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20+ Daisy Girl Scout Mari Petal Ideas (Responsible for what I say and Do)

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Inside: It's always tough to plan Daisy Girl Scout meetings, so grab today's list of Mari Petal Ideas and plan your “Responsible for What I Say and Do” badge today. Whether you want crafts, activities, printables or sample meetings, it's all here! Affiliate shopping links are used in this post.

20 + Ideas for Earning the Responsible for What I Do Badge

Today we are talking about the Orange Mari Petal, which represents the Girl Scout Law point about being Responsible for What I Say and Do.

Before we get to the list, here are a couple helpful Girl Scout Leader Resources:

An Open Letter to New Girl Scout Leaders

Tips for Brand New Girl Scout Leaders

Okay on with the Mari Petal Ideas! Click through the links below to get the full tutorial or details.

Daisy Girl Scout Mari Petal Ideas

Daisy Girl Scout Responsible for What I Say and Do Petal Crafts

Flower Art Activity

Team Bags Craft – I am all for being organized. This project is great for a couple reasons. First, being organized is an incredible way to show how you're being responsible. If you put something where it's supposed to go, it won't be chaos trying to find it the next time you need it. And who can resist the fun of personalizing their own tote bag – showing them how fun being responsible for your belongings can be.

Door Hanger Chore Charts

Printables for the Daisy Girl Scout Mari Petal

Daisy Girl Scout Mari Petal Worksheet

Cookie Contract Printable – There are so many great opportunities in the Daisy Scouts to teach your troop about being responsible. One of the most popular events, cookie sales, is perfect for the Mari Petal! This free printable is a cookie contract. After talking with your troop about setting goals and being responsible for trying your best to fulfill goals, the girls take home the cookie contract where they discuss a goal with their parents. Have them returned at the next meeting.

Responsibility Cupcakes – Girl Scout Daisies Printable Activity Pack

Mari the Marigold Printable Coloring Page

More Ideas Below the Picture…

20+ Daisy Girl Scout Mari Petal Ideas

Daisy Girl Scout Responsible for What I Say and Do Petal Activities

Act Out Ways To Be Responsible Throughout The Day – Being responsible isn't something that only applies to big events or decisions. Every day we all deal with responsibilities. Brainstorm ideas with your Daisy Girl Scouts on ways they are responsible in a regular day. Then have the girls take turns acting out the different ways to be responsible. This is a great way to reinforce what being responsible looks like and shows the girls just how responsible they're already being (yay for the confidence boost!)

Responsible and Respectful Puzzle Game

Get Library Cards – A fun and educational visit to the library will teach your Daisy Scouts the importance of being responsible for other people's belongings. If you're going to borrow something from someone, they want it to be returned in the same shape. The same with sharing your stuff with other people – you want it back when the time is up. Library cards are great for building this responsibility in your troop. They can enjoy all the exciting books they want, but it's their responsibility to keep that trust by returning their books on time and in the same condition.

Practice Being Responsible

Books for the Daisy Girl Scout Responsible for What I Say and Do Petal

I Just Forgot – The Little Critter series is full of classics. I Just Forgot is no different. This cutely illustrated story shows what happens in different situations where you don't take responsibility for yourself. Ownership for what you do outweighs the old line ‘I just forgot!'

Do I Have To?: Kids Talk About Responsibility – This book is written in the style of an advice column. Kids ask questions about what they should do in certain situations and then they are answered on a level this age range will understand. You could even work in mini brainstorming sessions before reading the replies to the questions. Ask the girls what they think the answer is going to be or what they think they would do.

Dude, That's Rude!: (Get Some Manners) – Manners are something you use and take with you, your entire life. This book has comic-style illustrations and text that speaks to kids on their level without sounding condescending. It's an entertaining reminder and lesson on what are good manners and what are bad manners and how the choices we make affect those around us.

Sample Meetings for the Daisy Girl Scout Mari Petal

Obsessive Compulsive Daisy Girl Scouts Troop Leaders

All Things Girl Scouts

Troop Leader Mom

What did your troop do to earn the Daisy Girl Scout Mari Petal? Let's hear it in the comments!

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