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Fine Motor CUT Punch PASTE Grocery Store Play for Kids

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Fine Motor Skills Grocery Store Activities for Kids from Lalymom

Here we are again to bring you some fun Fine Motor Activities for Kids on Fine Motor Friday! Today we have an activity that includes cutting practice, squeezing paper punches, pasting, sorting and lots of fun! My preschooler still enjoys playing with her toy kitchen even though we have had it for two years. Lately she loves pretending to grocery shop and then putting the groceries away in the kitchen. I love finding ways to engage her current interests in activities that give her the opportunity to work on fine motor skills. We have really enjoyed our CUT-Punch-Paste art projects and I thought we could use our little system to make a grocery store set. We didn't do this all in one sitting, we started with the money and cash register and came back to add food. Here is what you'll need if you would like to do it too:

 Cutting Practice, Paper Punches, Gluing and Pasting for Fine Motor Practice from Lalymom
Materials:Various colors of construction paper (scraps are fine!)
Empty food cartons (we used cartons from blueberries, strawberries and eggs)
Kids shoe box
Glue stick
Crayon or marker
Yarn or pipe cleaners (optional for carrots and bananas)


Kids scissors
Adult scissors (if you are going to prep)
Various paper punches


Pretend Money for Fine Motor Grocery Store Play

Making Pretend Paper Money Fine Motor Skills Ideas from Lalymom

We started by talking about money and what colors we could use to make some money. I drew some dollar bills on green paper and Ladybug cut on the lines to make them into bills, of course an older child could draw them without help as well. Next we punched some brown paper circles and I drew cent signs on them for coins.

DIY Cardboard Cash Register for Fine Motor Fun

DIY Cardboard Cash Register for Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers from Lalymom

Now we needed a place to put all that money! I grabbed a kids shoe box and cut two holes that would fit each kind of money.You could have your child cut out a square and punch out 10 number buttons, I just happened to prep this part ahead of time. (Actually, I did 1-9 and my daughter was the one who noticed the zero was missing, oops!) I wrote the numbers on the square and on the circles and then Ladybug used a glue stick to match the numbers and put them in place. Then she had fun putting the money into the cash register and I was thrilled with the pincer grasp practice it provided!

Making Pretend Food for Fine Motor Practice

Making Pretend Paper Food for Fine Motor Fun from Lalymom

The food making and paper punching possibilities for this activity are just about endless! It was fun to set out all the colors of paper we have along with some food containers and let ladybug think of ways to make food for those containers. I saved a strawberry and blueberry container since they are two of Ladybug's favorite foods and we punches small blue circles for blueberries and larger red circles for strawberries.

I also put out an empty egg carton with plastic egg “shells” in it. We punched out small yellow circles for the yokes and larger white ones for the whites, although for a child with more advanced scissors skills a wiggly white would be fun to cut out! The eggs we made actually fit inside the plastic eggs so that when you crack the shell and open it, the egg falls out! We had a lot of fun cracking eggs!

Cutting Practice Bananas for Preschoolers from Lalymom

I put out some yellow paper with curved lines, which Ladybug is not too proficient at, but I set it out anyhow and let her work on it. Once they were cut out we punched holes in the bananas and made them into a bunch by threading them onto a pipe cleaner. For carrots I drew some long diagonal lines on orange paper, then we again punched a hole at the top and threaded to green pipe cleaners on for the stems.You could also use yard for this for tying practice but we are not at that stage yet so we went with pipe cleaners. An easy cutting practice opportunity for us was to make slices of cheese. I drew lines on a strip of orange paper and ladybug worked on cutting squares.

Cutting Practice Carrots Idea for Kids from Lalymom

And then we played! First we shopped together, then oops, one of us had to be the cashier! That would be me the first time around. Food sure is cheap at our grocery store! Haha. Ladybug likes to pretend to grocery shop with her Daddy so sometimes she asks me to pretend to be him, all I do is lower my voice but it makes her laugh. We just finished this today so I'll be interested to see which parts get played with the most.

Fine Motor Fridays

Happy Fine Motor Friday! Please be sure to head over and check out the other bloggers who are participating! Speaking of the other bloggers, our group is growing! Last week we welcomed Little Bins for Little Hands and this week we are welcoming P is for Preschooler and Racheous- Lovable Learning! We'd love to see you following us on facebook to see all the fun we post! Here are this week's activities:

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Soda Bottle Turkey from Stir the Wonder
Easy Bird Toy from P is for Preschooler 
Low Cost Montessori Fine Motor Activities from Racheous
This is week 6 of Fine Motor Fridays, so if you're new check out the previous Fine Motor Fridays activities from Lalymom. We hope to see you next Friday for more Fine Motor Fun! I'll also be sure to pin each of our posts to my Fine Motor Fun Pinterest board  and our new Fine Motor Fridays board as well so you can find all our posts in one place!


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