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20+ Easy Teacher Valentines You Can Make with the Kids Tonight

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Sometimes it seems like holidays just creep up on us, doesn't it? February 14th is right around the corner! I'm loving these easy teacher valentines ideas for that very reason. You can only do so many Starbucks gift cards, and when it comes to Valentine's Day, something handmade always speaks to the heart. My referral affiliate links are included for easy shopping.

Easy teacher valentines

These Valentine's Gifts can be made last minute with the kids if need be, and while they are perfect for teachers, they would also work for parents, grandparents, friends and classmates.

Plus how can anyone turn away from a sweet handmade gift from a kid?!

Now the only problem is deciding which one we should make!

Sweet and Easy Teacher Valentines

Click on the links below to get the full details about the valentine ideas for teachers. These ideas range from printable teacher Valentine's Day Cards, to handmade gifts and classroom teacher gift ideas. Some even include free printables . . . score!

20 easy teacher valentines to make with kids

Last- Minute Teacher Valentines

20 sweet and simple teacher valentines

What are some of your favorite super easy, last minute teacher valentines to make with the kids? Do you like getting the valentines done way ahead of time, or did Valentine's Day sneak up on you?

Don't forgot to pop over to my Valentine's Day Pinterest board for even more ideas.

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