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20+ Adorable Lunchbox Notes for Girls

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With Back to School season looming, I am trying to get a jump start on school year organization. I'm pulling together a collection of Lunchbox Notes for girls so I am all set for my daughter. This post contains affiliate links.

20+ Lunch Box Notes for your Daughter - Print them today so you have them on hand for the school year!

My daughter is seven years old and I've found that lunch box notes covers several of her Love Languages so I try to do them often. My son doesn't bring  a lunch yet but I surely will try them out with him when he does.

While I'm on the subject of my son- NOTE: This post is about love notes for girls because I'm prepping for my daughter. If you see a set of lunchbox notes below that you like, check them out regardless of whether you have a boy, a girl, twins, a whole classroom or anything in between!

Also, if you find that you want to do something special for your kids, but don't want to add something to just toss in the garbage, cut out the notes and run them through your favorite laminator.

BOOM. Reusable lunchbox notes– you can even write on them with dry erase markers!

Here is another tip: Print them all right now and keep them in a folder next to the lunch boxes. Now you're ready for the whole year!

Parent Hack Print a whole school year's worth of lunchbox notes at once and you'll be ready for the whole year!

PSA: How to Safely Download Printables

Before we get to the craze-mazing list of awesome printable lunchbox notes, I feel I need to say something.

Virtually all of the websites below provide printables, recipes, fun ideas and other content as a means to support their families. Therefore there are ads present on most of these websites.

Now, some advertisers have become very clever and like to try to trick people into clicking their ads.

This is especially prevalent on ANY website that has the word “printable” on it. In fact, there might be an ad like this on my website right now.

While I would never really want to discourage clicking on ads…I am concerned with my fans getting what they expect when they click something on my website. Not to mention, if the advertisers were not trying to trick you, then I would not have to discourage you from clicking it.

So I'm issuing this overly dramatic warning.

If you see a large button-looking rectangle (it's usually green) that says START DOWNLOAD….before you click it, see if that tiny triangle is present to the right of it. (See the image below, I've circled it.)

If you click that, you will be downloading some company's software. NOT the printable.

Now that you know that, you can be more aware and just read through the text of the website and see where the author or company really wants you to click to get their nice, beautiful content.

printable lunchbox notes for kids - how to download safely

Lunchbox Notes for Girls (or boys!)

Okay. Phew, now that we know how to safely download printables, onto the FUN part!

Click through to each link to preview and print your own copy!

If printing and cutting your own lunch box notes is too much work, there are some ADORABLE, inexpensive Lunchbox Notes on Amazon.

DIY Candy – Trolls Lunch Box Notes

This Mama Loves – Princess Lunch Box Notes

I Heart Nap Time – Simply Cute Lunch Box Notes

Lalymom – Funny Christmas Countdown Lunchbox Notes

Busy Kids Happy Mom – Tons of Printable Lunch Box Jokes

Picklebums – Printable Love Notes for Lunch

Hands on as we Grow – Beginning Reader Lunchbox Notes

Teaching Mama – Positive Affirmation Lunch Notes

The Crafted Sparrow – Fruit Lunch Box Notes

Mama Miss – Ten Crazy Cute Lunch Box Notes

Operation 40k – Cat Lunch Box Notes

Juggling Act Mama – Owl Lunch Box Notes

Lemon Lime Adventures – Totally Rad Creepy Creatures Lunchbox Notes

Fun Happy Home – Vegetable Friends Lunch Box Notes

Capturing Joy – Circus Lunch Box Notes

The Crafty Blog Stalker – Alphabet Lunch Box Notes

One Creative Mommy – Back to School Joke Lunch Box Notes

Delicate Construction – Disney Themed Lunch Box Notes

Capturing Joy – Frozen Lunch Box Notes

Coupons Are Great – American Girl Lunch Box Notes

Simple Every Day Mom – Sweet Animal Lunch Box Notes

It's Written on the Walls – Ballerina Lunch Box Notes

Crystal and Co. – Animal Lunch Box Notes

The Party Animal – Pink Skull Lunch Box Notes

Today's Mama – Cute Memos Lunch Box Notes

WDW Prep School – Disney Trivia Lunch Box Notes

Which Lunchbox Notes are you printing?! Let's hear your favorite set in the comments below!

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