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20+ Daisy Girl Scout Clover Petal Ideas

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Today we are sharing lots of fun ways to earn your Daisy Girl Scout Clover Petal, and ways to use resources wisely. We have ideas for crafts, activities, books and more. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.


Daisy girl scout ideas for earning Clover Petal

Our Clover Petal meeting was upon us. We were ready to use resources wisely. For our meeting we did our normal Daisy Meeting Opening and then read the Clover Petal while we had snacks, then cleaned up. For our activity, we needed nothing more than the edges left from the fleece blankets we made to earn our Zinni Petal Patch.

If you've ever worked with fleece before, you know how it has that edge with writing or where the print stops? It's like 1/2 inch wide? We had cut those off to make the blankets but I kept them, knowing we'd make good use of them.

We had plans to visit an animal shelter in the near future, so we braided the fleece strips and knotted each ends of the braids to make cat and dog toys! Braiding was a new skill for more of the girls and the fleece was actually a great material to learn braiding, versus hair which is kinda tricky.

We showed them how to knot the end, then one girl held the end while the other braided. At the end we helped them knot it or reminded them how. Done and done! Now we had a bag full of cat and dog toys at no extra cost, using only scraps from a previous project.

It felt great to show the girls an easy way to turn trash into a treasure.

Daisy Girl Scout Clover Petal Ideas

Use Resources Wisely Petal Crafts

Water Bottle Lanterns

Painted Journals made from recycled cardboard – Cardboard is such a versatile item. It's perfect for using in a Girl Scout craft project to earn the Use Resources Wisely petal. In this example, you have your troop paint on the cardboard, and once it's dry, you assemble them into journals or sketchpads for them to take home. This is a lovely Daisy Girl Scout Clover Petal idea.

Mosaic Bean and Pasta Daisy Art

DIY Sit-Upon – Sit-upons are a Girl Scout tradition. They're perfect for making with your Daisy Girl Scouts while earning the Clover petal. Use a plastic tablecloth for the outside of the sit-upon and stuff them with recycled newspapers. Not only is this good for the environment, but your troop will be making an item that will get a lot of use over their scouting career.

Printables for the Daisy Girl Scout Clover Petal

Daisy Girl Scout Clover Worksheet

Daisy Clover Petal Coloring Page

“Bee” Resource Wise – Girl Scout Daisies Printable Activities

Eco-Tips Printable Poster and Coloring Sheet

Daisy Girl Scout Use Resources Wisely Petal Activities

Learn the ‘Recycling Song' – Singing is a way of learning that kids love and take to well. This song all about recycling is sung to the run of ‘Row, Row, Row, Your Boat' – so it'll be easy to pick up!

Watch ‘All About Garbage & Recycling'

Mini Cereal Box Seed Starters – Another great way to reuse cardboard coming right up! Turn mini cereal boxes into seed starters. Your Daisies will be thrilled to be able to take home their planters.

Make Toilet Paper Roll Planters

Daisy Girl Scout ideas for earning Clover Petal

Books for the Daisy Girl Scout Use Resources Wisely Petal

The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling – By now, the girls are familiar with recycling. But they've never heard it from a plastic bottle's perspective! This story does just that. Your Daisy Girl Scouts will learn about recycling from someone with first-hand knowledge. It's a book that's silly but still educational.

The Three R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – Some authors have a real talent when it comes to putting information into words children can understand. This book is one of those situations. It's never to early to help kids learn about what kinds of actions they can practice making the environment a better place.

Sample Meetings for the Daisy Girl Scout Clover Petal

Here are ways other troops completed the requirements for the Clover Petal (click through link to read meeting plan):

Daisy Activities

Troop Leader Mom

All Things Girl Scouts

What is Your Troop Doing to Earn Your Daisy Girl Scout Clover Petal?

Share your ideas in the comments below- what a great way to be a sister to every girl scout!

20+ Ideas for Earning the Clover Petal for Daisy Girl Scouts

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