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Z is for Zipper-Stamped Zebra and Other Z Activities for Kids

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I am so excited to be participating in a terrific series from All Done Monkey called 31 Days of ABCs. This series brings you a different blogger every day in October showcasing an activity based on one letter of the alphabet. Today is our turn for the letter Z. This times out perfectly because it is almost Halloween and my 3 year old daughter's favorite animal is a Zebra. Therefore her favorite letter is Z and her Halloween costume is…you guessed it! A Zebra! So today I have 2 Z is for Zebra crafts for you and your kids. You can read the full schedule for this series and be sure to link up your ABC posts too- each letter has its own link up!

Zipper-Stamped Zebra

Z is for Zebra as we know, but Z is also for Zipper! I thought it would be cool to try stamping the stripes of a zebra with a zipper! To make the zipper stamp I took an empty Puffs container, slit a hole in the widest part (near the bottom it bowed out a bit so I did it there). I stuffed one end of a large-toothed zipper in the hole, wound the zipper around once and tucked the other end in the same place, making the zipper as tight as possible. (You can't just tape it on because the thickness of the zipper pull won't let it lay right…and I know it's just a zipper but I couldn't make myself waste it by cutting it!)

Next I took some white construction paper and drew 2 triangles on it for my daughter to practice her cutting to make the Z. (YES I did end up trimming the one in the photo, but I was really proud of how well she cut the long lines and so was she!) Next I showed her how to roll the zipper on the stamp pad and roll it on the zebra to make the stripes. When she felt that there were enough stripes she was getting a bit tired. We called it quits on that craft and I added the facial features later. Googly eye is optional! If you look closely you might see the leg warmers from her Zebra costume, which she had worn to a Halloween event earlier in the day. She was one zonked zebra making Zzz's on the couch very soon after that picture was taken!

Zebra Glue Window Clings



Did you know that you could use school glue to make your own window clings? I didn't either until recently, I had seen two different seasonal DIY Glue Window Clings, one Turkey Window Cling from Almost Unschoolers and these Easter Window Clings from BlogMeMom. I figured since I was doing a zebra it would be even easier- no color needed! Just white glue and either glitter glue or construction paper to make the stripes!

Well I'm not sure if it was the store brand white glue that we used, that our layer of glue was too thin or the fact that we didn't add any extra liquid in the form of color or dish soap (as I later noticed BlogMeMom did) but ours dried too stiff and did not stick to the windows. There. I said it.

They are super cute and all but, as I write I've got another batch drying with some dish soap mixed in! This batch is also drying on plastic zip top bags rather than wax paper. I'll add it in if it comes out better. I'm sure those of you who have made them successfully could tell me what to do to fix this! And more importantly the idea itself is good- others have done it! You can do it their way and make a zebra, just like I did. Sort of.

And the best part is, there will be some more Z activities for you to do because this is a Link up!

31 Days of ABCs

As mentioned above, this post is part of the 31 Days of ABCs series. With each blogger offering an activity for a different letter as well as a link up for that letter, this is a wonderful resource for anyone teaching letters to little ones! You can check out the full schedule and jump to any of these blogs below. You can also follow along on the 31 Days of ABCs Pinterest Board. And please be sure to add you Z posts below!

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