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20+ Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal Ideas (Friendly and Helpful Patch)

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Inside: Get some fun inspiration for your next Girl Scout Meeting with 20+ Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal Ideas. Affiliate links are used in this post.

Sunny Petal Ideas for Daisy Girl Scouts

Hello! I hope your Girl Scout year is off to a great start. I'm Laura and this is my second year as a Girl Scout Troop Leader. We have bridged to Brownies now but I am putting together the resources I used as a Daisy leader last year.

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Okay, onto what I feel like is the happiest petal: Sunny!

We did this meeting right after winter break, and we were pretty low key about it.

Book marks are kind of my favorite go-to kids craft for this age because they are learning to read in school. They are quick, easy and can be used for pretty much ANY theme.

So for Friendly and Helpful patch day, I brought materials to make simple book marks (colorful cardstock cut in bookmark size strips, hole punch, 1/4 inch colorful ribbon, markers and stickers).

We did our normal meeting opening- saying the pledge and the promise. While the girls ate their snack we read the Sunny story from the binder.

Craft: When we were done reading we talked about how, in life, we all know someone who can use a smile or a friend. We asked the girls to think of someone who could use a smile or a friend. It could be a family member who was sick, a new kid at school, a friend who got hurt on the playground, whoever they wanted. Then we decorated bookmarks to give to our special someone. The girls decorated them with markers and stickers, then punched a hole in the top and we tied on a ribbon. Any girls who got done with enough time left could do another one (most did).

Extension idea: If you choose to do bookmarks you could also opt to give them out at a nursing home or set them out at your local library as a random act of kindness.

Home activity: We also asked the girls to think of a helpful task they could do when they got home and make sure they did it. 🙂

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More Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal Ideas

20+ Ideas for earning the Daisy Sunny Petal- crafts, activities, books, sample meetings and more for the friendly and helpful patch!

Below are some more super fun ideas for the Sunny Petal separated into categories to help you sort through quickly. Go ahead and click through for more details.

Daisy Girl Scout Friendly and Helpful Petal Crafts

Daisy Girl Scout Kaper Chart – If you didn't start your year with a Kaper Chart, the Friendly and Helpful Patch is a perfect opportunity to involve the whole troop in making one.

Kaper charts are common tools for Daisy Girl Scout troops to make sure everyone is involved in running a smooth meeting. It's similar to a chore chart. (The one we have this year is a job wheel shown in my New Girl Scout Leader Tips post.)

This chart, in particular, I couldn't pass by. You have the girls pick a drawing of a Daisy Girl Scout that they want to represent them, color them in, and then they're glued to clothespins. Then at each meeting they get a different role- a way to be helpful to the whole troop!

Pinecone Bird Feeder – Being kind to animals counts too!

Sunflower Fork Painting – These sunflower paintings are so cute. They're great for the Daisy Scouts, giving them a fun activity where they can practice listening, following directions, and even work their fine motor skills.

Printables for the Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal

Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal Worksheet

Daisy Girl Scout Printable Helping Hands Coupon Book – This coupon book is a fun activity and a cute way for the girls to practice being friendly and helpful. They give the coupons to their parents to use when they see the girls demonstrating the acts on the cards. What a helpful way to earn that Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal!

Friendly and Helpful Petal Tracing Worksheet

Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal Coloring Page

Daisy Girl Scout Friendly and Helpful Petal Activities

Put-Ups and Put-Downs – Anti-Bullying Activity

Role Play Making a New Friend

‘A Daisy Was Here' Helping Hands Activity – Here's an activity for the girls to once again display acts of being friendly and helpful within their own home. The girls' trace their hands on construction paper and write ‘A Daisy Was Here' on them. Once they perform three acts of being friendly and helpful and their helping hands are planted, they're all set!

“Friendly or Not?” Game – A great game for earning the Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal is ‘Friendly or Not?'. Using masking tape, you make a line on the ground. You'll have a series of statements for the girls to listen to. After you read one, the girls need to make a decision on if the statement was someone being friendly or if they were not being friendly. When the girls are ready to make their decision, they jump on the side of the tape that matches their answer. This could actually be done twice with your troop. Have them play the game before going too much into the learning of the Sunny Petal, and then again at the end of the unit. You'll be surprised how much the girls will have learned and retained – which means a petal well earned!

Books for the Daisy Girl Scout Sunny Petal

Let’s Talk About Being Helpful – I like having at least one book in the list that is less story and more lesson and education. As adults, it can be hard for us to remember what things seem like through the eyes of a child. This book is a perfect example of an author writing to its child audience without talking down to them. It's a perfect book to start with, teaching what being helping and friendly is all about, while Stick and Stone and the Berenstain Bears book are great stories that put these lessons into action, reinforcing the lessons the girls learned from this book.

Stick and Stone – This cute buddy story is about how Stick and Stone became friends and had to deal with bullying. It's written in a rhythmic nature that is perfect for keeping the attention of your young scouts. A sweet and funny tale that will get your troop one step closer to their Sunny Petal badge!

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Friends – The Berenstain Bears are a classic in children's literature. This story, in particular, tells the relatable story of a new child moving into the neighborhood, and how wanting to make friends doesn't always go as planned. Before getting to the book's resolution to the friendship problem, ask your Daisy Girl Scouts what they think a good solution would be.

Sample Meetings for the Daisy Girl Scout Friendly and Helpful Petal

OCD Girl Scout Leaders – This troop did the traditional Girl Scout Friendship Squeeze. It fits perfectly into what the Sunny petal stands for and there's never a bad time for a troop Friendship Squeeze!

Girl Scout Leader 101

Mighty Girl Rocks – MGR has a greetings activity during their Sunny Petal meeting. They taught their Daisies how to say ‘Hello' in a variety of languages. This can be an incredible activity for your group, especially if it's multi-cultural. Some ESL (English as a Second Language) students speak a different language at home than what they do at school. This is perfect for opening the doors of communication and getting to know what makes each scout special and unique.

What are you planning for your Sunny Petal meeting? So many Friendly and Helpful patch ideas to choose from! Share yours below to do a good turn today!

20+ Ideas for earning the Daisy Sunny Petal- crafts, activities, books, sample meetings and more for the friendly and helpful patch - so many fun girl scout ideas

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