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Spring Cleaning With a Toddler Challenge: Day 1

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This weekend in the midst of the Easter hullabaloo I decided to commit to 30 Days of Spring Cleaning WITH My Toddler by participating in a Spring Cleaning challenge at Mommysavers. I may not post every single day but today is Day 1 so let's go!
The first task on the list is mirrors. This is a great place to start for us because it will give Ladybug the chance to try out a spray bottle- which she has never used- and wipe off the liquid. She actually really likes to “clean” around the house and what toddler doesn't enjoy looking in a mirror? I'm pretty excited to get started with her.

For Me

Now if you read my previous post about this challenge you know that I have never been a great house keeper. Cleaning mirrors may seem pretty basic but I thought I'd look into to it to see how, if at all, I could improve. A while back I saw a post all about using microfiber on the wonderful Clean Mama blog so I'm switching from linty, wasteful paper towels to microfiber. I've traditionally used Windex but since Ladybug will be helping I am trying something safer. We are going with equal parts vinegar and water, as listed in the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook. Vinegar is no big secret but I'm just getting around to trying it now. I went ahead and did most of the mirrors during naptime since they would be tricky to reach for Ladybug.

For Her

When it came time to get started with her we started by talking about cleaning in general and then we went and looked at a mirror that I could move and set on the floor. It was a little dusty and I showed her how you could draw on it. So that is a proud housewife moment…but it was fun. I showed her how to spray the bottle and she liked doing that. She knows how to wipe but, well I had to finish it up. But her enjoyment of the spray bottle makes me think some time we need to spray paint a bath! The spray bottle could be used in Montessori Life Skills activities, Play Based activities and Arts & Crafts. It helps her strengthen the muscles of her hand, work on hand eye coordination and learn about the properties of liquids. Who knew cleaning could be fun and educational?!

For You

So what do you think? Are you doing any spring cleaning? Do you clean with your kids? Do you have a favorite method for mirror cleaning? Hope you enjoyed the post! If so, show me some love and Pin my Ladybug picture! See you next time!

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