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Magic Moments Monday (August 2013)

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We're back for another Magic Moments Monday, what a lovely collection of posts we had last month! They ranged from exploring fireflies on a warm summer night to a mother's message about perseverance in parenting, and many more.

This month I am featuring a post from Chelsea at Moments a Day about recognizing simple acts of kindness in your own home. This really spoke to me as it is something I have been trying with my three year old. I really appreciate the glimpse into family life in this post and how it helps focus on the positive. If you haven't read it yet, please do head over and read it!


Another reason I wanted to feature Chelsea's post this month is to introduce her as a new co-host of Magic Moments Monday! Chelsea's blog, Moments a Day is dedicated to recognizing and creating Magic Moments in life, so she is a welcome addition to our team. If you have even the slightest desire to focus on the positive or live a more purposeful life, I promise you will get lost in her site, there is so much inspiration!

Now onto this month's Magic Moments Monday! Please review the guidelines, incentives and buttons here.

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  1. Sorry, I linked up the wrong post. I have some major pregnancy brain going on. 🙂 It is not a “Magic Moment,” so if you can delete it, that would be great. It isn’t showing a red x or any way for me to delete it myself. Sorry again!

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