back for more bubble wrap fun and added a super fun accessory to do a Color Pop version of the letter pop above.

Bath Activities for Kids takes to the water for some large scale art with Bubble Wrap Painting Bath.

I saw this super cool Bubble Wrap Calendar online the same day that I saw it in the movie pitch perfect. I knew this bubble wrap post was meant to be! LOL!

Last but not least is this awesome Finger Dexterity Game that I have dubbed Finger Twister from Sugar Aunts!

Next time you open a package and find a set of BIG bubble wrap, hold onto it and use it for some fun Fine Motor Activities! Have you used big bubble wrap for something fun? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Fine Motor Fridays

Fine Motor Fridays

Welcome back to another FMF where a group of super bloggers brings you a collection of playful Fine Motor Activities that work for a range of ages!

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