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Sticky Dress & Robot Preschool Fine Motor Activities

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Happy Fine Motor Friday! Today's Preschool Fine Motor Activities were SUPER fun! We've done contact paper fine motor skills activities before- but never like this!

Contact Paper Dress Preschool Fine Motor Skills Activity on Lalymom.com #earlyed #finemotor #KBN
My daughter wanted to play dress up one day and asked to wear a white dress like a fairy she had seen that day.

We don't have a white dresses and we could have just pretended but I remembered seeing this awesome sticky nature belt from How Wee Learn and I thought wait maybe we could MAKE one and decorate it, with fine motor skills built right in!

Enter the sticky dress! We have done this activity a couple times now and I like that the lower tack contact paper allows the items to be removed and repositioned.

I also love how simple and fun it was!! The kids had a blast with this. Seriously my daughter wanted to make outfits for everyone! Every time she finishes with one she wants to do it again!

We also made a robot for my son, thanks to our good friends at Craftulate who just happened to have black contact paper! It was fun also to have her son participate. He was not interested in wearing the contact paper but he is a master with the hole punches so he helped decorate my kids' outfits a lot!

Contact Paper Robots Fine Motor Skills Activity for Preschoolers on Lalymom.com #ActivitiesForKids #KBN

This project can be adapted to your child's abilities but the fine motor skills can include scissor skills, using paper punches, and sticking and unsticking items on the contact paper. Please be sure to closely supervise your children when using scissors, hole punches and even contact paper. The scissors and hole punches can be sharp and scraps of contact paper could be choking hazards. Use caution and clean up thoroughly.

Materials for Sticky Dresses & Robots

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Contact paper (we used white and black but we are totally going to do green for Christmas! All colors are available at that link, just use the pull down menu to select the color!)

Construction paper


Safety Scissors

Assorted paper punches (we used 1 inch circles, stars, hearts and 1/4 inch circles)

Note: If you prefer you can use recycled magazines, newspapers, items found in nature or anything else you can think of instead of craft supplies. We used one piece of each color construction paper and a bit of yarn, so all told it was on par with other crafts we do. Even the length of contact paper was about what we would use on the window.

Sticky Robot & Dress Fine Motor Skills Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers on Lalymom.com #EarlyEd #CreativeMamas #FineMotor

Directions for Sticky Dresses & Robots

Prep the contact paper: The easiest way to make a contact paper outfit is to wrap a piece of contact paper around your child's torso, mark a spot at your child's widest point that will allow for an inch or two overlap, then cut straight across. You can just remove the paper backing and wrap it, sticky side out, around your child.

We found that it kept sliding down so we added straps. I cut two strips of contact paper and stick them to the underside of the top edge of their outfits, then folded them over their shoulders and stuck them to the back of the outfit. We use the same process for the V-neck, I just arranged them in a V under my daughter's neck. The full width of the contact paper went down to my 4 year old's knees.

For the robot, I cut the black contact paper in half so it was shorter. The full length was a bit cumbersome for my 23 month old so we did the robot more as a shirt length by trimming the contact paper to go from the armpits to the waist.

Tutorial for contact paper dresses and robots for fine motor skills fun on Lalymom.com

Prep decorating materials: If your kids can use scissors, invite them to cut strands of yarn and shapes from the construction paper as well as punch shapes with the punches. If you want to have some circles ready, I like to fold the paper like an accordion a few times and punch shapes a bunch at at time, as seen in the photos above with the red paper. Some punches are stronger than others though, if it doesn't work right away, just go with single layers of paper.

Decorate the outfits: Show your kids how to stick the materials to the contact paper. Once they decorate them let them know they can remove the items as well.

Ta-da! Now you have super fun contact paper outfits!

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