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The Best of Lalymom 2014

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As the new year begins, it is always nice to take a look back to see what went well over the past year. Today's post is just that- a look back at the best of Lalymom in 2014.

Best of Lalymom 2014


This year in the Lalymom household, our daughter turned four and our son turned two. Their relationship changed a lot this year from what it was when my son was an infant. They play together, they argue, they hug each other and steal each other's food. I think they will make it though…I THINK they will be friends. 🙂

On the blog I've grown a lot- tweaked, added, taken away, redesigned and collaborated. Hey, I even wrote a book! I'm happy with how the year went on the whole! Here are the top posts from the past year in terms of traffic- which means hopefully people like them! Haha!

Kid Hacks 
DIY Removable LEGO Wall
20 Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Toddlers
50 Cool DIY Toys for Fine Motor Skills
Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet
20 Fine Motor Skills Activities Using Clothespins
3 Christmas Activities for Kids – Jingle Bells Fun

It's not always cut and dry when you are trying to figure out where blog traffic comes from. If a “big facebook page” shares a post of yours, you may or may not ever figure out who it was. But over the past year I CAN give thanks to some of the people who I DO know have contributed to my success.

The women behind these AWESOME Blog Facebook pages each were kind enough to share my content on Facebook, which sent a lot of new faces my way. I am extremely thankful for their kindness!

(Note: I follow each one of these blogs and if you like to read about awesome kid-related content, I highly recommend that you do too! These are their Facebook Pages but they are each linked to AWESOME blogs FULL of terrific kid-related content! Check them out!)

Toddler Approved
Teach Preschool
Kids Activities Blog
Pre-K Pages
Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
Happy Hooligans
Living Montessori Now
Red Ted Art

In addition to Facebook, sometimes I traffic come directly from other blogs. This year the blogs that send the most people to Lalymom, and to whom I am equally thankful, are as follows:

Kids Activities Blog
Powerful Mothering
B-Inspired Mama
Happy Hooligans
Lemon Lime Adventures
Itsy Bitsy Fun
Gift of Curiosity
Here Come the Girls
Little Bins for Little Hands
Still Playing School

Thank you so much for helping make 2014 a fun year at Lalymom! If you have enjoyed these posts, I can't wait for you to see what's coming in 2015! Be sure to stay in touch either by subscribing by email, following on Facebook or on Pinterest!

Best Kid-Related Blog Posts of 2014

best kids blog posts of 2014

I owe so many thanks to the incredible members of the Kid Blogger Network. Through them I've gained friendship, knowledge and support in blogging that I never could have imagined. This post is part of a huge annual look back, to see the highlights of our year.

Check out the top blog posts in three categories (Crafts, Education and Parenting) from other Kid Blogger Network Blogs below! Cheers to a great year, I c





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