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April Challenge: 30 Days of Cleaning…WITH a Toddler

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A few days ago I saw the image above posted on facebook by Mommysavers and thought…I wonder if I could do that challenge and teach my toddler about cleaning at the same time? I know your first thought may be, “wow slave labor, how classy!” But hear me out! My idea was more about doing something together every day where we could both learn something and have different skill building opportunities. Here is what I mean:

For Her

Think about all the fine and gross motor skills you use when you clean! Scrubbing, picking, sweeping, etc. Think of the sensory aspects- clean versus dirty, sticky, shiny, smooth, wet, damp, etc. Obviously I'm not going to stick her in the over with some Easy Off but this is something I think we could do. I also think in some small way it may teach her a level of respect for keeping things clean. She is not too messy but it's never too early to learn to respect property. I also will admit she is not even three years old so I know she will not retain a lot of this but maybe we will make it an annual spring cleaning challenge?!

For Me

This is where I admit I don't really know the proper or best way to clean most anything. I can clean, and things look fine, but it is entirely inefficient and probably not using the best possible tools or methods. So when I say we could both learn something and build skills, I mean it! I am hereby taking the challenge to not only research the best way to clean each item but then teach my toddler to do it too (when she safely can) and report back to all of you.

For You

So what do YOU think? Want to take the challenge with us- with or without a toddler? Sign up here! Or would you maybe just want to come back for some cleaning tips and tricks? Or how about just stopping by to read about our misadventures as I hold my kid up to dust a light fixture? Either way, hope to see you in April!

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