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Pencils + Erasers Color Match Fine Motor Activity

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! Today's super simple fine motor activity might look like the top two items on your back to school list, which is one of the reasons I love it- they are everyday materials!

Super Simple Fine Motor Skills Activity - Pencils + Erasers Color Match. Great for preschoolers or older toddlers. Makes a perfect busy bag! Found on Lalymom.com

So. You give pencils and erasers to an elementary school aged kid and clearly they're school supplies meant to go in his pencil pouch. Give that SAME pencil pouch filled with pencils and matching erasers to an older toddler or preschooler and you've got yourself a super simple, low-prep fine motor skills & color matching BUSY BAG!

We did some fine motor work with clothespins recently for the Everyday Fine Motor Materials Series and I discovered the easiest busy bag EVER, so I started thinking about what other everyday items we could work with.

While shopping the school supplies aisle I saw the classic old school erasers that fit on the end of your pencil. They were colorful, small and I knew to my kids' eyes they would look new and neat!

Pencils + Erasers Fine Motor Activity

We grabbed our old school erasers and some matching pencils at the Dollar Tree and set up this simple activity!

Pencils + Erasers Color Match makes for SUPER simple fine motor practice with everyday objects for preschoolers and older toddlers. Found on Lalymom.com

I laid out the pencils and erasers on our normal playing table which prompted the usual pitter patter of preschooler feet. “What are you doing mommy?” my daughter asked. I showed her how there were matching pencils and erasers and let her go from there!

At first I only gave my preschooler enough erasers for one end of each pencil but when I saw her put one on the non-eraser end I realized she could totally put erasers on both sides of course!

She pressed the erasers onto the pencils and then organized the pencils in pairs. Then she totally surprised me by handing the pencils to me and naming the correct colors in Spanish! I totally didn't know she had learned that in preschool!

When my 23 month old toddler woke up from naptime he jumped right in too! He was attracted to the colors and kept calling the pencils crayons at first but eventually he was saying pencils.

He needed help with the first couple erasers but took over on his own soon enough, with mixed results. Once in a while he would ask for my help. I showed him how to match the colors but if he grabbed the wrong colored erasers I didn't worry about it. He got a bit upset when I had to put them away, which I thought was a good sign!

Pencils + Erasers Color Match - A Super Simple 2 Ingredient Fine Motor Skills Activity from Lalymom.com

It was as easy as that, really! Both kids really enjoyed this and I will keep it handy for the next time we need a quick, quiet activity!

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What is your favorite super simple fine motor skills activity for kids?

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