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Rad DIY Pen Holder Kids Can Make with LEGO

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Kids can make this DIY pen holder with LEGO pieces they already have. The holders are perfect for gifts or for keeping those pesky pens sorted at home.

Photo Gifts for Mom - DIY Pen Holder Kids Can Make with LEGO

DIY Pen Holder Made From LEGO

Toddler Approved's LEGO week inspired us to break out the LEGO and build a few kids made LEGO gifts. The pen holder is super easy to make, and great for kids who love building and creating! I've added some affiliate links too, FYI.

Today we made two super simple Photo Frame Pen Holders. This red one would be great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Valentine's Day. We eeked it out of this Cottage set that we used last year for the LEGO Lantern, which has been stowed away in the closet since the last Daddy Daughter Campout.

Buildr PLATES Reusable Baseplates


The blue one below is pretty similar, and would also be a great gift idea, but we made it mostly from this basic LEGO set. We borrowed a few pieces from the other set but if you're the “LEGO, LEGO, Everywhere” kinda family, you should be just fine!

Cool LEGO Gifts for Dad - This DIY Pen Holder is Perfect for Father's Day!

How to Make the DIY Pen Holder with LEGO

You basically need a clear door piece, a small base plate and enough bricks to build the size pen holder you want.

We did add a thin layer of bricks behind the photo so it didn't fall out.

Lego Pen holder tutorial

We also had to get a bit creative with the usage of our bricks, as we weren't quite at the peak LEGO phase. The front and back were two dots wide, but the sides were only one dot wide and there was a bit of variation on the inside, but the outside looks nice! 😉

LEGO Gifts to make with kids

You just trim a photo down to the size of the door and pop it in and voila! You've got a great LEGO Mother's Day gift, LEGO Father's Day gift or…any kind of gift!

If you like this idea, pleas pin it and check out our other LEGO posts below! Be sure to check out our Learning with LEGO book, too!

Kid Made Mother's Day Gifts Idea - LEGO DIY Pen Holder with Photo

Kid Made Father's Day Gift - DIY Pen Holder Made from LEGO


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