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How to Make Slime That Glows With 2 Ingredients

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Get ready to GLOW, people! This week was veeery glowy at our house! Today we took a familiar recipe, borax slime, and learned how to make slime that GLOWS with two ingredients! As an extra bonus, it's glittery too! AWESOME! Oh- quick note- affiliate links are used in this post, just FYI.

Two Ingredient Recipe to Make Glitter Glow in the Dark Slime on Lalymom.com - so easy and it looks like glowing lava! Cool kids science activity!

We made our slime in four- count 'em FOUR- colors! As we played with them and they began to stick and run together it was cool to see that the color that glowed the least in the beginning (pink) ended up making the whole thing look extra cool.

Two Ingredient Glowing Slime - Simple play recipe that shows how to make glitter glow-in-the-dark slime. NOT taste-safe but very cool and fun for preschoolers - on Lalymom.com - cool kids science activity!

They actually even looked really cool in daylight and the glitter made them extra pretty.

Two Ingredient Glitter Slime that GLOWS in the dark on Lalymom.com - super fun play recipe for kids, make a cool science activity!

Quick disclaimer: this recipe is not in any way taste safe. It should be used under adult supervision and should not be handled by young children who regularly put things in their mouths. My preschooler did not have any trouble with this rule. She loved slime last time I made it, and I really need to remember to make it more often! She kept asking me to take pictures of everything she did so….I have a lot and may have gone overboard… HA!

Glowing Slime - Make this play recipe with only two ingredients and watch it glow! Fun kids science activity from Lalymom.com - This looks so fun!

Making this slime was quick and easy but every time I make slime now I am sure to consult Asia Citro's Guide to Fix Slimes on Fun at Home With Kids. Asia literally wrote the book on slimes and other cool play recipes so trust me when I say she is a good resource! I'll walk you through how I made our slime but I highly recommend you read that post just to bone up on your slime stages!

Note about ingredients. I link to the exact ingredients we used. One glows without a black light after being “charged up” by daylight, while one will not glow unless you have a black light. You can try other brands of neon glitter glue but I cannot say whether they will glow or not.

How to Make Slime that Glows


This Glitter Glue (provided for free from CraftProjectIdeas.com, which does not require a black light.)


This Glitter Glue Variety Pack (provided for free from CraftProjectIdeas.com, which will not glow without a black light!)


(Water as needed)

A Black light (We got ours here but they are also on Amazon)

Mixing Bowls and measuring spoons

Plastic container to play in

Assorted tools and toys as desired


If you have more than one color glitter glue, work one at a time all the way through before starting the next color. You can just wipe the bowl out in between colors.

Start by dissolving a teaspoon of Borax in a cup of warm water. Stir until you don't see any granules floating around. Set aside.

Next squeeze all of your first glitter glue into a separate mixing bowl. We used the entire Glow-in-the-dark glitter glue bottle and both tubes of the colors we used from the neon glitter glue pack. It didn't make huge amounts so I'd buy extra next time.

Glowing Glitter Slime Recipe on Lalymom.com

For two of the glitter glue tubes, start by adding just a half teaspoon of the Borax solution to the glue in the mixing bowl and stir it up for a good long time. For the larger bottles start with a teaspoon or Borax solution. Once you think it has stopped changing and combining let it rest a minute. Sometimes I think I need to fix it but really it just takes a minute and it's exactly right. Using Asia's rules of thumb on if your clime is too wet or too dry, add more ingredients if needed. Clear school glue can be used if you really added too much borax. Or do what I did and squeeze down those glue tubes like a tube of tooth paste!

Glitter Glue Slime that Glows by Lalymom

At this point you can knead it with your hands to fully incorporate the ingredients. Now you're done! Set it in your plastic container so it is ready to play with. If you are making more than one color, wipe out the mixing bowl or else you could end up with some leftover green glue mixed into your orange or vice versa! Repeat all the steps, faster this time since now you're a pro!

When you're done head to a dark room and turn on the black light to start playing! See how long you can stretch it before it breaks, add some fun play toys and tools! Try out some of our favorite fun fine motor skills activities using slime!

Have you tried this recipe or another glowing slime? How did you like it? I'd love to hear about it in the comments! And if you enjoyed this post please pin it to share!

Multi-colored Glittering Glowng Slime - Cool Play recipe for kids that is not too messy on Lalymom.com - this looks awesome!

If you like glowing & messy play recipes, check out these other awesome posts and be sure to follow my Messy Play Pinterest Board!

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